John Burgos: Walking The Cosmic Shaman’s Path

A Non-Linear Step by Step Guide to Accessing and Living in the 5th Dimension


I was strongly guided to create this 5-week interactive journey to share and guide you through my personal cosmic, shamanic path and give you access to the tools that I used that have led me to a far greater embodiment of authentic self, connection to spirit, heart expansion and greater levels of success, both personally and professionally than I ever imagined possible.


My journey over the course of the last few years led me on adventures to foreign lands and through energetic portals, both physical and shamanic, which facilitated an exponential acceleration to my timeline; where I retrieved powerful soul pieces that were ready to integrate and where I was given access to tools, processes and teachings from Master teachers and guides who collectively assisted me to activate my higher-level consciousness.


This course is my opportunity to humbly pay this massive awakening forward.


Walking the Cosmic Shaman's Path


Walking the Cosmic Shaman's Path

I get to teach what I have learned, and in doing so lock in the lessons as an integral part of my own personal transformation. I am also gifted with the awareness that I now serve as an ambassador for the 5-D collective and am here to serve as an example of what is possible when living from our unique expression as a sovereign being, creating collectively with others who synchronistically show up on our ever-unfolding path.


Discover what occurs when you reclaim the embodiment of disassociated strengths, confidence and action taking ability that occurred from current and past life trauma or environmental conditioning (soul loss) and integrate that with the expanding consciousness that you are embodying as you shift from the 3rd dimensional model of competition and survival to that of the 5th dimensional foundation of Golden Light and Christ Consciousness Embodiment that is available to all now.


To experience the divine flow that comes from living in this new dimensionality requires an alignment to the essence of its frequency. You must be in harmonic coherence with it. Being out of alignment leaves you in the frustrating and confusing cycle of trying to create something that you feel is possible but at a loss because there is a missing piece of the puzzle to complete the bridge.


It is my sincere intention to guide you to find your missing piece.


To guide you to:

  • Gain access to lost Soul Pieces and reclaim innate strength, latent talent and divine remembering
  • Open a direct the line of communication with your Guides, Higher Self, Source, Intuition and Psychic awareness
  • Be in consistent, harmonic relationship with The Golden Light Frequencies (5-D),
  • Learn new forms of creation that are in alignment with that which your heart and soul yearn to create from.
  • Build a solid foundation of peace, ease and grace that becomes the unshakeable platform of the strength and love you emanate from during any life circumstance or event
  • Become aligned with your ‘soul’ partner’, financial abundance, and with your passion and purpose


This experiential and interactive LIVE course will provide you the foundation and tools to take you past just experiencing 5-D and into living it…


Where your life is guided by your intentionality. Where synchronicity serves as daily expression of the miracles that abound and as a guidepost, to direct you to knowing when you are in co-creation with Source and your amplified sense of personal intimacy serves as the beacon of your self-love and the force that it awakens within you.


This experiential journey is best for you if:

  • You are ready for a timeline jump
  • Want to experience the end of suffering
    (That’s right, I’m claiming this is possible right now!)
  • You’re in search for a supportive community and/or family that ‘gets’ it
  • You crave a deeper connection with your Soul, Spirit Guides, and Source
  • You want to learn and grow from trauma, loss, or other life-changing events
  • You want to end the ‘karmic’ lessons and embrace your Dharma and the opportunities it engenders


What you need to know:

  • I am inviting you on a shamanic journey. You will access layers of information about yourself that may feel uncomfortable BUT I will provide you the tools and frameworks to bring you to the other side!
    Where you go, I go! We will walk this together.
  • I’m compassionate, yet straight-forward, don’t tolerate BS (especially my own or other teachers’) and will help you see yours if necessary
  • You must come ready to shed outdated beliefs, transform, commit to showing up for yourself, and purge what no longer serves
    (I’ll hold your hand and heart the whole way)
  • I don’t think you’re broken and won’t play to your ego’s agenda while it is in victim mode
  • You are responsible for your experience, and transformation and are an absolute YES to showing up for yourself
  • We are in co-creation on this journey together and you want to be here, you don’t need to be here. Same goes for me!
  • Come prepared to have fun, to laugh at me, and with me and be open to do the same with yourself


If you’re a YES to Walking the Cosmic Shaman’s Path as I have, and a YES to using the tools I was gifted to embrace my Golden Light Consciousness then I greatly look forward to playing in these interdimensional realms with you!

Week 1: Beyond Knowing – The Art of Surrender and Walking with the Masters




Why Manifestation no longer works

Discover the purpose of every circumstance in your life,

How to see into current circumstances to up-level and reverse engineer your next step


Discover the intimacy that you have longed for all your life and what has kept you from it
Embody the power that emerges of what is it to not know and how it’s the key to co-creating with not only Source but with everyone in your life.


Gain 5th dimensional awareness of why Mental and Emotional mastery is not the solution. (Hint…This goes beyond Divine Feminine and Masculine)


Learn how to ask from the perspective that your Guides and Higher self can respond to with immediacy and clarity.

