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Karen Curry

Karen Curry Parker is a #1 best-selling author, Human Design specialist, creator of the Human Design for Everyone Training System and the Healing by Human Design System. Karen believes that we are in the midst of a massive shift in consciousness on the planet and that for us to intentionally and deliberately create a world of sustainable peace and resources, we have to know who we are, what we are here to do, and how to activate our potential and our life path. Karen is a training coach and professional speaker who has been a high-performance life and business coach for more than 25 years and personally coached over 7,000 people.

From her work, Karen knows that the single biggest cause of pain and suffering on the planet is the disconnect people experience when they are not living and authentic life. Most humans experience this disconnect as lack on a some level manifesting in financial, relationship, physical creative and even spiritual pain. But, most importantly, Karen Curry Parker truly considers herself to be a Child of the World, here on a mission to create a world of sustainable peace.

Upcoming Broadcasts

  • June 27th at 5pm PT / 6pm MT / 7pm CT / 8pm ET