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Nora Herold

In 1990 Nora picked up her first deck of tarot cards after a reader suggested to her that she might benefit from them. This had only confirmed a desire that she had felt since childhood, a desire to reach beyond the physical, to reach into other realms, to experience a connection. She began working with her deck on a daily basis, diving into the tarot, the imagery, and the feelings provoked by those images. Soon she began reading friends and relatives, as she deepened her connections and divination abilities.

In 1996 Nora sat down one night with the intention to channel. Within a matter of minutes she established direct contact with her guide, Mirando. He brought with him an energy of love so great that she felt her heart open as she heard his words, “We are always with you, always loving you.”

Nora then experienced a tremendous awakening. She began to have past life memories and began to feel and consciously direct energy through her hands. Nora began working as a channel and a healer full time and loves being able to help others experience the unconditional love that is available to them from their guides. In 2007 she began to access information specific to the integration of the 5th dimensional identity and the re-ascension process and has incorporated that information into her work.

Upcoming Broadcasts

  • February 20th at 5pm PT / 6pm MT / 7pm CT / 8pm ET