KaseyBrad: HEALING Unworthiness and Shame (Season 9 Package)

de149-df8161a9-7fb1-46c7-9709-d18cc98c3862-v2Unworthiness and shame lead to an underlying current of sadness, depression, lack of confidence, frustration and dissatisfaction in life.

By healing unworthiness and shame, you AUTOMATICALLY:

  • BECOME strong and confident at home and at work.

  • MANIFEST what you desire faster.

  • RAISE your energy frequency and consciousness.

  • HAVE loving, nurturing relationships in your life.

  • STOP aging and disease.

It’s time to heal old wounds.

It’s time to finally value yourself and be healthy, happy and assured.

It’s time to take your place in the sun!


Item 1: Meditation: For Releasing Unworthiness and Shame

A powerful, life-changing meditation to replace the subconscious patterning of unworthiness and shame with the embodiment of a new, joyful, empowered you.


It is recommended that this meditation be done for a minimum of 30 days to effectively reset the subconscious.


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Item 2. Module 1: The Journey Away From and Back to Your Authentic Self

“Unworthiness and shame go hand in hand. One feeds the other. They are the most damaging thought acceptance for human beings.” ~ Julius


In this module, you will learn:

  • How these emotions get embedded in early childhood.

  • Why you have trouble in relationships.

  • The important difference between your authentic self and the altered ego.

  • Exercises and practices to discover and embrace your authentic, joyful, empowered self.


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Item 3. Module 2: Releasing and Healing Unworthiness and Shame

Awareness is the single most powerful tool to help you erase emotionally binding states.

Receive empowering insights and guidance from Julius on:


  • Two clear trigger points and indicators of subconscious shame and unworthiness.

  • What truly heals, and what corrodes.

  • Explicit, practical ways to release shame and unworthiness.

  • Simple yet very effective daily practices to heal yourself.


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Item 4. Module 3: Connecting with the Inner Child; Your Soul

Accessing your inner child; the inner child is creative, optimistic and buoyant energy.

What you will learn when delving deeper:


  • Why the healing of a single incident does not help.

  • How all previous imprints keep getting re-triggered.

  • Resolution and healing through your inner child.

  • Specific guidance on healing sexual violation in childhood.

  • Advanced truths to help you forgive and heal yourself.

  • How to heal yourself most effectively in the moment of Now.


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Item 5. Module 4: Deciphering the Beauty of Your Ego Personality

Julius gives us groundbreaking and astonishing information on how systems such as astrology, numerology, face reading, etc. can help us.


The intriguing and very helpful information you will receive:

  • Magnificent clues for deciphering your authentic self.
  • The path to self-empowerment.
  • The amazing truth about your birthdate and your authentic self.
  • The roadmap we set up for ourselves.
  • And more.


Lead yourself back to the light in this loving, compassionate partnership with Julius.

Experience the deeply healing energy and wisdom for yourself and be free!


It is the long-awaited journey back to authenticity and empowerment.
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