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House of Alaia

Nea and Christy have both been making and designing jewelry for most of their lives. They both have had a strong calling to gemstones and the intimacy of sharing jewelry as a medium to communicate their vision of the world with others, and to connect and transform people in an incredibly intimate way. After they met serendipitously in Bali in 2007, they began creating beautiful and enduring pieces of jewelry together to spread positive messages through symbols, energetic words, and healing crystals.

As their time in Bali brought about profound healing journeys for both of them, the designers delved deeper into their spiritual paths and dedicated themselves to becoming students of energy medicine. As they found themselves more profoundly in touch with subtle energies they felt pulled to design jewelry as their healing modality and they share designs they create with the intention that wearing their pieces will help focus intentions of the wearer to invoke deep self-healing and connection with a greater community that is empowered and united through living their own personal power through their heart centers.

Christy and Nea design jewelry for courageous men and women who go after their dreams. They believe life should be full of passion, heart, and adventure. Bringing sacredness, meaning, and beauty into each design, they want people wearing their jewelry to feel inspired and free to live every moment fully present.