Lisa Barnett: Divine Frequency Activations & Clearings from the Akashic Masters to Empower Your Life in 2017

In these Akashic Healing Sessions you will receive divine clearing energy to support you in releasing long-standing Karma, clear past life Vows that hold you in stuck patterns and learn about soul contract that are ready to release or renew.


Akashic Frequency Activations & Clearings

  ~  7 – Powerful Healing MP3’s with embedded Akashic Energy Clearing

  ~  16 Akashic Prayers to Support the Healing Work Daily – PDF

  ~  Bonus 1: Potent MP3 with huge variety of clearing for transitions

  ~  Bonus 2: Effective MP3 with Energy Upgrades & Akashic Energy Healing

  ~  Bonus 3: Rainbow Shield to keep you Guided, Guarded & Protected

  ~  Bonus 4: 25% Savings on Akashic Healing Sessions with Lisa


Divine Frequency Activations & Clearings


Divine Frequency Activations & Clearings

Item 1: Session 1 - Creating Deep Relationships

We work with energy with may appear as anger, grief, felling rejected, stuck months or years after a relationships ends. We clear and release energy around:

  • Soul contracts that are complete but feel stuck
  • Vows of love such as “I will love you forever” but find it’s not a good fit in this life
  • Clear childhood programs of Co-dependency where on family wants that for us
  • Release energy of low self-esteem
  • Clear heart chakra and emotional chakra to function in present time
  • and MORE

Plus 5 Healing Prayers

Item 2: Session 2 - Clearing Painful Emotions and Creating Boundaries

We learn why creating clear and strong boundaries are so important for manifesting our desires and being on our soul path.

  • Learn two clearing prayers and a visualization to create a Rainbow Shield to keep you safe and in alignment with your soul desires
  • Clear other peoples doubts about us and our healing work which strengthens our abilities
  • Clear past life vows to “be of service” which translate to “work for free” in our life now
  • Release family programs to serve others at a cost to our own wellbeing
  • Let go of painful emotions from being fired or treated badly at work
  • Clear trauma from violence in this life
  • and MORE

Item 3: Session 3 - Learn a Powerful Tool to Create your Heart’s Desire

We learn how to use “mock-up” to create your desire and send it out into the world and I’ll teach the secret keys which juice this powerful tool up.

  • We go step by and learn to use this tool
  • We clear the energy that is blocking your heart’s desire
  • Journey into the Akashic Garden and bathe in the River of Forgiveness
  • Clear misalignment from lifetimes of caring for other’s and following their desires
  • Clear old self-doubt and learn to trust yourself
  • and MORE

Item 4: Session 4 - Clear Trauma and Connected Addictions

We start with clearing emotion pain and find it is intertwined with addiction.

  • Release abandonment by parents and spouses
  • Clear old beliefs that “I’m not good enough and something is wrong with me”
  • Work through ideas that we don’t deserve to be here and have a good life
  • We see how these feels can lead to eating disorders and food addiction
  • We clear abuse that creates guilt and shame
  • and MORE

Item 5: Session 5 - Physical Pain and Health Issues

We learn how emotions and trauma can be hidden under a health issue and release that. Learn how your past lives may still be bring physical pain into your life now.

  • We clear brain patterns that supports low blood sugar
  • Clear the bones and skeletal structure of dark energy which causes pain
  • Bring in new high vibrational blue prints for the body, muscles and tendons
  • Clear self-loathing in relationship to the body
  • and MORE

Item 6: Session 6 - Pain Body Release Technique

We use my special technique to clear the pain body of the accumulated pain from this and other lifetimes. Many people have energetically created an extra body of pain which is not a part of our “Seven Bodies”.


We focus on: The Pain Created from Abuse of all kinds to release this from the pain body.

  • Physical,
  • sexual,
  • emotional
  • verbal
  • and MORE

Item 7: Session 7 - Emotional Clearing Tool & Families at the Holidays

I teach you an amazing tool to clear specific emotions and we clear many on the call. We rewire our Brains to open new neuro-pathways. We also do work with family issues and the holidays.

