Jamye Price: Being the Change Series

Profound change always begins within each person. What powerful grace are you holding within that can create waves of change?

Humans often resist change because of doubt, fear, confusion or complacency. As you balance your internal flexibility and strength, you discover a delicate communication with Life that has been whispering the path of change all along. Being adaptable to the fast pace of life and aware of the communication from life is possible.

This series will help you balance your internal peace and strength. It will help you find the courage to take wise risks that create a flow of freedom in your life. It will help you transform into a powerful force of change in your life as Love starts to lead your fears into the Light.


This series contains over 8 hours of profound change.

Each powerful class contains channeled information, Light Language transmissions, Crystalline Soul Healing frequencies and practical exercises to help you become the change with grace and powerful Love.

Being the Change Series


Being the Change Series

Item 1: Recorded Call – Intro to Being The Change Series

Join Jamye for a recorded 90 minute call.


Jamye answered questions and provided information to deepen your understanding of the materials from this powerful series.


She conducted potent Light Language transmissions and Crystalline Soul Healing frequencies to help you create powerful change and choice in your life.

Item 2: Soothe Your Soul

During times of ease, you are open to the flow of support and inspiration.


During times of challenge, your energy field responds in ways similar to the physical body. You pull inward, close off to the flow of hope, and your vitality focuses toward survival instead of creative thriving.


In this class you will establish a foundation of hope and safety in challenge, offering the perception of possibilities. You will learn to find a safe focus so that you have a touchstone in times of need. You will find the sacred breath that supports and sustains new life as you nourish the rich soil of your soul.


This class contains channeled information, Light Language transmissions, Crystalline Soul Healing frequencies and practical exercises to entrain your natural creative flow with Life.


Peace is Possible!

Item 3: Receiving!

When you are open to receiving, you are allowing your full creative flow in your life!


It is easy to want, but to truly receive requires an open heart to your deserving, the abundance of life, and your ability to continue to expand Love on Earth.


It can be challenging to recognize where you are resistant to receiving. When the lower chakras are imbalanced it causes fear, frustration, or lack of empowerment to override your ability to receive abundant flow. This causes the mind to over-analyze your situation and create a barrier to easier flow.


Sometimes receiving requires overcoming the discomfort of change.


When the heart dominates your flow, you are able to actualize your higher Truth of the upper chakras. You create easily in the physical realm.


In this class you will release the fears and struggles of the lower chakras that block your abundant flow. You will learn to feel well with change to improve yourself into more creativity. You will learn to mentally navigate the communication of your higher self as you open to more Life. You will expand your heart into the higher Truth of your divine birthright as a creator, and discover your true potential.


This class contains channeled information, Light Language transmissions, Crystalline Soul Healing frequencies and practical exercises to create a powerful flow of receiving.


Today is a great day to receive more Love!

Item 4: The Power to Change

Change is Always Good!


Change is constant in Life, and it always offers improvement. We are in times of rapid and powerful change on many levels. Collectively, humanity is moving into a more connected and empowered species. This requires individuals that have healthy self-esteem, integrity, compassion and strength.


This entails adaptable and emboldened individuals that flow easily with the tides of Life. The more balance and peace you have with the process of change, the easier it is for you to adapt.


In this class you will learn to adapt to the ebb and flow of creation. You will discover the creativity within chaos, and the availability of peace within the process of growth. You will amplify your inner strength in the face of change and transform how you flow with life.


This class contains channeled information, Light Language transmissions, Crystalline Soul Healing frequencies and practical exercises to support your ease with change.


Change becomes easy when your power is known within!

Item 5: Free To Be Me

Set Yourself Free!


There is a uniqueness and beauty to every individual that is awaiting Love to set it free. That power is within you. That Love is within you. That permission is within you.


You have been granted sovereignty in human form. Your distinct perspectives and choices are cherished by Life. You bring an exceptional flavor to the human experience that is meant to be expressed, shared, combined with life, and transformed into the next moment.


What keeps you from feeling free?


As you discover the depths of your Love, your distinctiveness, your ability to choose your path, and create your desires—you find yourself. It’s not about getting what you want, it’s about being what you’ve always known you are—Spirit in human form. A profound Love. An empowered Love. A creative Love.


In this class we will get to the core of the identity that you are culminating into new form moment by moment. We will access the deep space of Love within you to help it rise to the surface and bloom into your life. We will create a powerful foundation of self-love that allows your soul to breathe deeply into this realm and bring Heaven to Earth. You.


This class contains channeled information, Light Language transmissions, Crystalline Soul Healing frequencies and practical exercises to amplify your free flow with Life.


Free Your Beautiful Light!

Item 6: Inspired Action Teleclass

From Inspiration to Creation!


