Maureen Moss: The New Human (S11)

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We are a humanity in uncharted territory. Clearly we have reached the next chapter in our lives.


There is a calling upon your life to work with the restructuring forces at hand to birth a New Reality and unveil yourself as a New Human…strong…powerful…undivided…clear… Self-sustaining…Self-governing.


The greater part of my life has been spent as an architect for the Divine, building doorways one could step through into higher realms of their own consciousness, and as a catalyst for the evolution of the Soul inspiring, empowering and clarifying the next and most brilliant chapter in one’s life.


These transmissions, these pieces of enlightenment, these sacred sessions of The New Human have been brought forth to unleash your full potential now… as a New Human… and clearly empower you to open the gates of your destiny.


The New Human


The New Human

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You are in the midst of your personal reincarnation, the living transition into embodied ascension. You are a great soul entering a chapter in your Life not yet written. As a New Human…you will write it.


This mighty task requires your full awareness of your God human potential, the activation of your codes of Divinity and your ability to harness and stabilize pur Love, pure consciousness and the frequency required to exist harmoniously in the Golden Age.


This mighty task requires you experiencing your own Holiness and Love that transcends all understanding



This package consists of 9 audio mp3 classes with Maureen. The classes will be delivered to you via email once per week through class 4. After that, classes 5 through 9 will be delivered once every other week, to allow you time to integrate and put into activity this most important work.

  • As a result of this 9-week transmission you will consciously begin a vibrant revelatory amplification of your New Human experience.
  • As a result of this 9-week transmission you will install a singular new reality, connect heart to heart with the guiding power in your life… your Higher Self… and open wide the path to your destiny.
  • As a result of this 9-week transmission you will experience Source Love, Source Light and Source Life force. You will leave knowing YOU from a very different perspective.
  • As a result of this 9-week transmission you will reunite with your Divine Self and claim your sovereignty.




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What Others Are Saying About Maureen

“Every session is a piece of enlightenment.”
Kate Hansen


“Packed with powerful messages and powerful awarenesses that I am holding very close to my heart.”
Michelle Shine


“Undescribed Truth that previously had no words or symbol.”
Janiese Loeken


“You are a powerful teacher and translator for the Heavens that deeply touches my soul.”
Tara Crawford


“Love and gratitude to you for this amazing gift!”
R. Bedell-Waite

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If this program doesn’t resonate for you, we invite you to contact us within 30 days of your original purchase for a refund so that you may continue your search to find the program that supports you to elevate your soul consciousness. Please note, refunds are not available after you engage in a scheduled 1:1 session.


Materials, techniques and information shared on BEYOND THE ORDINARY are provided for informational purposes only and must not be construed as personal medical advice. Before making any changes, participants should consult their healthcare providers or seek medical advice.


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