Nora Herold: Amplify Your Joy – A Pleiadian Perspective on Life on Earth at this Time

In these times of accelerated change, integration, re-ascension, and becoming your multidimensional self it is essential that you find within the vibratory rate of joy and use that as the foundation for your creations while at the same time allowing the process of transmutation of trauma to continue. Contained within Nora Herold’s transmissions, lectures, workshops, and videos The Pleiadian Collective, Yeshua, Calliandra, The Elementals, and many other beings offer their perspectives, love, and energetic support as well as grounded, practical processes and information that can be easily incorporated into your day to day existence.

Included you will find the process for activating and then amplifying your joy via the chakra systems, processes that facilitate the accessing of past life memories and other records, deactivation of implants, activation of fifth dimensional technologies and abilities, openings of gateways and portals, techniques for manifestation and healing, greater connections with your own guides, processes for self love, and much, much more.

Thank you for tuning in to the incredible transmissions of love and support from our celestial friends and guides.

Amplify Your Joy


Amplify Your Joy

Item 1: Special Group Call & Webcast

Thursday August 10 at 5:00pm Pacific Time


Join Nora and The Pleiadian Collective from the comfort of your own space.

The Pleiadians will offer up to date information on the energetics of the moment, a supporting transmission of energy, share their perspective on the current events, and then take your questions. We will get to as many of your questions as we can in the time allowed.


This session will be recorded for you.



Duration 60 Minutes

Item 2: Accessing Your Past Life Memories and Other Records with The Pleiadian Collective

In this 3-part video workshop Nora and the Pleiadians offer information, exercises, and energetic support in facilitating your own ability to access your memories of other incarnations or other experiences.


Video Workshop/ 3 Mp4’s


Part 1: “Instructions and Information”

Offers instruction and information on the process of accessing your records along with some of Nora’s personal experiences.

The Pleiadians also offer a process that prepares you to open your records.







Part 2: “Guided Past Life Regression”

Offers a lengthy guided visualization by the Pleiadians that leads you into your hall of records and takes you into a particular lifetime of your choosing.

You can use this again and again to access as many lifetimes as you wish.







Part 3: “Conscious Accessing Technique” and “Final Thoughts”

The Pleiadians offer a process that gives you direct access to your memories in a conscious and awakened state.

Transmutation of trauma and timelines are discussed. Nora offers some of her final thoughts on the benefits and healing power of accessing your memories.







Item 3: Winter Solstice and Vernal Equinox Workshops

Winter Solstice – Operating from Joy

Two MP3s – December 17, 2016


The Pleiadian Collective, Yeshua, Calliandra, Enara, and Others share their perspectives on Earth as the epicenter of a massive shift taking place across the universe, the experience of accessing the totality of the universe within the self, the reactivation of the living library, the Orion wars and the fragmentation that occurred as a part of that conflict, the activation of the Lyran/Lemurian codes in our DNA offering an experience of oneness in the physical body, using the vibratory rate of joy as a way to establish oneness, the real and grounded experience of operating from joy, operating from joy as an essential piece of the integration and re-ascension process, the experience of raising our vibration, telepathic transfer of technologies, the significance of 44 and 444 during this Solstice, the Solstice transmission and how it will alter us, how much our mental bodies need to be aware of to be able to shift, the massive transmutation of fear and trauma underway, the shift in our sexual operating systems, integrating operating from joy into our day to day realities, how the emotional experience will shift as a result of maintaining the default setting of joy, water as a conductor of the vibration of joy, the first Earth, Atlantis, Lemuria, and much, much more.


The Pleiadians offer a number of processes throughout including an activation of the vibratory rate of joy throughout the entire third and fifth dimensional operating systems, resetting our default vibration to joy.