Action is your participation in life on Earth, and it is a vital part of your creativity. The path of humanity’s Ascension is becoming more creative as an individual within a collective.


You have a false sense of control when you are creating alone, and a false sense of lack of control when you are co-creating. Both confuse the creative experience for the human mind.


As you become more comfortable with the heart supporting the mind into its magnificent functionality, you discover your brilliance, your radiance that speaks volumes to Life, magnetizing your desires into manifestation.


At first it feels like lack of control. But it is the first step to building a powerful trust in yourself and Life, co-creating at its finest. When your actions and your interactions are coming from an empowered trust in your ability to co-create the life of your dreams, you are interacting with a profound peace that holds a strong foundation for chaos to harmonize with you.


In this class you will open to trusting yourself more; feeling safe without controlling or giving your power to another. You will discover your ability to map the path of your actions into a resonance with the new you that you are creating, effecting all life on Earth. You will release fears that keep you interacting within a false sense of safety and discover your true safety that is in-built into your biomechanism.


As you participate in Life, the vibration on Earth changes. You are more powerful than it often seems.


This class contains channeled information, Light Language transmissions, Crystalline Soul Healing frequencies and practical exercises to inspire you into your Life!


Inspired You, Inspiring Life!

Item 7: Being the Change Teleclass

Change Within, Change the World!


Humanity is at an exciting time of improvement. Integrating our conscious empowerment takes effort, practice, and focus. It even requires opening to playful enjoyment of life! We are taught to focus in the physical realm. Our science, our senses, and our fears support this focus. In this way, we can only utilize physical effort to create change.


Emotions, the imagination, our beliefs are not respected as a powerful part of our beingness.
How have extraordinary leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr and Mahatma Gandhi been able to harness great challenge into change for millions? How did scientists like Albert Einstein and Nicola Tesla access powerful new ideas that had not been conceived of before?


It is possible for you to change from the core of your being and empower enormous change in your life. It is possible for you to have a greater impact on your experience and the human experience. It is also simpler than we are taught.


In this class you will release the fears that keep you from taking risk in life. You will learn to harness your thoughts and emotions into a creative state, rather than a chaotic confusion of hit or miss. You will learn how to shift challenges into opportunities and focus yourself into more enjoyment with Life.


This is the only way that change really occurs. From within you, emanating from you, effecting All Life.


This class contains channeled information, Light Language transmissions, Crystalline Soul Healing frequencies and practical exercises to become powerful change.


Become the You you were waiting for!

About Jamye Price

Jamye Price

Energy Healer, Channel and Teacher





Jamye Price is an international energy healer, channel and teacher. She developed a healing modality, Crystalline Soul Healing, and also channels healing energies in the form of Light Language, which are ancient and universal language codes that your heart and infinite mind speak fluently. She channels Areon, of the Lyran Council of Time, focused on Ascension. Jamye’s work assists with transmuting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks into wisdom, compassion and empowerment.


What Others Are Saying About Jamye



“I had to let you know the Light Language MP3 I purchased from you, are the best thing ever! Since I have been listening to them my sinus and allergy of sneezing, runny nose and blocked ears has virtually cleared up (ears, nose and throat MP3). Usually in the morning I get a runny nose, sore ears and sneezing for half hour or more. Now it hardly happens!! It is amazing! Also my skin is looking better I’m prone to acne break out on my face, when I do get one it goes away or becomes smaller instead of becoming full blown acne (Radiant Skin MP3). So I want to let you know it truly is working!!”


“I was so drawn to Jamye’s grounded presence, her authenticity and her way of bringing to us such sacred and important learning in a way that is accessible. She uses humor and shares her own experiences to help us realize the light language is accessible to all of us who are willing to open our hearts, receive and transmit. Jamye is the most genuine, real and truly gifted teacher I’ve encountered in a long while. It is a rare thing to see a teacher balance humility and purity of message.”


“For a long time I would have these random very negative thoughts which I never could truly relate to. After our session the thoughts are gone. I notice my mind is quiet. The feeling of something stuck in the back of my throat is completely gone. It was bruised feeling for a few days but now totally gone.”


“Thank you so much for such a beautiful and powerful class! I am so grateful because as we were moving through the class, I could feel myself becoming even more open, and understanding some of the Light Language that was being transmitted. I thank you for that, because at that moment I needed the confirmation that I received from your “translations”, shall we say. I have been doing the Pineal exercise and finding that I am feeling different. It’s a good thing! Thank you again for your efforts, your Love and Light. It really does come through! I can feel it.”


“Thank you for doing what you’re doing providing others with your genuine connection and channeling. It is so good to see you and others like us thrive. Such an inspiration. Thank you so much. Thank you for sharing with such confidence, light, integrity and truth.”

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