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Necole Stephens

Internationally renowned Spirit Medium, Spiritual Mentor, and Author, Necole Stephens is not only a conduit for the afterlife, she also has firsthand experience with grief after the sudden loss of her brother, son, and father within a 3 year span. Necole has a heightened ability to empathize while providing clients with a connection to their loved ones in spirit. With her compelling accuracy, Necole delivers messages from Heaven bringing through evidential and validating information.

Necole was named as one of the twenty-five selected as “Most Inspiring Facebook Pages”, having over 160K Facebook followers. Necole is featured on the Best Psychic Directory and Your Eternal Self. She has made guest appearances on Soul Love, Spirit Connections, Soul Luminous Radio, Awakening Zone Radio, a guest speaker for Authentic Leadership with Shawne Duperon & Jack Canfield, Living Your Best Year Summit, and the Afterlife Convention in Seattle, WA. Necole has contributed to Reiki Rays, Golden Thoughts Blog, Master Shift, and international publication in Soul Space Magazine, as well as several additional media outlets. Necole is a contributing author for “Finding Joy Around The World: Real Life Stories of Discovering Happiness, Inner Peace and Joy”, and has endorsed “Illusion of an Ending” a novel by Danielle Soucy Mills. Necole was blessed to be chosen as one out of a small list of the country’s leading mediums by NBC to audition for a TV pilot, which sadly didn’t work out. Necole also partakes in The Wellness Universe and The Little Light Project. The Little Light Project is a non-profit 501(c)3 dedicated to being a voice for the kids – helping bereaved parents, spiritually gifted children, and sexual abuse survivors. Necole is currently working on her first book.

Necole has dedicated her life to helping and healing others by traveling around the country giving inspirational lectures along with her live demonstration of spirit connections, “Healing Hugs from Heaven”. Necole enhances a spiritual awareness while empathizing from her very own experiences with grief.

Necole is the founder of Zachary M. Tompkins Memorial Fund, a Non-Profit 501(c)3 Organization in honor of her son Zachary. 5% of Necole’s proceeds from all sessions, groups, and events goes directly to The Zachary M. Tompkins Bereaved Sibling College Scholarship to aide a grieving child further their future.

Upcoming Broadcasts

  • November 9th at 5pm PT / 6pm MT / 7pm CT / 8pm ET