Marilyn Alauria: Living and Thriving in Your Psychic Gifts

I want to ask your heart a few questions. Do any of these resonate with you?

  • Do you feel the pull to explore your psychic abilities?
  • Do you hear the whispers of your Guides and grasp to capture their message before their essence escapes you?
  • Do you know, deep down, that you are being called to step into your psychic power, to share the practical wisdom of your Guides with the world in a way that will be heard, and to explore this Earth through their eyes?
  • Do you want to clearly see your life’s path and to understand the deeper meaning of your Spirit Guide’s messages?
  • Do you feel too much, and so deeply, that it makes you shut down and feel numb? Do your emotions often overwhelm you to a point you are afraid to open yourself up to feeling anything?


Living and Thriving


Living and Thriving

Every one has psychic gifts. Every one. Yes, you.

But you already knew that, right? ….That is what led you here, to this page, at this time.


You have experienced the energy of clairvoyance and it felt real; you felt alive. And then it disappeared.


Don’t fear that it has been lost. This beautiful gift from the Universe is never far from your reach. And the more you learn how to use these gifts, the stronger they develop and the deeper connection you feel to your Guides, your soul, your desires, and your purpose. When you fully accept that you have more power than you realize, and the more you open your soul to your psychic gifts, the more you can change the world.


I created these five foundational classes to guide and teach you in a creative way so you can open your heart and mind to your truest gifts.

Item 1: Living and Thriving in Your Empathic Ability

  • Do you ever walk into a room and feel a certain energy?
  • Do you walk by a person and just cry or feel anxiety?
  • Do you ever wake in the middle of the night sensing disaster or feeling fear?…


Then waking the next day to find out there was a national tragedy?


You may be gifted with empathic ability!


An empath is someone who physically tunes into the emotional state of a person, group, animal, nature or nation unconsciously, or even deliberately.


If you believe you have an empathic gift, this course is for you! Too many times I’ve encountered empathic people who close down their hearts because that is the only way they know how to deal with all of the emotions they’re feeling.


I am going to be giving you the tools you need to navigate this life!


In this class, I’ll show you:

  • How to protect yourself from empathic experiences that you don’t want to have
  • How to allow yourself to have a social life and learn how to not walk away with others’ energy
  • How to tune into psychological reasons behind pain and ailments that you’re feeling
  • Different protection techniques for clearing emotions and space
  • Techniques on balancing your chakras to assist with empathic reading


You have free will and more power than you realize. You can open your heart to this empathic gift and change the world! I’m here to guide you and teach you the techniques to open your heart and mind to your gifts.


Don’t hide away from your truth.


Are you ready to sing your heart’s song and share your Gifts to live a life full of purpose, joy, peace, and love?

Item 2: Living and Thriving in Your Clairvoyant Gifts

  • Did you know we are all clairvoyant, with the ability to “see” your Guides and into other dimensions?
  • Do you want to have clearer visions about your future and be confident that you are following your life’s path?
  • Are you interested in learning how to strengthen this gift and use your visions to help yourself and others?

If so, this Clairvoyancy class was created just for you!


A Clairvoyant person “sees” into an inferior dimension without using physical eyes to reach into another vibrational frequency perceived within the head or in outer space.


A person with this gift may see a person, object, lights, words, colors or geometrical figures, deceased friends, living friends, and animals – all with a message or purpose!
Are you ready to learn how to decipher the symbols and messages that you may be already receiving? Are you ready to strengthen this gift of Clairvoyance and learn how to manifest your goals in life?


In this class, I’m going to share with you:

  • The different types and processes of “seeing” to learn the way you see best
  • How “seeing” helps you understand what your Guides are wanting to tell you in your everyday life
  • Different meditations and techniques to use so that you may “see” more clearly
  • •How to understand the energy behind the visions you receive
  • How to take the information that you are “seeing” and put it into the message that you are meant to hear
  • Specific techniques and challenges to practice and develop your Clairvoyancy
  • Methods to explore 3rd eye projections, auras, symbols, physical projections, and dreams


Seeing and understanding the messages your Guides are giving will help you to make better decisions and live a life from the center of your soul.
This 90-minute class invites you to fully explore your Clairvoyancy gifts. You learn by being taken through the experience, not by lecture.


