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Judith Onley

International Best Selling Author Judith Onley is a Spiritual Mentor and Channel who communicates and teaches with the assistance and wisdom of “US” (UnitedSouls of Heaven and Earth), a group of non-physical spiritual teachers whose purpose in coming forth at this time is “to activate the Divine Essence within all Human Beings.”

She shares this empowering information live in group settings, via international teleconferences, as well as with individual clients. Those who attend group channels are profoundly affected, not only by the words of the messages, but by the energy, as they actually receive an activation at a deep cellular level. Word of these Divine messages has spread, and Judith has been traveling and teaching throughout North America, Mexico, Spain, Morocco and England, sharing the loving energy and empowering messages for the benefit of all those who are awakening at this time of unprecedented shifts, transformations, and possibilities on Planet Earth.

Judith is also a mother and a grandmother. She lives in Canada and is currently writing a number of other books. She cherishes the opportunity to share her life experiences to inspire and motivate people. She brings “Spirit into Being” by offering programs and consultations that facilitate the complete integration of Body, Mind, Spirit, and Heart. Her books on these messages are available in both full-size and booklet form to enable you to access the energy and wisdom of “US” for yourself at any time.

Through the transmission of words and energy, Judith’s consultations are beneficial to anyone who wants to:
• Relieve stress and tension in their body
• Move out of being “stuck”
• Have more clarity of mind and purpose
• Feel inner peace and a sense of personal harmony
• Have a deeper connection with Self and Divinity
• Experience the JOY of their life.

Upcoming Broadcasts

  • January 17th at 5pm PT / 6pm MT / 7pm CT / 8pm ET