Kenji Kumara: Emerge from the Shadows

Join Kenji on this 3-day retreat, via live recordings, from his weekend of transformation and rejuvenation in Carefree, Arizona. Shift out of your un-conscious pain and fear into a space of allowance, clarity, bliss and freedom!


This journey will be one of self-discovery, release, and clearing, in order to raise your energetic vibration to the level of neutrality where miracles occur and life flows with ease and grace.

● Align with your heart energy
● Enhanced clarity and focus
● Heal traumas and anxiety
● Awaken spiritual gifts and intuition
● Enhance feelings of love towards others
● Confidence in your relationships, health, business, and well being



Emerge from the Shadows


Emerge from the Shadows

Item 1: Emerge from the Shadows of Time

Activation 1
Your Journey Begins

Start your journey and inhale; relax every ounce of yourself and breathe in all the intentions for this retreat. Allowing this excursion to bring you all the benefits you desire as you go inside and align with the amazing connections and healings to take place. Use the breath to bring in and set the stage for this magical multi-activation voyage, allowing all possibilities to be present and welcomed.

Duration 41 Minutes 44 Seconds




Activation 2
Clearing the Path

As we continue on our path, we ground our body to the earth; positioning and protecting and aligning ourselves to the amazing energies we connect to. Inviting the 7 rays of light to illuminate all that we are becoming aware of, both in our physicality and the Quantum. Connect your heart with that of the great central sun while igniting your pineal gland. Create intentions to release any past traumas, opening your third eye to clarity and recognition, enabling you to move forward in this life path.

Duration 28 Minutes 08 Seconds



Activation 3
Propelling Forward

Are you feeling Stuck? Need assistance in money, business, and relationships? Tune right into this activation to propel you forward into the life you deserve. Detach from all the negative surroundings including the problems of the world and reclaim your own space. Take a moment to release your shadows, representing pain, fear, anxiety, and worry. Letting them go and breathing in miraculous consciousness. Awaken your entire body, while bringing in the earth mother to help release all the extra pain you may have been carrying. You are on your way to an enlightened path, your angels are here to guide and help you safely on your journey.

Duration 25 Minutes 57 Seconds



Activation 4
Rebirth and Awaken

Connect once again with your 4 Archangels, as you feel your body relaxing and merging with the earth. Surrounded by guides, angles and soul family to help support this experience you are encountering. Calling forth your star brothers and sisters of light to raise the frequency of your field and connect with the power of the Phoenix. Bring healing to your whole cellular and physical body, any parts that may need repair while relinquishing any trauma that is left. Allow this amazing clearing from the beginning of this lifetime, and breath in your own essence. Completing you and restoring all that has been released, removing all sacrifice and pain and ascending into a higher realm.

Duration 41 Minutes 47 Seconds



Activation 5

Detach and remerge with the golden arc of light to divulge into the deeper dimensions of your being. From this greater perspective we can download all the golden sun energy right into the heart of your pineal gland. Enabling access to unlimited information along with your own Akashic and Soul records. You have access to all the power, knowledge, and guidance allowing you to see all that is needed and wanted. Envision your pyramid of the Pineal, Pituitary and Thalamus glands as your trinity and embark all the power that is there for you. Put your Ego aside and take control as the director of your life, the pilot of your lightship, the creator of all of you in all your dimensions and parallel realities. Feel the energy, feel the love and emerge as the full complete source you were meant to be.

Duration 39 Minutes 37 Seconds

Phoenix Workshops Package

A collection of 6 Phoenix Workshops that took place between December 2015 and May 2016. Valued at $300

Item 2: Breakthroughs in Consciousness

Dec. 6, 2015 Asfaleia Center
Scottsdale, Az.


