Lukaijah & Saskia

Lukaijah and Saskia are spiritual guides and multi-dimensional healing facilitators who integrate a variety of coaching processes and quantum tools including timeline repair, DNA upgrades and soul retrieval to help transform individuals and couples worldwide.

They are the founders of Divine Union Alchemy, which is a method of transformation designed to restore the organic templates of inner divine union so people can remember how to Source from God and live from a place of fulfillment and overflow.

Acknowledging there are forces that seek to keep apart and come between divine union couples, Saskia and Lukaijah have identified the various anti-hierogamic technologies and blocks in place so they can be removed on all levels.

Through their online courses, healing activations and coaching packages, they provide unique and customized support to those who are called to the path of Divine Union and are ready to activate their missions in service to the Divine.

Upcoming Broadcasts

  • February 17th at 5pm PT / 6pm MT / 7pm CT / 8pm ET