Vernal Equinox – Amplify Your Joy

Two MP3s – March 18, 2017


The Pleiadian Collective, Yeshua, Calliandra, Enara, and Others share their perspectives on the massive timeline jump underway and our process of syncing up with this new reality, the amplification technology being activated in our throat chakras and how to use that technology, our manifestation process and the “I am” statement, the use of toning as a way to integrate and transmute, how what you say affects your reality, aligning specific vibratory rates and frequencies with your words, venting and all forms of communication, enabling telepathic abilities, the acceleration at hand, using your discernment and detaching from ideas around “new information”, blending of the 3D and 5D systems allowing direct access to the oversoul, the overuse of the the throat chakra and the exhaustion that is a result of that, trauma in the throat chakra as a result of the implants and filters in place that disallow telepathic communication, the chaos in the outer reality as a manifestation of the trauma in the throat chakra, dark matter, giving yourself permission to use your voice, uses and abuses of power, abundance, prosperity, and detaching from the trap of money, “talking to yourself”, expansion of clairvoyant abilities, activation of the fifth dimensional mental body, the divine masculine energy, and much, much more.


The Pleiadians offer a lengthy process that facilitates the deactivation of implants and filters in the throat chakra as well activating the amplification technology in the throat chakra and aligning us with the new timeline available to us and our ability to use our throats as a tool for manifestation.

Item 4: Love Gateways and Portals with The Pleiadians, The Elementals, and Calandra Workshop

Two MP3s – April 22, 2017


The Pleiadian Collective, Calliandra, Enara, along with Earth, The Elementals, Devas, and Others share their perspectives on gateways, portals, and other energy centers, portals within our third and fifth dimensional chakra systems, portals located on Earth both in Earth’s third and fifth dimensional energetic structures, the magnifying effect of portals, how to open a portal, how to use the technology located within the portal systems for healing, transmutation of trauma, and manifestation, operating as a creator, instantaneous manifestation, air, water, fire, and earth and their supporting properties in our lives both physical and energetic, the faeries as a species and their many forms, crystals as a physical manifestation of fifth dimensional energy, flower essences as an assistant in our integration and re-ascension experience, magic, experiencing the self as the totality of all of the elementals, consciously co-creating with the elementals, elemental disasters and resulting trauma, operating as a being of service, and much, much more.


This transmission is extremely layered and multi-dimensional due to the presence of so many beings. The energy offered deactivates implants that are preventing the accessing of the fifth dimensional identity while at the same time activating fifth dimensional technologies. Many processes are offered throughout from all of the beings present.


The Undines come through directly and offer a very specific transmission of love

Item 5: Eight Monthly Transmissions

Session 1 – The Exponential Expansion

1 MP3 – October 4, 2016


The Pleiadians, Yeshua, Enara, Calliandra, and Others share their perspectives on the Equinox energies and the integration experience of those energies, their interactions with us on Earth, the exponential expansion of the human consciousness, the shift in our operating systems and how to effectively use the new operating system, being new now, releasing of the remnants of the older operating systems, working with the vibratory rate of compassion, the projection technology in the third eye, brightening from within, the ability to instantaneously shift energetically allowing for an acceleration in physical shifts and the projection of that energy into physical density, the election and how to operate at this time during the election cycle, “the powers that were”, the enslavement game, “the powers that be” as enslaved beings, holding compassion for “the enslavers”, the current action cycle, operating as a collective manifester, shifts in the body, operating as your own source of prosperity, feeling confident in what it is you already know, distortions in the throat chakra, getting “out of your head” and operating in the moment, healing feelings of worthlessness, and much, much more


The Pleiadians offer a number of processes throughout including an activation of all of the frequencies offered over the past nine months in one moment and a simultaneous activation of the projection technology of the third eye, allowing us to shift our vibratory rate and create in the same moment.


