Lee Harris: The Rise of the Lightworkers

This is a hand-picked selection, curated by Lee, of some of his most popular audio recordings ever offered. It goes deep into many topics while simultaneously offering a broad overview of his work.

This is the most comprehensive package he’s ever assembled.


The offer includes the following recordings & bundles:

~ Radical Expression

~ The Freedom Exercises

~ Mastery of Freedom

~ Adventures in Sound

~ Activate your Abundance

~ The Angel Behind You

~ Own Your Heart Energy

Expressions of Freedom


Expressions of Freedom

Item 1: Radical Expression

In this remarkable session, Lee describes expression as a directional energy that absolutely changes what happens in front of us. Knowing that the rewards for finding our voice are well worth the risks, he dives directly into the waves of fear that can drive us to censor our communication, avoid conflict, and otherwise suppress the strength of our authentic selves.


Highlights include:

  • Making room in your life for the unedited, unbridled you.
  • Igniting the high energy of curiosity for uncovering your greatest desires and dreams.
  • Feeling the aliveness and freedom in your body that come from expressing your real needs.
  • Discovering the power and joy of being more fully yourself.
  • Connect the dots with Lee and learn how your very destiny is linked to your expression, intuition, and emotions.


Duration 50 minutes

Item 2: Freedom Exercises

The Freedom Exercises is a journey over six MP3s into the energy of awakening, leading you through five healing stages – Release, Trust, Open, Receive and Awaken. Created and presented by Lee Harris with author and channeler Story Waters, this is a guided journey through well over six hours of inspirational listening. There are talks, channels, guided exercises and visualizations throughout; all aimed at helping you awaken the power of your energy – the power of your Self.


Let Lee and Story guide you through topics as diverse as Soul Freedom, The Alchemy of Change, Developing your Trust, Opening your Mind, The Pathways of Awakening, and Receiving Abundance. The Freedom Exercises makes for compelling listening and covers much on the current awakening of the planet and how it will manifest on the Earth in future decades.


This groundbreaking set of recordings is an ‘audio workshop’ which you can do in your own time at your own pace, and revisit the exercises and channels individually using them as a powerful toolbox through your life.


For those of you wanting a deeper connection with your Self and your energy, if you have a sense of an awakening occurring within you, or if you wish to explore how to live your life energetically, then The Freedom Exercises is for you.


Enjoy the journey to awakening. It is yours to claim. Let The Freedom Exercises be your guide.


Duration 6 hours and 45 minutes

Item 3: Mastery of Freedom

The Mastery of Freedom was originally a 4-part online class. Hugely successful with well over 100 participants, it was created to take you deeply into the energy of Freedom in yourself. During the four classes of this course, you are invited to join Lee and Zapharia (Lee’s guide) as they invite you to explore the depth of living in freedom in the 21st Century. You will be guided through the stages of growth and resistance encountered as your awareness and sense of inner freedom expands. Practical exercises are given throughout to help you manifest that freedom in your outer life. The intention of this course is to deliver more of the knowledge, energy, tools and insights required to help you blossom the energy of a great freedom in your life.


The four classes are:

  • Release to Expand
  • Trust to Commit
  • Open to Receive
  • Awaken to Loving Life


Duration 6 Hours (in 8 parts)

Item 4: Adventures in Sound

When Lee sat down to record this, he was expecting it to be a verbal, word-based channel. But when that clearly wasn’t coming through, despite his energy being primed for it, he followed his intuition and did something a little different. He started to sing, tone, chant and make sounds, in what then became multi-layered vocal journeys. No different to channeling in essence, but different for the listener as an experience.


So this first MP3 in the series will be a guided journey designed to help you: Integrate, Open and Expand. His spoken words will walk you to each of the 3 pieces of music/tone.


He had been asked many times to try this way of working – the nudges came from his own guidance, other intuitive friends and people he would meet at live events, who knew that he sang. He always felt he would get to this at some point – he just didn’t know it was going to be now. So this has been a thrill for him, a lovely surprise, and a new beginning.


‘Adventures in Sound’ is a set of 4 MP3s – the audio journey guided by Lee, and 3 individual sonic pieces.


Duration 53 minutes

Item 5: Activate Your Abundance

This recording from Lee is both an activation and a meditation.


While listening, you will be invited to allow your divine abundance to come to you, and be guided to let go of the reasons why you hold back from receiving what is yours.


It features several affirmations which you are invited to speak aloud, and the experience is supported throughout by original music from sound healer/composer Davor Bozic.


Sit back, listen, absorb and change.

Allow your abundant inheritance to come to you now.


