Marilyn Alauria: Creating the Life of Your Dreams by Connecting to Your Guides with Two 28-day Courses

Open up to your Guides through Marilyn’s fun and innovative techniques. Through the 28 Day Challenge and Channeling 101, you’ll learn how to receive the loving messages your Guides are trying to send you.

The bonus of Balancing Your Chakras helps add an extra layer so you can connect even easier and more effectively. You can do these classes again and again and get something different out of it each time.

You can start creating the life of your dreams by connecting to your Guides. Let Marilyn show you how to connect now.

Creating the Life of Your Dreams


Creating the Life of Your Dreams

Item 1: Constant Communication with Your Guides ~ A 28 - Day Challenge Part 1

Stop feeling trapped in your life and afraid to make decisions! Learn how to feel empowered and experience clarity on your journey.
I’ve created this class to teach you how to tap into the answers that lie within. Through guided meditations and fun psychic exercises you will learn how to access the truths that live in your soul and unleash your own psychic energy.


The 28 – Day Challenge Part 1 Will Lead You To:

  • MEET your Guides and Higher Self
  • CONSTANTLY COMMUNICATE with your Guides and Higher Self
  • LEARN the tools to communicate and expand your unique psychic gifts. We all have them!
  • TRUST what you are seeing, hearing, and feeling
  • GET ANSWERS and direction for your goals
  • ASK DIRECT QUESTIONS and get direct answers
  • EXPERIENCE how the Universe and your Guides are supporting you
  • NURTURE yourself as you expand your awareness and begin to live your whole life


With each class you will receive:

  • 4 recordings and a PDF with daily, guided lessons
  • During the first part of the lessons you will learn how you are already seeing, hearing and feeling the presence of your Guides.
  • You will hone your skills through my proven exercises and gain the confidence you need to trust everyday symbols, to visualize and to bring to the forefront the positive thoughts in your mind.
  • You will learn to effortlessly connect and communicate with your Guides through transformative 30-minute guided meditations.
  • Whether you desire clarity in career, love, family, or finances, your Guides will lead the way and you will learn their signs.


Guidebook: You will also receive a guidebook with exercises that will help you strengthen the relationship with your Guides so you can be in constant communication with them. With these steps and information you will gain clarity about your life and goals. Saturday and Sunday will be used to work on the skills you have started to develop throughout the prior week.

Item 2: Dancing with Your Guides ~ A 28- Day Challenge Part 2

What is Dancing with Your Guides – a 28-Day Challenge Part 2?
Pre-Recorded Class: A Magical 28-Day Journey of Truth, Joy & Love
My Guides asked that I teach Part II of the 28- DAY CHALLENGE my most popular class and now you can learn from that experience!



  • You will learn about specific Guides for specific areas of your life.
  • You will learn how to feel, sense and see them even if you struggle with seeing and feeling them.
  • You will also learn how to work with an animal in spirit, Angels and loved ones.
  • You will learn how to engage your Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Empathic Gifts and work with your Guides.


I’ve been working with my Guides for over 12 years and they have never disappointed me and continue to Guide me in every area of my life.
During EACH SESSION you will meet a new Expert Guide and learn how they are COMMUNICATING WITH YOU EVERY DAY. You will receive ANSWERS AND GUIDANCE TO help you achieve BALANCE AND PEACE in the areas that will awaken Your Soul to your truth so you may harmonize your life.
My goal as a medium is to lead you to the answers you seek by going directly to the source. When I opened myself to the wisdom of my Guides, my entire life changed.
I want to share these tools, so that you too, can experience the peace and fulfillment that is right within your grasp.


Through guided meditations and fun psychic exercises you will learn how to access the truths that live in your soul and unleash your own psychic energy.
You will receive an ebook with daily information, challenges and homework for 5 days of the week with 2 days off to practice working with your guides. You will receive a recorded lesson to listen to during that week to help reinforce the daily work.
The Recordings were recorded live in October 2014.



This class will help you to feel alive and you will understand the language of your soul.

Item 3: Channeling 101 – Introduction to Channeling

There is a MYTH that you have to be an ESPECIALLY GIFTED PERSON and go into a DEEPLY STATED TRANCE to Channel.
With the Dimensions shifting and the Veil getting thinner between the dimensions, Channeling is becoming easier for people to achieve.