Session 2 – Transmutation of Trauma

1 MP3 – November 1, 2016


The Pleiadians, Yeshua, Enara, Calliandra, and Others share their perspectives on the current intensity and the massive clearing of collective distortions and traumas via the individuated experience, connection and contact with your guides and systems of support, receiving and how to activate receptive technology in the lower chakra system as a part of the manifestation process, the upcoming election and how to operate during this period of time, the deconstruction of our current systems, fossil fuels and alternative energy sources, Standing Rock and action taking place there, demonstrating for as opposed to protesting against, activating the vibratory rate of excitement in the first chakra and running that experience as a grounding technique, experiencing all as real and illusionary in the same moment, memory and our memory banks, clearing of a significant piece of the Orion Wars, time and the manipulation of time, self love and the interaction with the aspects of ourselves that currently hate themselves, how to identify the beings you are interacting with, balance and assessing and creating balance in the body, using our marriages and partnerships to facilitate our integration and re-ascension experience, and much, much, more.


The Pleiadians offer a number of processes throughout including an activation of the vibratory rate of excitement in the first chakra as a grounding tool and a base of operation for all of us.


Session 3 – Healing Vortices

1 MP3 – December 6, 2016


The Pleiadians, Yeshua, Enara, Calliandra, and Others share their perspectives on the current experience of preparing for the Solstice transmission which will occur at 2:44am PST on Dec 21, the deeply embedded fears that are being activated and released as we raise our vibration collectively, how to deal with and process these fears, the deactivation of patriarchal enslavement programs and how we are individually and collectively playing out and reacting to that change, how to manage the emotional melt-downs that are occurring as a result of the changes in our reality in ourselves and how to hold space for another during this time, sexual energy and the deactivation of our third dimensional sexual operating systems, Standing Rock and the healing vortex opened up there, the opening of other healing vortices, individuals operating as healing vortices for the collective, the distortions of the male and female energies, accessing parallel versions of the self and allowing them to access this self, clearing trauma on multiple timelines at once, experiencing the true beauty of the self and this reality, turning on our prosperity faucet/light switch, the higher self’s direction in our day to day reality, and much, much more.


The Pleiadians offer a number of processes throughout including an experience of knowing the value and beauty of the self.


Session 4 – Activating Joy

1 MP3 – January 3, 2017


The Pleiadians, Yeshua, Enara, Calliandra, The Lyrans/Lemurians, and Others share their perspectives on their collaborative transmission and interactions with us, activating the vibratory rate of joy at will, what do to if you can not activate the joy vibration in a particular moment, the continuation of the integration of the solstice energies and the current period of reflection and hibernation, the “New Year” program, the sovereign experience, unconditional giving and receiving of love energy via physical objects, how running joy as the default vibration will effect our physical reality in the reduction of effort, resistance and recognizing when you’re running it, transmutation of fears, owning our value and accessing our power, expression of creative energy and the use of the expression of the creative energy coupled with the joy vibration in the manifestation process, karma and release of ideas relating to karma and karmic patterns, operating as a creator vs. a victim, the energetics as the foundation for everything, inviting the devas and elementals into our physical structures, toning as a way to facilitate clearing in the throat chakra, identifying specific guides, and much, much more.


The Pleiadians offer a number of processes throughout including an activation of the vibratory rate of joy throughout the entirety of the third and fifth dimensional chakra systems and energetic bodies.


Session 5 – The Acceleration

1 MP3 – February 7, 2017


The Pleiadians, Yeshua, Enara, Calliandra, The Lyrans/Lemurians, and Others share their perspectives on the current acceleration and opportunities for transmutation of individual and collective traumas, how to maintain our vibratory rate of joy within the midst of our rapidly shifting reality, how to focus on the individual experience to affect the collective experience, the lunar and solar eclipses happening this month, the upgrades to our throat chakra technology and how to facilitate these upgrades, how to deal with the massive amount of input at this time, differing roles within the bigger journey of integration and re-ascension, recognizing the self as an incarnate guide and choosing to operate from that awareness, accessing memories and other records, using discernment, identifying manifestations of energies as guides and other beings, operating as sovereign, using the present moment to alter the course of our collective and individual past moments, decision making, manifestation, money, working, allowing in the manifestation process, seeing the big picture and how every aspect of our reality interacts with every other aspect of our reality, and much, much more.


The Pleiadians offer a number of processes throughout including multiple processes that support the upgrades in the throat chakra and our ability to freely use our voices along with the joy activation process.


