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Ready to Take the Guess Work out of Creating a Quantum Abundant Life that’s fully aligned with your highest potential?

Want to learn the mechanics of how we create by consciously learning how to access the Quantum Field?

And how your Human Design influences how you experience your Quantum Creativity?

Want to learn how you can influence and increase the probability that events in your life will manifest according to your intentions?


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Quantum Alignment Program


Quantum Alignment Program

What is Quantum Alignment Program?


Are you experiencing any of these signs and symptoms of a shift in consciousness? (Even if you have 2 or more, it means you’re feeling the shift):

  1. The feeling that something has changed inside of you even if you’ve been on a spiritual path for years.
  2. Awareness of your old negative habits and a deeper awareness that some of these habits may have been carried in your cells from generations before and it’s time for you to clear them on every level.
  3. You love the people in your life but you don’t necessarily feel aligned with them any more and you’re craving alone time or you have a deep longing for a community of like-minded people.
  4. You can almost feel physically when things aren’t authentic it’s almost like you’ve become a living gauge for what is authentic and what isn’t. If things don’t feel “real” you shut down or turn off.
  5. You struggle with a deep sadness / compassion about the suffering in the world and sometimes feel despairing over not being able to change it.
  6. You feel it’s your life purpose make this world a better place but you’re not always sure exactly what to do.
  7. You have a deep yearning for meaning in your life and it’s hard for you to make yourself do things that feel meaningless.
  8. You are hypersensitive to noise, energy, emotions, chemicals, processed food, electricity even to wifi and synthetic fabrics
  9. You feel more creative than you have in a long time your inspiration is at an all time high. You feel a deep need to realize your dreams, even if you don’t know how you’re going to do it.
  10. You are ready to reclaim the truth of who you really are – Your Divine Self and shed any limitations that your current life seems to hold for you.
  11. You’re more intuitive and rely less and less on your reasoning
  12. You are experiencing an Increase in “coincidences”… “synchronicities” and “signs” in your life
  13. You are more in tune with what you eat you are conscious of your diet and may even have switched to being vegetarian or vegan
  14. The way you sleep has changed you may even feel like you need short “naps” to clear or integrate your experiences
  15. You are less worried and working on making choices rooted in what “feels” right rather than fear.
  16. You hate all forms of conflict you are interested in finding out what works for everyone
  17. You want to accept everyone for who they are and have a hard time holding grudges or judgements
  18. You want to love others for loves sake and don’t expect anything in return.
  19. You feel connected to everything in the world including nature, other people and even the stars.
  20. You feel strong feelings of bliss that sometimes can leave you feeling a little ungrounded or make it hard to deal with daily living.


You are an infinite Divine Being. You are valuable because you exist and the movement of your unique piece of consciousness is changing the world. But to do what you came here to do, you have to know who you are, know how you serve and you have to be strongly rooted and grounded in this earth process.

That means, no hiding out, no excuses, no numbing yourself, no avoiding….

That means it’s time for you to honor the call to leadership that many of you have felt in the core of your being since you first incarnated into this life.

Item 1: Mastering Quantum-Probability Control

In this module you will learn the mechanics of how we create by consciously learning how to access the Quantum Field. You’ll also learn how your Human Design influences how you experience your Quantum Creativity and the exact way that you can influence and increase the probability that events in your life will manifest according to your intentions.


Recorded video lessons currently being created

Item 2: Human Design Level 1

Start Your Human Design Training Today!

This 6 teleclass gives beginning Human Design students a solid foundation in understanding the five Types and their unique decision making strategy. It includes an introduction to Human Design and its esoteric components, the parts of the Human Design chart and in-depth discussions about each Type and Strategy. Each class is approximately 90 minutes.

All classes and slide shows are recorded so you can watch/listen at your convenience any time of day or night. Get started today on your journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment!


6 Hours of Recorded Teleclasses with MP3 Downloads and Slideshows

Item 3: Human Design Forum

Live Weekly Support with Level 4 Human Design Specialists

This live weekly support Forum hosted by Karen Curry meets every Monday. Join Karen in discussing specific Human Design charts, talking about key issues in design, and get a chance to have your questions answered by specialists in Human Design.