Week 2: Facing The Shamanic Fire – Soul Retrieval for the 5-D Shaman

Experience a guided journey into other realms to reclaim what is yours (soul retrieval)

Make the subconscious, conscious and Conquering the Illusion of Fear

How to integrate your recovered soul fragments from the Shamanic Realm into your waking life


Eliminate fears and phobias


Learn how to fully engage with and go toe to toe with any shamanic trial you are journeying through


Take a Journey to access previous Timelines and bring back only that which serves you now


Own your authentic power (even the dark side!) and why until you do so you will never be truly free


Go beyond dream Interpretation into Dream Creation from the other side of the veil


Discover powerful shamanic tools to implement during dream state to accelerate your ascension

Week 3: Igniting Your Divine Flame - Amplifying Your Power to Create

Participate and learn sacred rituals that put you in harmonic coherence with that which you seek (These are also seeking you btw)


Solidify your new foundation to sustain and strengthen the amplification of the Golden Light Frequency


Learn the power of words in their exalted frequency state as co-creators of your reality and how Intention in the 5-D world acts as the portal for all that is manifested in your life


The Keys to creation beyond Manifestation


Igniting your personal call to action (Crucial to hold the frequency)


Invite awareness to and activate your passion and purpose

Week 4: Trust, Purpose and “Divine’ Power – The Golden Path to Happiness

Discover the role of fear, anger, confusion, and excitement and how they serve as alluring and rebellious catalysts prompting your soul’s evolution and for embracing your retrieved soul fragments


Create intimacy and learn to be present to aspects of ourselves that have been forgotten, neglected or abandoned and make them your most power allies.


Prepare for The End of Suffering and The Death of Karma


Learn to trust the awareness you receive from your Guides, Higher Self and Source


Merge your 4 divine pillars of Christ Consciousness that have been functioning in separation. (Once you bring this into your awareness the volume of any of your internal conflict has the potential of being eliminated.)

Week 5: Daring Unchartered Territory- Calling out your Shaman Warrior

“There is an indescribable confidence that arises when you know that you are living your life guided by your heart. Its integrity is unshakable, it’s knowing absolute, it’s love undeniable.” John Burgos


The power of NOT knowing and how harness its full potential

Stepping into the new with absolute confidence and conviction (it’s sooo different from 3-D confidence and conviction!)


Get ready for the Cosmic merging that happens when you embrace your ‘dark side’ and simultaneously nurture your innocence(this is an advanced, yet simple implementation of integrated soul consciousness, and has the power to give you total from the 3-D forms that persist to keep you in lower vibrational density)


Embrace your Cosmic Shaman Warrior’s power of releasing that which no longer serves


Open space for the relationships and opportunities that are waiting for you to meet them in your new vibrational alignment


Activate the merging of the Kingdoms within your-self to bring back the Being of wholeness (Holy grail activation)


Expand your intuitive abilities and mystical ‘remembering’


Find out if you ever really fit in, how important is your tribe and if it really ever existed

Are you ready so shake out your shadows? To embrace your Cosmic Shaman?

Are you ready for the dissolution of structures in your life that are holding you back from expressing your divine potential?


I’m excited to share with you my intimate experiences into this realm of unlimited possibilities. You’ll have access to effective, straight to the point, and magical channeled guidance and exercises gifted to me from the other side of the veil along with processes and tools from some of the most talented transformational teachers in the world.

About John Burgos

John Burgos

 Host and Guide




Most popularly known as the producer and host of Beyond The Ordinary Show, author and international speaker, John Burgos has committed his life to improving and enriching the lives of others. Moved by the profound, shamanic experiences that ignited his trust in his innate, intuitive abilities, John has dedicated his passions to the awakening of Christed consciousness to the masses.
John is a talented and adept psychic/channel, teacher, guide and shaman for the new generation whose distinct style blends wit, wisdom, compassion, love, common sense and profound esoteric knowledge that activates soul consciousness and encourages the embodiment of an individual’s sovereign empowerment to engender what John calls ‘Soul Success’; which is the success that comes when all areas of life are in harmony with abundance, love, passion and purpose.





What Others are Saying about John Burgos




“John, your words and gift to me will allow me to follow the path that I am on and I believe is my work. I was in a space where I could not hear or feel anymore. I thank you with such kindness and respect. You gave me more insight today than I have been given in my entire life. With love and gratitude,”



“Thanks for sharing your attention to love and healing light bestowed upon us all! I’m always amazed by you, your clarity and compassion of purpose and skilled, insightful power of authority. My heart goes out to you “



“I just wanted to thank you! This is an amazing time we are in but I feel what you are doing is helping a tremendous number of people. I just wanted to say thank you. You have an amazing energy and gift. Thank you, John for what you are doing!”



“Hi John, I listened to your event today. I want thank you for reloading my brain and spirit. I received so much from you. Love love love your work. Hugs,”



“Hi John. I feel compelled to write to you to express my gratitude. You have assisted in accelerating, exponentially my awareness and understanding of my soul path and confidence. Bless you for this …. you have my enteral gratitude and kinship.”



“Hi John, Thank you for all you do! Your authentic, true self shines and inspires me to look within myself and have faith in what I am. Sending my vibration of love and joy,”



“Hello John, Your soul has always emanated true divine masculine in my view, while your face to the world has lead with your enthusiasm, brightness, intuitive, heart centered and bountiful nature. Fabulous. As you declared your greater embodiment of the power of your masculine I so felt a surge of honoring of you for this. And then it went bigger and I had to honor you on the leading edge of all men/mankind for what you are proclaiming. I also realized how challenging it would be for a man of integrity and honesty and truth to want to fully engage the masculine components as the human male energy carries such a mark of destruction, rape, abuse of power, etc. Who would want to align with that? It takes real “guts” to go beyond that model as a high-level soul like you and be willing to stand fearlessly in your true masculine and walk through the fire that burns away the old human dynamics of the false masculine, Very few talk about this sin spiritual circles, or come into it, since it is mostly women who are in these circles. I understand now the correlation. For women to shine in the world takes courage because of big fears of being harmed, etc. which is the old paradigm. You men have your own challenges that need to be named in the same regard. I so honor what you are transcending and transforming for so many. You have changed my life forever with this new recognition I have. I salute you and the emergence of the divine masculine energy you are spearheading in a huge way for many. To honor it fearlessly in yourself is no small thing. For us as women to recognize and honor it is essential in its emergence. Thank you, John. Blessings to you Love,

Susann Taylor Shier

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