Session 6 – Operating as an Incarnate Guide

1 MP3 – March 7, 2017


The Pleiadians, Yeshua, Enara, Calliandra, Venus, and Others share their perspectives on the current Venus retrograde period and its effect, self love and self acceptance, how to benefit from the Venus retrograde energy, third dimensional and fifth dimensional astrology and how to apply a multi-dimensional perspective to 3D astrology, love, money, relationships, prosperity, abundance, the completion of the throat chakra upgrades, operating as an incarnate guide and how to interact with another as an incarnate guide, holding your vibration, the importance of the slow down at hand, discerning your connections with your guides and the other beings along with other metaphysical and paranormal experiences, discerning energy via the fifth dimensional energetic body, how we play out lack of self love through our relationships and the environment around us, how to adjust within the moment of activating traumas and fears, projections by others and whether or not to play along, cellular memory and fears stored in the body, depression and how to alter your depression, deactivation of implants, and much, much more.


The Pleiadians offer a number of processes throughout including one facilitating self love and self acceptance via the syncing up of one’s energetic body with Venus and the beings aligned with Venus. This is an extremely powerful and potent transmission.


Session 7 – The Nature of Love

1 MP3 – April 4, 2017


The Pleiadians, Yeshua, Enara, Calliandra, and Others share their perspectives on Love – what it is, how to inhabit it, how to express it, how to be it. They also discussed the 3D paradigm of love versus the 5D paradigm of love and the shift from one to another, the old programs we ran and are still running regarding love and the giving and taking of love, the experience of stealing and withholding love, what it is to love another within the context of the 5D reality, the Venus retrograde and how it is facilitating our integration of the beingness of love, the amplification of joy via the throat chakra, toning from multiple chakras at once. using the voice to amplify the frequency of joy throughout the entire chakra system, operating as an incarnate guide and the work that is required to hold that identity, activating joy within the midst of the densest experiences, the manipulation of time by using the vibration of joy, predestination and an incarnational life plan, karmic contracts and how they work, disruptions and the benefit of the experience of disruption, consciously disrupting our realities as opposed to waiting for the illusion of an unexpected disruption, aging, acceptance, abundance, how to stay present when feeling overwhelmed by input, and much, much more.


The Pleiadians offer a number of processes throughout including a process of integrating the “I am love” statement as a state of being into our current expression.


Session 8 – The Status of The Shift and Managing Conflict

1 MP3 – May 2, 2017


The Pleiadians, Yeshua, Enara, Calliandra, and Others share their perspectives on the current status of the shift and the state of our reality, the activation and implementation of our fifth dimensional mental bodies, the multi-dimensional nature of reality and our ability to operate on multiple lines of time in the same now moment, the collectively created reality, the co-created reality, the individually created reality, conflict, the foundation of all conflict, the purposes of conflict, how to manage conflict, how to by-pass conflict, the benefits of conflict, owning the self as love incarnate, solar activity and astrological aspects and their influences at this time, money and prosperity, using lack experiences during times of conflict, the deactivation of the third dimensional sexual operating system, sexual trauma as a by-product of deeper trauma originating from enslavement, spiritual superiority and judgment of others, unconditional love and acceptance of the self, energetic and emotional entanglements with others and how to de-tangle and disentangle, the specific purpose of the Yeshua collective, victimhood choosing to lighten up within a moment of darkness, compassion, the vibratory rate of peace, ancestors as our guides, healing, and much, much more.


As always processes were offered throughout to transmute trauma and facilitate the integration of the subject matter discussed and the energetic transmissions offered.



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About Nora Herold

Healer and Channel of the Pleiadian Collective

Nora Herold has been has been channeling, lecturing, and doing healing work for over 20 years.

In 1990 Nora picked up her first deck of tarot cards after a reader suggested to her that she might benefit from them. This had only confirmed a desire that she had felt since childhood, a desire to reach beyond the physical, to reach into other realms, to experience a connection. She began working with her deck on a daily basis, diving into the tarot, the imagery, and the feelings provoked by those images. Soon she began reading friends and relatives, as she deepened her connections and divination abilities.

