Matt Kahn Week: Mastering the Mystery

This powerful telegathering series assists you in unlocking the secrets of your soul’s journey, so you may live in full alignment with the vibration of love and explore the hidden gifts the Universe offers throughout the 5th dimension.


This series is ideal for those who are tired of imagining what’s possible and are ready to live at full capacity as a radiant expression of spirit in action. Each track acts an owner’s manual for life in the 5th dimension. May they support you through this time of ascension and offer you access to the latest energy updates, newest teachings, and downloads of energies for the evolution of your journey. In each track, lifelong fears, burdens, and worries are addressed at a core level, as a way of welcoming you home into the heart of a new spiritual paradigm.


Mastering the Mystery


Mastering the Mystery

This telegathering series is an opportunity for you to:

  • Dissolve beliefs in victimhood by returning to love for the well-being of all
  • Accelerate your journey by recognizing the deepest healing already occurring within you
  • Return to the beauty, purity, and power of your true eternal nature with grace and ease
  • Unravel outdated spiritual paradigms and align with the highest will of the Universe


These gatherings are a wonderful way to integrate the deep experiences from the retreats, and are transformational, loving support in-between sessions with Matt.


They act an owner’s manual for life in the 5th dimension. They will support you through this time of ascension and offer you access to the latest energy updates, newest teachings, and downloads of energies.


We welcome you!

Section 1: Unlock The Secrets of the Soul's Journey

Your journey into heart-centered consciousness begins with affirming that everything arising in your body, whether as thought, reaction, or memory is only here to be loved, as a catalyst of healing for one and all. Questions include: recognizing feelings as energies you are clearing for the well-being of all that do not belong to you in any way.

Section 2: Living with Full Alignment with the Vibration of Love

By discovering how important of a role your attitude plays in the awakening of consciousness, this track offers vital clarity for the blossoming of your highest potential. Questions include: exploring the natural state of love as vast emptiness, instead of imagining it as an ecstatic emotional state.

Section 3: Exploring the 5th Dimension

Explore the inner workings of healing, and recognize the vital stages that confirm the arrival of your highest potential, even when feeling exhausted, frustrated, or triggered by others. Questions include: how to hold space for those in grief without trying to change their experience.

Section 4: Living as a Radiant Expression of Spirit in Action

Invoke the light of your divinity by exploring the truth of oneness with joy, simplicity and ease. Learn the powerful question that awakens the infinite I AM, as a doorway into the grace of eternal being. Questions include: dissolving outdated spiritual misconceptions about the mind to end each war of judgment against yourself and others.

Section 5: Owner’s Manual for Life in the 5th Dimension

Explore the power of breath at a deeper level, as a way of bringing to life the one eternal witness of all. Discover the miraculous depths of your own divinity that masquerades as the incomprehensible beauty of each passing moment.

Section 6: Support through this Time of Ascension

Enter the flow of unity consciousness by learning how to move through time and space in the most aligned and heart-centered way. Questions include: relinquish the need to control or micro-manage your reality, so you can allow love to lead the way, one breath at a time.

What Others Are Saying About Matt

“There are no words to describe the shifts that I am experiencing listening to you every week. The wisdom you bring forward is phenomenal, it blows my mind (literally) and propels me into new levels of awareness. I am so grateful for YOU and Julie. Bless you both.”

Emmanuelle Pries


“These teleconferences are over the top amazing. I lack words to say. Cracked me, reshaped me, and I am changed. Soooooo great!!!”

Lenna Robinson


“Matt Kahn and Julie Dittmar serve a transformational blend of ancient wisdom and profound timeliness of teachings. Experiencing their transmission of presence and energy allows layer by layer of the frazzled nervous system of modern life to melt away to reveal who we are, one I love you at a time. I feel the invigorating excitement of “a-ha moments” showering through my illusion. We don’t earn our wings in the Angel Academy, we learn to see, feel, and know they are already here. The Angel Academy has helped me heal the illusions of old beliefs, old ideas, old patterns, and opened me up to the infinite, fresh, loving, ever-evolving truth that is my true divine nature!”

David Bell


“Nice talk and the Q&As are so great too. Really enlightening not just for the content but for how Matt intuitively connects with the callers. And Julie’s opening meditations, wow! Thanks for giving so much of yourselves. I look forward to this every week. Love the humor too.”

Shelley Arenas


“After breakdown comes breakthrough..thank you, Matt for all of your guidance and wisdom, and your loving support as I stumbled, crawled and sometimes dragged myself through the darkness. I am seeing light, not at the end of the tunnel, but all around me. Thank you from my heart and soul – I love you!”

Penelope Tate

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