So buckle up and get ready to take a visually fulfilling ride with your Guides.

Item 3: Living and Thriving In Your Clairaudience

  • Do you sometimes hear your name called and when you turn, no one is there?
  • Do you want to understand how to translate symbolic sounds or figure out why a particular song is stuck in your head?
  • Do you question if it’s really your Guide’s voice talking to you?
  • Are you curious to know how your Guides are downloading messages to you?

Clairaudience is when you hear sounds or words when no person present is speaking or no article is causing the disturbance; sounds that are inaudible to normal hearing range appear to come from within the head or from out in the atmosphere.


I personally love Clairaudience because it helps you to get very clear information in a short amount of time.


Many people struggle with this gift because they can’t tell the difference between their voice and their Guides.
When I was studying about my psychic gifts, I couldn’t find anything written about how to develop and understand Clairaudience, so I had to depend on my Guides. And you know how they taught me? You got it! They talked to me and taught me all about developing and opening up to my gift of Clairaudience. Now I want to teach all of you.


In this live 90-minute class, I will share with you:

  • How to develop your Clairaudience Gift.
  • Where you are ‘hearing’ in your head.
  • How to tell when it’s your Guide’s voice.
  • How you can amplify and accelerate your ability to ‘hear’.
  • Tips & Techniques to open up to your gifts and how to listen to the outside sounds and internal voices and what is important to hear.
  • Ways to apply the auditory symbols you are getting to the questions about your life and get the answers you are seeking.


Many of you are probably already experiencing ringing or stuffiness in your ear. That is the beginning of clairaudience. When my ears first opened up, I couldn’t hear when people spoke to me. I visited the #1 ENT doctor (Celine Dion’s doctor) in NYC for a hearing test, only to find out my hearing was absolutely perfect! That experience got my attention and I started listening to my Inner Guidance, which led me to my Guides.


I look forward to sharing the tools that have helped me hear my Guides, thriving in this ability and creating a life full of powerful messages.

Item 4: Interpreting Dreams and Symbols

All of us dream. Do you remember your dreams?


Everything that you dream about is a symbol. Yep, even that dream about Uncle Bob…it’s a symbol!


Have you ever wondered what different dreams mean?


One of the most common questions I get is how to know if that symbol means something.


In this upcoming class, you’ll be learning exactly what the symbols in your dream mean for your own life.


If you’d like to be able to ask yourself deep questions and get the answers in your dreams, and even have the opportunity to meet your Guides in a dream…then this class is for YOU.


In this live 90-minute class, you will be learning:

  • How to get answers to your questions by doing a dream assignment
  • Learn how to interpret a dream
  • Learn how to talk to your Guides in a dream
  • Learn how to remember your dreams
  • Understand and learn what is a symbol in your dream
  • Learn about lucid dreaming
  • How to build up your own symbolic library


Are you ready to learn what symbols mean and how to build on them to get information and direction for your life?


Having a symbolic language is one of the most important things you can do to understand what direction to take, choices to make, and to gain clarity in your life.


We ALL have an unique symbolic language and YOU need to learn how not to be dependent on Google searches so you can learn what different symbols mean to you!


Are you ready for your next adventure?


Join me as we dig deeper into your dreams and build up your own divine symbolic library to guide you onto the life’s path you are meant to be on!


Item 5: Space Clearing

  • Do you feel a ‘funky’ energy in your home, office or car?
  • Did you know that energy can become stuck in buildings, rooms, furniture and walls built up from the events that take place there?
  • Do you desire a peaceful, calm, serene space to live, work, and drive?

You may have cleaned out the clutter, rearranged the furniture, dusted behind the couch and opened your windows. You’ve done everything to relieve your space of the heaviness but still feel something is off.


What else can you do to bring a balanced, settled feeling into your home, office, car or other space?


The answer is Space Clearing!


In this upcoming LIVE class, Marilyn is going to be teaching YOU the important skills you need to have the ability to clear any space around you.


