Matt Kahn Week: Angel Academy 1

A Telegathering Series to Awaken the Light of the Soul and Manifest Your Highest Potential


Ever since spiritual teacher and intuitive healer Matt Kahn began offering his profoundly healing transmission of presence, nearly everyone who came into contact with him was amazed at his life-changing experiences with angels, ascended masters, and the Galactic Council. As Matt shares his direct experiences of attending the Angel Academy, where human beings undergo a process of energetic initiation to become awakened multi-dimensional expressions of spirit in action, many felt a yearning to attend such a school.


As the demand for Matt’s time and intuitive counsel continues to increase, he was instructed by the ascended masters to create an Angel Academy on Earth, so that everyone who desires to fulfill their soul’s highest mission by completing the process of energetic initiation or awakening can do so at this time. It was also important for the Angel Academy to be virtual, so everyone could participate from all corners of the globe. As Matt received a download from the ascended masters, the creation of the Angel Academy instantaneously came to life.


Angel Academy 1


Angel Academy 1

The Angel Academy is a profound opportunity to explore the miraculous energetic aspects of awakening from a 5th and 8th dimensional perspective, which allows your soul’s journey to blossom with ease, joy, peace, and love every step of the way. These 7 weeks of telegatherings include Matt Kahn’s energetically-charged transmission of presence to help raise your vibration and expand your energy field, as you are upgraded into higher timelines of miraculous possibility.


Each telegathering acts as a virtual activation chamber, where you can celebrate the radiance, wholeness, and perfection of your soul’s highest potential without needing problems, imbalances, dilemmas, and dramas to inspire you into more heart-centered, conscious action. If you’re ready to play at full capacity and shine brighter than ever before, then you are ready to join this journey.


Along with energy updates and great questions from the live audience (that certainly apply to all lives), the Angel Academy covers subjects such as:

  • Redefining the role of a lightworker in the 5th dimension
  • Understanding how energy works in the new paradigm
  • The upgrade and download process of an energetically-sensitive being
  • The truth about clearing/cutting cords, karma, and activating chakras
  • Merging the mind into the heart as a celebration of oneness
  • Knowing what your “home planet” is and how it just a signpost along the way
  • How to resolve soul contracts
  • Connecting with your Divine guidance and living in the flow of ease and joy


As a participant in the Angel Academy, you will reclaim your power by awakening the light of the soul and embodying the high vibrational energy of your home frequency, so the fabric of reality can be transformed for the liberation and well-being of all. If you’re ready to discover a brand-new paradigm of consciousness that unites the path of awakening with the mystical realms of magic and miracles, you are invited to join this deeply healing spiritual adventure.

Call #1 - Intuition

Learn how to be in the flow, harmony, and perfection of life by recognizing how the answers you seek always come in the moment you need them.


Questions include: slowing down without checking out of life.


Pre-Record Nov 23, 2014

Call #2 - Throat Chakra

Explore the symbolism and deeper meaning of the throat chakra and learn what it really means to speak your truth.


Questions include: discovering true stillness, no matter how much noise is noticed.


Pre-Record Nov 30, 2014

Call #3 - Solar Plexus Center

Explore how the Universe guarantees your survival to activate the solar plexus chakra as the source of your true divine power.


Questions include: awakening out of ego, the topics of aloneness, and surrender.


Pre-Record Dec 7, 2014

Call #4 - How to Live Life Happier

Discover how to live a happier and more surrendered life than ever before by entering the grace of your own divinity.


Question include: stepping out of the vibration of fear and into alignment with your highest excitement.


Pre-Record Dec 21, 2014

Call #5 - Star System Origins

Explore life on different star systems to resolve feelings of cosmic home sickness without creating a new identity to maintain or defend.


Questions include: unraveling the central beliefs of ego.


Pre-Record Jan 11, 2015

Call #6 - How to Resovle Soul Contacts

Take a deeper look into soul contracts and learn how they can help you navigate your journey in a more aligned and heart-centered way.


Questions include: the topics of intuition, the roles animals play in our lives, and the hardship of trying to feel one way all the time.


Pre-Record Jan 12, 2015

Call #7 - Feeling Your Choices

Learn how to make the most high-vibrational and empowered choices by exploring the feelings behind each option.


Questions include: learning how to be even more gentle with yourself in the most authentic way.


Pre-Record Jan 18, 2015

What Others Are Saying About Matt

“There are no words to describe the shifts that I am experiencing listening to you every week. The wisdom you bring forward is phenomenal, it blows my mind (literally) and propels me into new levels of awareness. I am so grateful for YOU and Julie. Bless you both.”

Emmanuelle Pries


“These teleconferences are over the top amazing. I lack words to say. Cracked me, reshaped me, and I am changed. Soooooo great!!!”

Lenna Robinson


“Matt Kahn and Julie Dittmar serve a transformational blend of ancient wisdom and profound timeliness of teachings. Experiencing their transmission of presence and energy allows layer by layer of the frazzled nervous system of modern life to melt away to reveal who we are, one I love you at a time. I feel the invigorating excitement of “a-ha moments” showering through my illusion. We don’t earn our wings in the Angel Academy, we learn to see, feel, and know they are already here. The Angel Academy has helped me heal the illusions of old beliefs, old ideas, old patterns, and opened me up to the infinite, fresh, loving, ever-evolving truth that is my true divine nature!”

David Bell


“Nice talk and the Q&As are so great too. Really enlightening not just for the content but for how Matt intuitively connects with the callers. And Julie’s opening meditations, wow! Thanks for giving so much of yourselves. I look forward to this every week. Love the humor too.”

Shelley Arenas


“After breakdown comes breakthrough..thank you, Matt for all of your guidance and wisdom, and your loving support as I stumbled, crawled and sometimes dragged myself through the darkness. I am seeing light, not at the end of the tunnel, but all around me. Thank you from my heart and soul – I love you!”

Penelope Tate

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