In 1996 she established conscious contact with The Pleiadians and her spirit guides which triggered an awakening of her abilities and gave her access to her own records. She now channels a multitude of high vibrational beings, including The Pleiadian Collective, Yeshua, Calliandra, and The Lyrans/Lemurians. In 2007 she began receiving information sharing specific techniques and technology to facilitate the integration of the fifth dimensional identity and the re-ascension process and that has become the foundation of her work. The Pleiadians offer energetic transmissions and unconditional love, along with the information that they share, that facilitates the deactivation of implants, transmutation of trauma, the activation of the sovereign self, and the ability to operate from joy. Nora offers private sessions, teaches, lectures, is a reiki master, has appeared on film, radio & tv, and has channeled for people all over the world. Nora lives in Ojai, CA with her partner Jonathan Wilk, and benefits from the many vortices, gateways, and portals in the beautiful Ojai Valley.



What Others Are Saying About Nora


“Dear Nora and Jon, I wanted you both to know how grateful I am to have access to your “Transformation of Pain” meditation. What a wonderful and powerful healing resource it has been as I move through an intense transitional period in my life. I have listened to the meditation countless times and each time I feel another layer of healing occur. It has assisted me greatly in deepening my connection to the darkest and most painful aspects of myself, aspects I had previously denied. The healing frequencies encoded within the music have activated deep cellular shifts, and at times, it’s as though the harmonics are literally shaking my body and soul awake. The compassion and devotion you have poured into this co-creation has provided so much comfort and relief especially in the moments when I have felt so profoundly alone in my pain. Sending you both much love and gratitude. I look forward to your next healing creation! Love,



I love participating in Nora’s monthly teleconferences because it is a great way to connect with like-minded friends from around the world, and to receive a monthly dose of new information, guidance and healing. Nora’s group sessions and lectures are full of leading edge channeled material that has helped catapult my spiritual transformation and opened my galactic awareness. I highly recommend Nora’s series of workshops entitled ‘Integration and Quantum Acceleration’, as they were some of the most amazing and inspiring channeled work I have listened too. Nora is not only an exceptionally gifted channel, but a loving teacher, guide, and friend.”

Holly, Perth – Western Australia


“I feel so much gratitude every time I hear the October 2014 transmission. To line up the aspects of myself in the loving and compassionate ways that you, the Pleiadians, and the fairies playfully suggest is one of the most creative and enriching experiences of my current state of aliveness. In our cultural chicken soup, It’s so rare to experience emotional creativity, on purpose and grounded in love. What great fun! What great health, and what great love! Infinite thank yous, from my many aspects, here & now.Phenomenal!!!! This transmission is fantastic! THANK YOU”

Sergi – New York, NY


“I attended the monthly teleconference with P’s earlier this week and it was such an intense and healing transmission for me. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your work and for bring pleiadian wisdom in my life. Thank you so very much. I am already feeling light as a bird feather. Something shifted profoudly for me after the session. For the first time in 3 years – I feel like myself again. I feel I was lost and am found again”

Kiran – Washington


“I am so grateful that I found Nora! A client of mine referred me to her work and from the first download I listened to I was hooked. All the information and meditations Nora and the guides offer ring true to me and I have implemented much of what I have learned through the recordings into my life with wonderful results. After listening to pretty much all of the downloads she offers I decided to get a private session. I had been having vertigo spells for almost a year. I had been to doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and also had other psychic readings and energy work of various kinds. While much of it worked temporarily the dizziness would always come back and it was really affecting my quality of life. In my session I received guidance about the vertigo – what was causing it and how to handle it when it happens. It worked! I am so grateful! The advice and insights Nora and the guides give is clear, concise, and positive. Even when telling you something difficult it is put in a way that is uplifting and seems easy to handle. I have since called in with other questions and have booked another session. I have also recommended Nora to many of my friends and clients.”

Jamie – Los Angeles, CA

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