During this live-recorded activation, you will create a safe place, allowing you to delve deeper into meditation, while permitting yourself to receive all the transformations you require in your soul and body. Feel the presence of your soul family and connect consciously on a deeper, more intimate, level. Let go of all concerns and center in this ‘now’ moment, bringing forth all the wonderful vibrations, energies, even nutrients to help self correct your body and soul. You will have a chance to Anchor a vibration of local peace right in your own neighborhood! Connect yourself and spread the wonderful vibrations all throughout your home as well as your hometown!


With these activations you can:

  • Recalibrate your chakras
  • Reset and Retune Healing Abilities in your Body
  • Send Vibrational Peace in your Own Community
  • Move out of confusion
  • Regain Clarity, Empowerment and Destiny Purpose


Valued at $50

Item 3: The Longing For The Soul: Finding Your Passion for Life

Jan 10th, 2016
Center for Divine Awakening


In this two-part activation, recorded live in Phoenix, AZ, we can first allow Kenji to help you become more aware of your bodies, feeling your bodies from a cellular, sub-atomic level. A place where such healing can take place… Self-healing, releasing chronic tension, even bring you to a place of freedom, passion and inspiration.


Then in the second part we can hold this inspiration to support you in order to move you forward. Erasing doubts, holding onto passion and becoming more spiritually aware and intuitive. You will see and feel the doors open for you in these amazing, powerful, life changing activations.


Your Soul is invited to come forth and join in the Oneness celebration of Life.


With these activation you can:

  • Release unwanted, undetected energies
  • Receive loving support
  • Connect to your true passion
  • Receive the clarity of your mission
  • Gain the momentum to live that vision
  • Ignite your path and stay focused


Activation 1
Reconnect to your True Body and Self

During this brilliant activation, you will bring in the Divine light to your body, enabling the I Am, the Soul, the Light to now be illuminated. Exhaling all old energies in your body, old energies that may have been going undetected, you can now release them all and let them out the door. Allowing the Earth Mother to cleanse you and support you.

Duration 11 Minutes and 43 Seconds





Activation 2
Ignite Your Path

Go back into a deep relaxation, picking up where we left off previously. Breathe in the awareness to ones path and feel the connection. Disconnect from everything irrelevant in your life and come into your own true, soul level, energy. Own more deeply your body and focus on the healing and love of your soul signature. Hold your intention of the clarity of purpose, your vision and your mission in this lifetime. Go in and find where you hold your resistance to change, or pain or doubt, whatever it is that may be holding you back from igniting your path.

Duration 28 Minutes and 17 Seconds


Valued at $50

Item 4: The Happiness Event

Feb 7th, 2016
Center for Divine Awakening


The global challenge is to rise above our past and to embrace the unknown future of our destiny and purpose. With this in mind, this Happiness Event will be a trigger, a catalyst for your change out of ordinary into the extra-ordinary and your natural birthright of a self-empowered vehicle for Light and Love and Compassion.


Your Soul is invited to come forth and join in the Oneness celebration of Life.


With these activation you can:

  • Clear out issues and blockages
  • Release feelings of having to know
  • Connect closer with your Guardian Angel and Soul Family
  • Receive the guidance you have been looking for
  • Overcome your Core Issues
  • Accept Divine Protection for your Life
  • Greater Awareness of Self


Activation 1
Communication with your Angels

In this clearing activation, Kenji guides you to breathe into your heart center and find your own space and energies. Grounding yourself in alignment with the heavens and clearing your cords to others. Letting go of others feelings and emotions that are in your space, bringing you to neutrality. Peace and Love and Divine Guidance.

Duration 13 Minutes and 48 Seconds





Activation 2
Guided Journey Within

Start this activation with your energies vibrant and ready to go. Taking in all light and purity into our sub-selves, deep into the realms of your subconscious. Connect deeper into your soul group, calling forth this collective body of energy and vibration while receiving divine protection through the cocoon of light. Disengaging from your pain body and all drama as you refocus and realign with your core center. This journey will help you find as well as feel your true bliss.