In this live 90-minute class, you will be learning:

  • How to cleanse and consecrate your home and help the Spirit move on, allowing you to reclaim your POWER
  • How to let go of old patterns and feel more grounded and connected to Spirit
  • Practice techniques that will show you how to read the energy that already exists in your place and know exactly what type of energy you will be clearing
  • How to heal the energy of your environment yourself
  • How us properly use healing herbs like Sage & Lavender for clearing


We are energy in human form!


Just as energy in our bodies can become stuck, so, too, can the energy in our homes and offices.


Are you ready to learn how to clear your space? Are you ready to finally have that balanced and settled feeling in your home?


Unlock the pathways for energy to flow and join me!

Bonus 1: Two live Q&A classes with Marilyn

You’ll get two live calls with Marilyn where she can answer your questions and do live readings.


You definitely don’t want to miss this. (And don’t worry if you can’t be there live, you’ll get the recordings. You’d be surprised how many times someone else asks a question that you had.)

Bonus 2: Chakra lesson from Membership including the activity PDF

In this lesson we will really get into working with your chakras. By working with your chakras consistently, it will open you to receiving messages from your Guides. Having balanced chakras is truly the key to everything in your life. You need to know how to work with your chakras to communicate clearly with your Guides and create harmony, joy, and abundance in your life.

Bonus 3: The 360 Living Book

Are you ready to live your best year yet? I’m here, ready to help you make it happen! I’ve created a brand new 5 step program “360 Living” to help you get clear about the type of life you want to live that will move you out of boredom and into the exciting, enticing life you dream of. In this Ebook, you’ll learn methods to help you stay focused and remain conscious about what you truly desire and help you to make better life decisions. As we work through the Ebook’s exercises and challenges, we’ll dig deep and get you on course to your best year yet.


I changed my life doing the steps found in this book. I want you to work towards your dreams in 2017 with clarity, focus, passion, and inspiration, all while having fun doing it. This book can help you live the life you truly want..

Bonus 4: Meet Your Gatekeeper Lesson

In this lesson you are going to meet your Gatekeeper and start working with him or her. A Gatekeeper is a Guide that helps you bridge the energy between you and your other Guides. They help you create a strong relationship with your Guides so you can have clear communication. They will also act as a protector or a “gatekeeper” and decide who can come into a channeled or reading session. In the beginning of the recording I explain to you what a Gatekeeper is and how I work with mine. I even reveal his name. I am usually so private about my Guide’s names. lol. At the end of the meditation I introduce you to an energy or a “mini you” to help you work with trust issues and whether you are manipulating the information.

What Other Have Been Saying About Marilyn

“Working in this class with Marilyn opened my eyes up to things I never knew I could do. The environment is so trusting and nurturing. You will feel completely safe to explore your abilities here. I’m a bit of a skeptic but I’ve received so much confirmation. Take this class! It will change your life for the better- not just in your psychic abilities, but in general.”


“I highly recommend Marilyn’s class to anyone that would like to develop/strengthen your psychic and intuitive abilities. Marilyn is a highly skilled teacher and she brings her wisdom and experience to guide you in so many different ways. Her class brings subtle and dramatic awakenings to your higherself, your psychic self, your gifts, etc. Marilyn’s class will open you up to new energies, experiences, and higher vibrations. This class has been an investment in myself but it has also been an investment to the gifts I have that I am now going to bring to others.”


“Marilyn’s classes are smart, enlightening and thought provoking; And along the way, manage to conjure the profound. If given the opportunity to work with Marilyn in any capacity, one should consider this an honor. Truly, it is not often you find a person that you can “trust in” as a human being, but also, “trust in” with spirit; and knowledge of that spirit. Marilyn is more than a beautiful and intelligent inspiration to this universe.”
Shelly-Studio City, CA


“I have been clearing and healing my chakras every morning and feeling great, even my body feels awesome I can’t even describe the feeling, it’s just feels super great. This work is amazing.”

Karen Dennisow


“Counterclockwise then clockwise Chakra clearing works for me it’s like you’re peeling away what doesn’t serve and giving me the strength to be true to myself and by being true to myself It’s like a positive energy that gives credit to my higher self. I knew I was creative but I wasn’t giving myself credit for the creative side of me I was hiding and giving credit elsewhere. Thank you Marilyn Alauria for the awesome class on chakra cleaning I was surprised with the counterclockwise approach I Love it!”

Erica Galvan


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