Duration 39 minutes

Item 6: The Angel Behind You

Silent awareness is one of the most sublime powers available to us, a human capacity that will be one of our greatest allies in the years to come. Much more than a stylish brand of perception, it is a loving awakeness that allows us to meet life fully—undefended yet protected. In this astounding audio session, recorded at the summer 2015 Energy Mastery Retreat in Norway, Lee and the Z’s speak in bold terms of the Inner Observer Angel, the part of each of us that is this silent awareness. It is the etheric angel within that towers above the noise of life, continually bearing witness with unfathomable compassion and wisdom.


Close your eyes and take a deep breath in right now. Notice the presence of this profound aspect of yourself. It’s the part of you that can stop conflict energy in its tracks, neutralizing inner violence such as self-judgment, self-doubt, shame, and blame.
It wants us to know that the less we go to war with ourselves, the less capable we will be of going to war with each other.


Other highlights include:

  • Discovering connection as the key to being fully alive.
  • Understanding the relationship between your Inner Observer Angel and your etheric body—between your soul and your aura.
  • Developing sweet patience with your humanity.


The Z’s talk about the Golden Time that we find ourselves in now, a time of great dissolution and creation. With change happening quickly, you may sometimes experience extreme levels of depletion and exhaustion. Learn to transmute these energies by letting yourself be enveloped in the wings of your Inner Observer Angel—shielded, protected, and tenderly recharged. Discover the way home to your spiritual strength, resilience, and power.


Duration 48  minutes 27 Seconds

Item 7: Own Your Heart Energy

In this brilliant session, recorded live in Kauai, Hawaii in November 2016, Lee and the Z’s powerfully and tenderly reach into the deepest places in the heart. As you listen—quieted by the sound of the ocean waves and gorgeous flute music—you will understand that in your quest to love and to awaken, a torch has been lit in your body. It is the flame of your heart. And while that inner flame may dwindle at times, it will never go out. It isn’t possible.


In the current socio-political climate, the Z’s offer a crucial insight: That your light will not go out because of outer circumstances that may evoke worry and fear in you. The opposite, in fact, is true. Your light will rise in response to the need.


More highlights include:

  • How your heart can unify all that has felt fragmented or chaotic within you.
  • The beauty of grief’s connection to joy and depression’s connection to life and to living.
  • How to allow your feelings to flow so that your whole life will flow.
  • A fresh perspective on the wounded hearts of those around you and how you can rise to meet them.
  • What it means to be a carrier of the “harmonic of the heart” in today’s world.


The Z’s reveal how the heart energy of Kauai exists everywhere across the planet. It is in everyone and everything. And as you come to know that frequency more intimately—as you own your heart energy and direct your focus to it more consistently—you will begin to find it everywhere. Your entire experience of life can be forever changed as you learn to let your heart see for you.

About Lee Harris

 Lee Harris

Transformational Teacher and Leader





Lee Harris is a transformational teacher at a new frontier— bringing uncommon insight, warmth, humor, and possibility to audiences around the world. Through his weekly Energy Updates, books and audio programs, and live events, people everywhere are waking up, rekindling hope, and remembering the purpose of their lives. Lee’s gift is helping to cut through the noise of the world to access the quiet, empowering truth of yourself.




What Others Are Saying About Lee




“Lee Harris may be the most insightful, authentic, and caring energy empath I have met in a lifetime of seeking.”

Mike Dooley, New York Times bestselling author of Infinite Possibilities


“Lee Harris possesses a potent blend of both sight and clarity of communication. His spirit is of a very high – bright – caliber, which is apparent from the first time one comes into contact with him. That his channeling is laced with the wisdom of the ages and humor is his gift to the world. I have found the Z’s to be deeply profound and direct, which, as a journalist, is a joy to work with!”

Regina Meredith, journalist and host of Gaiam TV’s Open Minds


“On a personal level, shedding the spiritual, emotional, and mental toxicity with Lee and the Z’s made me a much lighter, happier, more compassionate, connected person, not to mention a far better wife, mother, and friend. On a professional level, it put me into the flow of great new opportunities and creative ideas.”

Natalia Rose, author of eight books, including The Raw Food Detox Diet, and founder of Natalia Rose Institute


“I have been blessed to listen to, come to know and interview many. There are but two that carry a frequency that stands out amongst the many, and Lee is One, for sure. Adding to that is his beautiful Heart that stands behind his every word and carries great impact.”

Maureen Moss, author, President of The New World Puja Network, and radio host of Thrive


“WOW! Lee’s session was like a breath of fresh air. He is so clear, and genuine. It was exactly what I needed to do. I would not call it a session, but a consciousness movement. I am so thankful for his words and his encouragement. He saw things in me that I actually forgot were there, and I was thankful to get a reminder. Words really cannot express how grateful I am to have met you and Zachary. Sending you many thanks and blessings! You are a master at your work, and you do it with such joy and love.”



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