Duration 30 Minutes and 27 Seconds


Valued at $50

Item 5: Over The Rainbow

Center for Divine Awakening
March 6, 2016


  • Are you ready to soar above your suffering and distractions to experience all you came here to be, do and have?
  • Are you tired of the old karmic treadmill and facing the same issues and problems over and over?
  • Are you ready to really break-through whatever has been keeping you stuck?
  • Are you ready to energetically vibrate at the level where miracles are created?


If so, join us for a day of transformation, laughter, joy and loving support as we take the journey within to move out of our un-conscious pain and fear to a place and space of allowance and love.


As the world is being challenged to move into a new way of being and doing, we are being called to live at the level of our highest expression where our gifts and potential are fully realized NOW in this very moment.


To do that, we must clear our stories, blocks, patterns and stuck points. The fastest way to do this is in the Quantum Field, where any small shift of energy affects the entire field. It is within the Quantum Field that we have the capacity to make massive shifts and changes to our long-standing issues of self identity, self esteem and self healing rapidly, and, with ease and grace.


Activation 1

As the world is being challenged to move into a new way of being and doing, we are being called to live at the level of our highest expression where our gifts and potential are fully realized NOW in this very moment.


To do that, we must clear our stories, blocks, patterns and stuck points. The fastest way to do this is in the Quantum Field, where any small shift of energy affects the entire field. It is within the Quantum Field that we have the capacity to make massive shifts and changes to our long-standing issues of self identity, self esteem and self healing rapidly, and, with ease and grace.



Activation 2

I offer you a way out of your suffering and pain. Together we will journey through the Quantum Field to understand our deepest stuck points and be guided to shift out of them and into the realm of possibility and miracles. Together we will move out of separation and duality thinking and into the heart of oneness and knowing.


This journey of discovery promises to be a remarkable awakening of your divine potential, skills, abilities and talents. You will be inspired to greater self-confidence. You will feel the love that flows in, through and as you. You will open to receive the blessings that are yours to have through the power of Grace.


From this journey in the Quantum Field, you will:

  • Regain a memory of a place of internal peace that surpasses all mental understanding;
  • Experience a shift from your current head-based perspective of your life to a heart-based focus of loving presence and compassion;
  • Release the stress stored in your power center;
  • Rebalance your foundation and connection with Nature;
  • Reboot your brain functions;
  • Recalibrate your nervous system to higher frequency vibration;
  • Restart your immune system


Access much more miracle-mindedness that lies just below the level of your conscious awareness through 2 guided meditation/activations in studio-quality mp3s so that you can continue to journey deeper on your own after this workshop.


Valued at $50

Item 6: Releasing the Burdens of Time

April 3, 2016
Center for Divine Awakening


Use the power of the Sedona, Arizona vortices to help ground and align you during this activation series. Release worry and to-do lists as you breath in the healing lights, relaxing your spine and becoming one with the earth. Therapeutic and healing energies are being released through this activation.


With these activations you can:

  • Release stress and worry
  • Realign with your higher self and mother earth
  • Reach a higher level of relaxation
  • Rejuvenate your Brain Function
  • Help heal yourself and feel better
  • Easily tap into the Quantum Space


Activation 1
Remembrance of relaxation

Kenji gives you the remembrance of how to create the relaxation response as a preparatory and healing activation. Use this activation prior to bed at night, meditation, yoga or anything you need to be aligned to. Draw in energies to create the decalcification of your pineal gland and cleansing of your optic nerves. Receive the healing frequencies from the sun to engulf your body and mind.

Duration 16 Minutes and 57 Seconds




Activation 2
Sun Within

Recall the last deep activation experience of relaxation and feeling of being connected as you merge your energy with the light and healing powers of the great sun. All your cells will be awaken and aligned during this session. Invoke the missing parts of you that can integrate with the rest of you. Repair and reset, back into your awareness of the here and now. Activate the deep capacities of your brain allowing you to heal and recreate itself. Come on back with the awareness and knowing of how to love yourself unconditionally and your abilities to tap into the quantum space.

