Matt Kahn Week Bundle

What could be better than Matt Kahn Week with some of John’s favorite calls with Matt? How about a bundle of the packages from Matt Kahn Week at a special discounted price!


You will receive all packages including:

1.) Mastering the Mystery

2.) Angel Academy 1

3.) Angel Academy 2

4.) Great Awakening Retreat

5.) Angel Academy 3

6.) Dissolving the Illusion



Matt Kahn Week Bundle


Matt Kahn Week Bundle

Matt Kahn BTO2 Package: Mastering the Mystery

This powerful telegathering series assists you in unlocking the secrets of your soul’s journey, so you may live in full alignment with the vibration of love and explore the hidden gifts the Universe offers throughout the 5th dimension.

Matt Kahn BTO3: Angel Academy 1

Matt shares his direct experiences of attending the Angel Academy, where human beings undergo a process of energetic initiation to become awakened multi-dimensional expressions of spirit in action.

Matt Kahn BTO4: Angel Academy 2

This series unfolds as a truly miraculous, uplifting, and wildly transformative experience. Each week includes the latest teachings and an energetic clearing or activation to help you dissolve anything that feels lingering and unresolved, so you may manifest your highest potential into form now.

Matt Kahn BTO5: Great Awakending Retreat

If your heart is ready to end all the seeking and suffering, and to live as the ecstasy of love—this retreat program is for you! “This is the most important and powerful package that I have created to date.”Matt

Matt Kahn BTO6: Angel Academy 3

Each call features the latest teachings that Matt downloads directly from the Universe, and either an energetic clearing or activation to help you dissolve anything that feels lingering and unresolved, so you may manifest your highest potential into form now.

Matt Kahn BTO7: Dissolving the Illusion

If you are wanting to clear away any confusion or frustration about being a human on planet Earth and are prepared to take a quantum leap into a new spiritual paradigm, then you are ready to dissolve the illusion through this rare collection of energetically-charged recordings.


You will also receive all six of Matt call audios!

What Others Are Saying About Matt

“I heard things I have never heard before and they resonate with me. I am so glad that I decided to listen to Matt tonight. I will replay tomorrow because I want to make sure I didn’t miss anything.”
Carol in St. Petersburg, FL


“Thank you so much that is huge for me!!!!! This is finally something I can do for all my kids and grandkids! I already feel the Healing!!!! Thank You I Love You!!!!”
Patti in Murfreesboro


“Thank-you Matt and Thank-you John. I love love, love everything that is being said. Truth at its best.”
Marsha in Delta


“There are no words to describe the shifts that I am experiencing listening to you every week. The wisdom you bring forward is phenomenal, it blows my mind (literally) and propels me into new levels of awareness. I am so grateful for YOU and Julie. Bless you both.”

Emmanuelle Pries


“These teleconferences are over the top amazing. I lack words to say. Cracked me, reshaped me, and I am changed. Soooooo great!!!”

Lenna Robinson


“Matt Kahn and Julie Dittmar serve a transformational blend of ancient wisdom and profound timeliness of teachings. Experiencing their transmission of presence and energy allows layer by layer of the frazzled nervous system of modern life to melt away to reveal who we are, one I love you at a time. I feel the invigorating excitement of “a-ha moments” showering through my illusion. We don’t earn our wings in the Angel Academy, we learn to see, feel, and know they are already here. The Angel Academy has helped me heal the illusions of old beliefs, old ideas, old patterns, and opened me up to the infinite, fresh, loving, ever-evolving truth that is my true divine nature!”

David Bell

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