Live Weekly Teleclass

Item 4: Human Design Specialty Series

Generators and Manifesting Generators with Karen Curry

2 Hour Recorded Teleclass with Karen Curry designed specifically for Generators and Manifesting Generators and those who love them…


MP3 Download

Item 5: The Projector Survival Guide

This is the first ever seminar taught about Projectors, for Projectors by a Projector! Every Projector should hear this powerful, life-changing information. Click Here for a detailed description of this seminar. All levels are welcome, beginning through advanced students.


8 Week Recorded Teleclass with Over 15 Hours of MP3 Audios and PDF Notes

To a beginner Human Design can seem like a complex system with many parts, nuances and layers. It’s true that there is a lot of information about you in your Human Design chart, and it can take a while to understand it all. But it doesn’t have to seem difficult or overwhelming.

Human Design can also be very, very simple. You just have to learn it step-by-step and then, with the guidance of an experienced teacher, discover the joy and art of synthesizing all these pieces into one core message.

Human Design for Everyone is unique in that it truly offers a simple way to understand Human Design. In the Human Design for Everyone Training System, we’ve taken out technical and complicated vocabulary so that our students and our clients can take the information in their Human Design chart and immediately begin to apply it to their lives in a very practical way.

We have also created a series of simple bonus classes specifically targeted to help you with important areas in your life. We want to help you live an abundant, authentic life!

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About Karen Curry

Human Design Teacher and Life Coach


Karen Curry Parker is a #1 best-selling author, Human Design specialist, trainer, professional speaker and creator of the Human Design for Everyone Training SystemTM and the Healing by Human Design SystemTM. She has been a high-performance life and business coach for more than 20 years and has coached over 7,000 people.

Karen, along with her husband, is the founder of Sustainability2027, a nonprofit business incubator dedicated to supporting “green” craftspeople, entrepreneurs and small home-based businesses.

Karen’s work has been featured on Fox News, Bloomberg Businessweek, CBS, ABC and various radio shows and tele-summits.

Karen’s books include, “Understanding Human Design, the New Science of Astrology: Discover Who You Really Are”, “Inside the Body of God, 13 Strategies for Thriving in a New World” and “No Mistakes, How You Can Change Adversity Into Abundance.” And her newest book is Abundance by Design: Discover Your Unique Code for Health, Wealth and Happiness with Human Design.



What Others Are Saying About Karen


My first business meeting after your class was wonderful! I applied the strategies that you taught me to a very difficult client. What started out to be a very uncomfortable situation, now looks like one of the largest accounts that I have worked in three years. I also see a difference in the way that I relate to my children. We have always been very close, however, after a difficult separation from their father things have been strained. After the first week of returning from my human design reading, I have already seen a shift toward our close loving relationship.”

K.H., North Carolina


“I am so happy to have taken the Human Design Specialist training! Not only do I LOVE doing Human Design readings because it helps my clients understand themselves better and see how special, unique and beautiful they are, but it has also more than doubled my monthly income. My clients are so happy with their new insights that they refer all their friends to me! What an incredible feeling of abundance and satisfaction, knowing that I am being financially prosperous while fulfilling my life purpose doing something fun!”

Dumari Dancoes, Nashua, NH


“You provided a tremendous amount of tangible & resourceful information. The first day I felt like it might be yet another course which I received info but would need to pay for and invest more time in additional training. However you provided us with enough knowledge to utilize these tools immediately. This was powerful. Again, I cannot stress enough how valuable the resources and material you provided are. Each person in the class could actually leave the class and start in the next day with what you provided! I was especially impressed with the abundance of tangible info on marketing. You gave so many specific ideas and take-aways. You spoke with an excellent balance of information from your heart, from your many years of experience and from your research. The integrity of your words was clearly evident. Again Karen, thanks for sharing yourself. You illuminate the planet with such radiance, love and unique light!!!”

Karen H.

30-Day Money- Back Guarantee: Our Commitment to Our Community


If this program doesn’t resonate for you, just contact us within 30 days of your original purchase for a full refund. No questions asked!

*Please note, refunds are not available after you engage in a scheduled 1:1 session.


Materials, techniques and information shared on BEYOND THE ORDINARY are provided for informational purposes only and must not be construed as personal medical advice. Before making any changes, participants should consult their healthcare providers or seek medical advice.

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