Duration 29 Minutes and 11 Seconds


Valued at $50

Item 7: Pineal Gland Workshop

May 1, 2016
Center for Divine Awakening


In this much-anticipated Pineal Gland clearing activation, Kenji, will help you use the power of the breath to relax the body, bringing in a warm wave to wash over you and clear up static energy. Beginning the journey of clearing and activating your Pineal Gland.


With these activations you can:

  • Raise your Consciousness
  • Jump start your Spiritual Awakening
  • Enhance your intuitive abilities
  • Regulate your body’s bio-rhythms
  • Enjoy greater overall health and wellbeing


Activation 1
Laying the Foundation

The more you can relax your body, the more in tune and awake your mind and soul will become. During this relaxing exercise you will be able to initiate your wisdom, connection and remembrance of your inner knowing. Do you have stress and worry on all levels of your being? Do you find issues come up for you over and over again? Here you will be able to take control of those feelings and issues while shining the brilliant light rays through your entire system during this amazing session.


Take root and ground yourself with Mother Earth, as this will assist you in the Pineal Gland Activation.

Duration 11 Minutes 56 Seconds


Activation 2
Pineal Gland Kick Start

Here we will do some energy spring house cleaning and let go of all built up pressure, while re-energizing the brain. Breathe in the power of the Now and let go of all that is not aligned with you at this moment. We will balance your Male and Female energies, letting go of the earth realm and move your awareness into 5th dimensional levels and beyond. We will clear out any hardening or calcification around your Pineal Gland, freeing the antenna’s energy pathways. Receive an infusion of the power of love and clarity in your heart as well as your pineal gland region.

Duration 34 Minutes 43 Seconds


Valued at $50

Item 8: Eclipsing Your Inner Shadows

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse
Recorded on August 18, 2016


Come join me in meditation as we deeply reflect upon the patterns going on in our lives and how these unconscious imprints have affected us on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.
We will tap into the energies of the lunar eclipse and full moon to assist us in this journey within.


Like in the movie, The Matrix, is it possible to get out of the illusion of pain and suffering. We will hold the matrix of the Mother energy, the Divine Feminine, the Feminine Shakti so you can allow the gentle healing of your core issues.


Are you ready to receive the blessings from the realm of Grace and the Christos? This will be an hour of deeply moving within and then without. Masterful integration and embodiment will be your challenge as well as your blessings.


Duration 1 Hour and 1 Minute

What Others Are Saying About Kenji

“Yes, bliss is what I felt at the end of the call with Kenji tonight! He had all the answers to questions that, unbeknownst to me, were just waiting for someone like him to dig them out with the answers even before I had the chance to give them voice.Like magic.
Besides the awesome activation, his words of wisdom on topics such as how to bring oneness into our lives and into the world, and the importance of staying away from multitasking when resolving one’s issues are worth gold. What a call… Thank you, Kenji, from the bottom of my heart! With love and laughter,”


“I was checking out your tele summit and I LOVE IT!!!!!! Kenji was a GREAT person to kick off your event, too. I absolutely love his presence. In fact, I may consider sending him an invitation to be on my summit.”


“Kenji, you were so awesome…people and even speakers have mentioned your talk this week…so real. I totally adore you, thank you.
After experiencing the activation 3 times i just want more and more. I have experienced every emotion under the great central sun! Questions get answered I begin to recognise my soul family. Feeling my quantum~ness igniting. Anything and everything is possible now. I feel blessed and in bliss. In deep deep gratitude.”
Namaste, Shikha


“Kenji, the greatest blessing and gift GOD gave you was to NOT think like the masses. Kenji’s gift comes in thinking in the whole (gestalt). The activation with the music was completely powerful! Love and blessings,”
K.R., Texas


“I listened to the show today…it was the best I have experienced! I heard you speak so much about the world being in the Omg how will I pay for this or that, and heard you say the same things in our conversations at times, so human. I love how truthful you are about being human. I will remember more to lighten up and speak to others like they already know! Great insight!”

Angela, Ashland, OR


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