John Newton: Ancestral Clearing Empowerment Program (Season 9 Package)


Through John Newton’s Empowerment Program, you will have the direct experience of an empowered life – the capacity to create from a place of inner truth and integrity.

Gain a profound understanding of where your power and connection reside
Recognize and utilize your unique strengths and capabilities to create a powerful life worth living.

Ancestral Clearing Empowerment Program

From John’s heart to yours:

An exclusive 10 volume video series consisting of the Best of the Best of John’s live events.
PLUS 5 additional MP3 audio recordings AND 5 bonus recordings!

Item 1: Clearing the Roots of Suffering - Vancouver, BC

We weren’t put on this planet to suffer. We are here to fulfill what is written in our heart. By resolving the past we create a future of limitless possibility…

What causes humanity to get off track?
Handling unresolved grief
Releasing patterns that originated in your lineage
Living from possibility
Clearing self-sabotage

Duration: 1 hour and 6 minutes 33 Seconds / Video Download & Mp3 Audio

Item 2: Waking Up - Boulder, CO

There are two paths to this work: To help us wake up, and to resolve the karma that’s been limiting our life experience.

Guided experience: You are already awake.
Simple techniques to unravel karma
Making peace with the earliest versions of ‘you’.
Tapping into infinite versions of reality
Breaking the unconscious patterns of addiction

Duration: 1 hour and 8 minutes 27 Seconds / Video Download & Mp3 Audio

Item 3: Accessing the Infinite - Chicago, IL

We are created in the image and likeness of the creator – the ‘All That Is’. Begin accessing Source to clear what no longer serves us…

Finally owning your power
Cosmic simplicity
Changing the fabric of reality
Moving beyond our ‘let down’
Living you heart’s desire.

Duration: 57 minutes 12 Seconds / Video Download & Mp3 Audio

Item 4: The Real Secret - White Rock, BC

We can wish all we want, but if what we’re really ‘putting out’ isn’t aligned with it, it’s not going to show up. Begin to handle what we carry that is actually affecting what shows up…

Why “The Secret” alone doesn’t work
It’s as simple as asking for help
Going beyond your story
A secret never before shared…
Transmit a new frequency

Duration: 57 minutes 58 Seconds / Video Download & Mp3 Audio

Item 5: Rewriting Our Story - Boulder, CO

Suffering begins in the mind. Transcend this limited perspective and we transcend suffering. Rewrite the narrative and experience freedom itself.

Discovering your narrative
Transcending Suffering
Why crawl when you know how to walk?
When a loved one passes
Allowing your heart to guide you

Duration: 1 hour and 12 minutes 52 Seconds / Video Download & Mp3 Audio

Item 6: God Only Says Yes - St. Petersburg, FL

Life is the answer to our true prayers: What we are putting out beneath the surface. God only says yes to what we are really asking for…

Surrendering into experience
Dissecting epigenomes
Resolving let down and apathy
The Creator only says ‘Yes’
Why we are resisting the very thing that is here to serve us…

Duration: 46 minutes 52 Seconds / Video Download & Mp3 Audio

Item 7: Clearing Our Karma - Boulder, CO

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Handling the deepest layers of burden can yield magnificent results in your life…

Our bodies are a roadmap to well-being
Transforming base emotions into higher states of consciousness
Not taking on other people’s stuff
Listening to you inner knowing
Moving past the consensus reality

Duration: 59 minutes 42 Seconds / Video Download & Mp3 Audio

Item 8: You Are All Possibility - Chicago, IL

When you let go of your ‘mind identification’, you wake up to who you really are – a blank canvas of possibility.

Overcoming let down
Honoring boundaries
Finding your voice
Clearing prayers for addiction in your the lineage
Extended clearing for sexual hurts and wrongs

Duration: 1 hour and 11 minutes 46 Seconds / Video Download & Mp3 Audio

Item 9: The Deepest Truth - White Rock, BC

The world we experience is a reflection of what we carry inside. Release the past and experience the truth that lives deep in your heart.

Humbly and gratefully connecting to the Creator
Rearranging your DNA
Reclaiming your Free Will
Trusting what you know
Comprehensive spoken prayers for releasing burden

Duration: 1 hour and 6 minutes 6 Seconds / Video Download & Mp3 Audio

Item 10: Your Divine Purpose - Vancouver, BC

You are here to live the from your deepest truth – to experience the contrast of a life that shows you who you truly are.

Accessing your Buddha Nature
The difference between emotion and sensation
Where your power and connection to Source lives
Reclaiming consciousness
Tapping into the body’s ability to heal

Duration: 1 hour and 7 minutes 14 Seconds / Video Download & Mp3 Audio

Item 11: Activating Our Goals & Intentions

Discovering what you want
Tools to create health, abundance & loving relationships
A hidden secret: The Bindu point
Finding your life purpose
Powerful clearings to keep your intentions alive

Mp3 Audio

Item 12: Ending Judgement

Where our judgements come from
Showing us what we need to clear
Handling what no longer serves us
Powerful clearing for ending judgement
Reclaiming our free will

Mp3 Audio

Item 13: Ending Self Sabotage

Self sabotage may be guiding us to something greater
Clearing the stuff that weighs us down
Simple tools to end self sabotage
Letting the Higher Intelligence work it out

Mp3 Audio

Item 14: Enlightened Relationships

Moving forward in all areas of relationship
Empowering yourself through another
Finding your ‘soul-mate’
The commitments we make
Brief access to Ho?oponopono

Mp3 Audio

Item 15: Strengthening Your Connection to Source

Life can be a mindful expression
Experiencing truth directly
Coming home from illusion
The power of ‘not knowing’
Source connection’ in the present

Mp3 Audio

BONUS 1: Superclearing for Abundance

In this 3 minute bonus, John utilizes a piece of powerfully expansive music and embedded silent clearing prayers that eliminate blocks and open your channels of abundance.

Mp3 Audio

BONUS 2: Superclearing for Well-Being

This three minute Superclearing for well-being is embedded with silent clearing prayers that cover all aspects of well-being.

Mp3 Audio

BONUS 3: Karma Cleaning Meditation

John leads an active group Ancestral Clearing meditation addressing many aspects of karma.

Mp3 Audio

BONUS 4: Speaking Prayers

John speaks comprehensive prayers out loud – clearing debris and burden that we carry

Mp3 Audio

BONUS 5: Clearings for You and Your Linneage - Los Angeles Live Group Event

In this full length audio from a live event, John shares profound knowledge and offers numerous clearings for you and your lineage.

Mp3 Audio

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