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Lynne Brodie

Lynne and her Divine high council of angels and guides (Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, Gandhi, Metatron, St. Francis and St. Germain) open the portal for you to access all you were born with from the wisdom of your heart and soul.

As a portal for this Divine Golden Light Bath, she unveils your core wound, releases the wound and heals your heart-from special techniques she knows from her past life living on Atlantis. She heals your physical body through energy transformation and/or psychic surgery as an Ascended Master Healer and the Goddess-Isis vibration she carries as an instrument for highest good.

Since childhood, as early as 5 years old, Lynne has been healing others by absorbing their physical and emotional pain before she remembered how to be a channel and send it out to them. As she was recognized as an old soul, her childhood friends’ parents sought her out for council on major decisions.

Whether you want to heal your heart, physical body, know your purpose, shift your career and financial abundance, as an Ascended Master and Goddess, Lynne opens the portal for you to do so.

Using ancient techniques as an Ascended Master healer, she also clears and resets the energy of physical spaces of your home, business, movie and studio sets. She works with realtors to clear homes for sale to accelerate the sales process. Lynne can also accelerate the sales process and closing of business contracts to ensure financial abundance.

As a strategic visionary utilizing her gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience, Lynne provides intuitive insight to individuals and businesses to transform, heal and grow.