  • Clear disappointment, blame, fear and grief, guilt and shame
  • Once the emotions are cleared we Forgive ourselves for the out picturing of those emotions
  • We bring in new Gifts in the form of positive emotions to replace the negative
  • Clear Ancestral Pain from our families
  • Work on family karma and discord in the family
  • and MORE

Item 8: 16 Akashic Prayers to Support the Healing

Here are a few examples of a few of the prayers included:

  1. Prayer for Healing Family Relations
  2. Prayer for Jealousy and Competition
  3. Prayer for Abundance of Love
  4. Prayer for Strength
  5. Prayer for Courage
  6. Prayer to Assist Forward Motion
  7. Prayer to Create Heaven on Earth
  8. Prayer for Fear of the Unknown
  9. Prayer to Clear Family Ancestral Influence

BONUS 1: Challenging Transitions and a Variety of Subjects

You will receive the energy and clearing to help with transitions and many other issues. Most of us hold some of these energies from this life or another lifetime, plus we have it as collect unconscious energy in our field. These can be powerful hidden blocks in your life.


Here are a few examples of what we cover:

  • Disappointment in life which comes from past lives and present
  • Soul contracts as a mother whose child died and the accompanying feelings of fear and unworthiness
  • Fear of sharing your gifts with the world and the fear of being seen and noticed
  • Clear blocks to receive Atlantian and Lemerian energy from the past
  • and MUCH MORE

BONUS 2: Energy Upgrades and Clearings

On these 2 MP3’s, the callers asked for healing on a variety of subjects. You will receive the energy and clearing even if it isn’t consciously an issue for you. Most of us hold some of these energies from this life or another lifetime, plus we have it as collect unconscious energy in our field. These can be powerful hidden blocks in your life.


Here are a few examples of what we cover in this downloads:

  • Clear our energy channels to upgrade our healing abilities and make it easier to hold more of the high vibrations
  • Challenging transitions in life such as: moving, new job, care giving for aging parent or ill partner
  • Open to moving forward with a project or new job
  • Connecting to Mother Earth with the Tri-Pod Grounding System
  • Clear block to connecting with Soul Family members
  • and MUCH MORE

BONUS 3: Golden Egg with Rainbow Shield – Guided Meditation

Are you often unclear as to which thoughts and feelings are yours and which ones come from someone else? Do you struggle to create and enforce boundaries with people? By filling yourself up with your “personal best” energy, you can find your way in life based on your true desires, not those of others.


This upgraded meditation has a Rainbow Shield to add an extra level of Protection for you all day and into the night for your astral body.

BONUS 4: Save 25% on a Personal 30-Minute AKASHIC HEALING SESSION with Lisa Barnett

Lisa will access your Akashic Records to see the true nature and core beliefs behind your issues, pain and blocks. Guided by your questions, she channels information from your Masters of your Akashic Record. Information about your Soul’s plan and Soul contracts, your life’s purpose or how your past lives are affecting this lifetime are all available to us in your Akashic Record.


(When you purchase a 30-minute phone consultation. No value if not purchased)

What Others Are Saying About Lisa

“I listened to the Akashic Healing Experience call and WOW! The first call healed a lot. It was uncanny how many of my personal issues you addressed without my having to ask.
Thank you for being so vulnerable on the call! It was touching. I know it is deeply healing to those who has been physically abused to have a healer willing to feel their pain and validate how wrong it is. Thank you!”
Lara, California


“Thank you so much!!! Your work is giving me so much hope for moving forward. I have been stuck on so many levels for so long, despite so many efforts on my part, and now it is making total sense why. The calls are extremely powerful and helpful for me. I am so deeply grateful!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”
Mary Sue, New York


“Just want to thank you and the Akashic Lords and Masters for the amazing and powerful healing call! Wow!!! It hit so many issues that needed to be cleared in me.
It was so powerful and profound, I am speechless!! Thank you, thank you, I am so grateful for you offering your gifts to the world!”
Linda Davine


“I have worked with Lisa Barnett on private calls and collective calls. She has a special gift; she is very sensitive and empathetic and takes her healing very seriously. Just the sound of her voice calms and soothes me and I have no doubt that when I met her virtually it was a blessing. I am on every call that she offers and she is a very generous to her clients and students. Lisa has been a true blessing in my life and I know that I will work with her for a very long time as the healing continues. I cannot even express the wonders I have experienced since Lisa and her healing have entered my life.”
Diane Kasunic, Michigan

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Materials, techniques and information shared on BEYOND THE ORDINARY are provided for informational purposes only and must not be construed as personal medical advice. Before making any changes, participants should consult their healthcare providers or seek medical advice.

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