Matt Kahn Week: Great Awakening Retreat

Join spiritual teacher Matt Kahn and meditation guide Julie Dittmar for a life-changing adventure beyond the surface of our everyday encounters, where a reality of love exists that celebrates itself as the world and body you experience.


If your heart is ready to end all the seeking and suffering, and to live as the ecstasy of love—this retreat program is for you!


Great Awakening Retreat


Great Awakening Retreat

This retreat is an opportunity to: bring your heart’s deepest desires to life, awaken the Truth of your eternal being, activate the miracles, magic, and mystery of your soul’s reality, and serve the awakening of humanity by stepping into your full potential. This program offers you: 20 tracks of 11 hours 13 mins. of content, exercises, activations, healing energies, meditations, and sacred chants.


Item 1: My Clarity is Your Clarity

This is a lucid and energetically-charged introduction into unity consciousness.


Duration 2 Minutes

Item 2: The Question of Commitment

Here, you can welcome the arrival of your highest potential. This includes answering one of the deepest questions of commitment discovered throughout your spiritual journey.


Duration 1 Hour

Item 3: Recognizing Nirvana

Explore the true meaning of Nirvana in its Most Potent Form


This includes the opportunity to directly taste the beauty of your own liberation in a heart-centered way.


Duration 1 Hour 12 Minutes

Item 4: Beyond the Boundaries of Karma

Clarify a misunderstanding about peace and enter the space where true peace is revealed.


This includes freedom from the judgments of objectification, as well as exploring yourself beyond the belief in karma.


Duration 46 Minutes

Item 5: Clearing Family Karma

Learn how to clear the energetic patterns absorbed by your memory of experiences.


A refreshing way to relate to thought is offered to you, as well as clarifies the true meaning of forgiveness.


Duration 53 Minutes

Item 6: I AM the Only Constant

Discover how pain and pleasure are seemingly opposite, but equally unique ways the Universe helps you relinquish attachments to control.


Implement an understanding of the two different paths of life that ultimately leads you to the same realization of awakening.


There also is a guided exploration to discover the eternal witness of all that is, as the only constant that I AM.


Duration 44 Minutes

Item 7: The Law of Intention

Explore one of the most powerful Universal Laws that respond more to what you say most often than whatever you happen to think.


This highlights the essential importance of conscious communication as a way of integrating spiritual wisdom into fully-embodied form.


Duration 49 Minutes

Item 8: The Truth About Wanting

Clarifying the “no experience” teaching to awaken the deepest experiences within you.


You will see how you can identify the source of desires, so you may create greater peace with your inner child for your journey ahead.


Duration 1 Hour 8 Minutes

Item 9: Making Peace with Pain

Offer yourself the space and freedom to fully embrace your experiences – no matter how inconvenient or uncomfortable they seem to be.


Also covered: understanding pain as a divine catalyst ensuring the growth of your highest evolution.


Duration 32 Minutes

Item 10: Q & A Transforming the Healer

This is a dialogue to clarify the presence of Divine Will as the only reality within you.


Also discussed: a willingness to surrender all judgments about pain, so life can be viewed through the eyes of the Universe.


Duration 11 Minutes

Item 11: Understanding the Energetic Journey

Understand the energetic aspects of awakening that reveal the highest destiny already blossoming within you.


This includes how to recognize the energetic upgrade and integration process that helps you raise your vibration and embody the wisdom of your soul.


Duration 24 Minutes

Item 12: Own the Life You've Been Given

Learn how to cultivate the honesty, faith, and patience to fully receive what you are asking the Universe to bring you.


Find the courage to make important heartfelt decisions that invite greater harmony, enthusiasm, inspiration, and joy into your life.


Duration 42 Minutes

Item 13: The "WHO" Teaching

This is a relaxing, mesmerizing, lucid, energetic exploration into the nature of identity to explore the Truth of your eternal being in a direct and heart-centered way.


This is a journey into the nature of silence to dissolve every fear, concern, conclusion, and question.


Duration 40 Minutes

Item 14: From Confusion to Clarity

Befriend one of the most essential allies in the evolution of your spiritual journey.


Discover an unsuspecting way to uncover life’s deepest form of clarity.


Duration 40 Minutes

Item 15: Q & A Contrast to Integration

This is a dialogue to deconstruct the layers of misperception to reveal that all things attracted to your light are life’s eternal liberators.


Duration 7 Minutes

Item 16: You Can't Dream Outside Your Destiny

This is a fresh, clarifying, and interactive look at manifesting your dreams and desires in the most heart-centered way.


There are many examples of how manifestation works after awakening has dawned.


Duration 39 Minutes

Item 17: Julie's Opening Meditation & OMS

As a way of deepening and aligning the energies of this retreat into your heart, Julie offers a soothing guided meditation that invites you into present moment awareness with grace, peace, and ease.


This includes a series of OMs to open your chakras, so you may fully integrate the healing energy transmitted through Matt’s words.


Durations 9 Minutes

Item 18: So Hum Chant (with Julie and the whole retreat group)

So Hum translates as “I am that. I am that I am.”


It relaxes the autonomic nervous system, prepares you for meditation. As you chant, it IS the meditation.


The So Hum mantra has been called the universal mantra because its vibration is already a part of the breath that we all breathe.


Sooooo…is the sound of inhalation, and Hummmm… is the sound of exhalation.
Duration 16 Minutes

Item 19: Ram Chant (with Julie and the whole retreat group)

This is the favorite chant of
Maharaji (Neem Karoli Baba) and Gandhi.


Activate the third-eye (6th chakra).


Ram is one of many names for God, Source, or Universal consciousness. It is imbued with God consciousness, Truth, and blessings for all who chant it or hear it.


Duration 19 Minutes

Item 20: The "I Love You" Choir (the whole retreat group)

Julie leads retreat attendees through her “I love you” melody, as a way of adding Universal harmonics to increase the potency of Matt’s teaching – “Whatever arises, love that”.


Duration 35 Seconds

What Others Are Saying About Matt

“I heard things I have never heard before and they resonate with me. I am so glad that I decided to listen to Matt tonight. I will replay tomorrow because I want to make sure I didn’t miss anything.”
Carol in St. Petersburg, FL


“Thank you so much that is huge for me!!!!! This is finally something I can do for all my kids and grandkids! I already feel the Healing!!!! Thank You I Love You!!!!”
Patti in Murfreesboro


“Thank-you Matt and Thank-you John. I love love, love everything that is being said. Truth at its best.”
Marsha in Delta


“So much love and gratitude to Matt for his beautiful words and energy.”
Sara in Boston


“OMG, Best show ever, John, truly this is one amazing being and profound wisdom shared tonight, As well as, energies. Thank you so much. I love you!”

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