I began Channeling over 12 years ago and it came quite easy to me. Not because I am a medium but because I had the desire to know myself better. I used the tools I learned from classes I took in Dream Work, healing, writing and therapy and opened up my Channels to Spirit. Channeling has changed my Life and Continues to change it each and every day. Through Channeling I have gotten answers to many questions and YOU can do the same!
I will teach you how to access Channeling in a fun, creative way so you can move away from those limiting beliefs and open the access to Ascended Masters, Angels and your Loved Ones in Spirit.


In this class you will learn the basics of Channeling and begin to build a foundation so you can Channel for the rest of your life!

What will you Learn in this Class?

Each week you will be taught a new technique then be taken through a Guided Meditation so you can experience Channeling for yourself. Before the class, you will choose an Ascended Master, Angel or Guide you already know and you will work with that particular being for the duration of the class. I ask you to do it this way so you can experience the growth of the relationship. Through fun meditations & creative exercises we are going to explore, practice and learn some really amazing tools to begin the development of a foundation for channeling! I ask that you do not work with Loved Ones in Spirit for this class but you will be able to take what you learned into your sessions with them once we have learned the tools.
Using creative tools, like the ones below, will help you to understand how you receive information from these Angels, Ascended masters and eventually your own Guides. We will work with…

  • Guided Meditations
  • Dream-work
  • Automatic Writing
  • Physical Guided Meditations
  • Using color and art
  • Body Sensations

What will I get with this Class?

4 Recordings 2 hours + each (One Recording per week)
Homework, Challenges, Writing Guidance and Bonus E-book

Bonus: Balance Your Chakras

In this video lesson, we really get into working with your chakras. By working with your chakras consistently, it will open you to receiving messages from your Guides. Having balanced chakras is truly the key to everything in your life. You need to know how to work with your chakras to communicate clearly with your Guides and create harmony, joy, and abundance in your life. Even if you’ve worked with your chakras before, this is far more in depth than you’ve done before.







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About Marilyn Alauria

Spiritual Teacher, Master Healer and channel of Adironnda & Company


Internationally renowned psychic medium and creator of the highly successful program The 28 Day Challenge and Membership for Your Soul, Marilyn Alauria, is passionate about teaching you how to engage your gifts, meet your Guides, and live an awe-inspired life. When you learn to co-create with your Guides, you get unstuck, blast through old limits, and finally feel the peace, love, and joy that your Guides have been longing to share with you.

Marilyn’s work is centered around integrity, and she holds each interaction and experience in the highest regard. She’s worked with famous people and beautiful souls known only to a few. It’s her honor and privilege to work with Spirit in this unique and powerful capacity and to be able to offer such essential insight to everyone she works with.

What Others Are Saying About Marilyn


“Circumstances have been difficult for quite a while and having written questions and been putting down what comes, it has helped so much to be with Guidance and trust that it comes from them, in the midst of difficulty. That has been a treasure. Thank you.”

Shar, Boulder


“I didn’t feel my guide until I asked specifically to stand to my right. Then I felt warmth and tingling on my cheek! I couldn’t feel Raphael holding my hand, but I just pretended. YAY! Also, I have 2 guides, and it was too much to work with both today, so Raphael seemed to be the one to work with today.”

Stephanie, Portland


“This morning when I was doing chakra work my 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakras were just vibrating or collaborating, I’m not sure what. Anyways I feel more trust in what I hear and also I visualize so Much more on my labrodite crystal and I can understand what the visuals are telling me. This is truly amazing insights after a month of working with my chakras and your mentoring. Thank you I am so grateful to you.”

Karen, British Columbia


“Absolutely lovely – spirit bear came to me for my guide as well as an elf who is playful and light hearted. I have no questions just gratitude for the beautiful visualization.”

Deb, Castlegar


“This chakra work is exceptional, and i am a former chakra cynic having mentally studied them so long i forgot how to attend to them in real life. i am also receiving songs, beautiful clearly composed songs to which i feel i hardly had a hand in creating. i am grateful.”

Kelliann, Simonton


“Thanks for the depth of the information you offer, Marilyn. My guide came out of the waterfall as a spectacularly beautiful woman who told me her name is Genevive and she had an owl with her. Any thoughts on this?”

Betty, Los Altos

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