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Norma Hollis

International Authority on Authenticity, Norma T. Hollis is the author of multiple books, audios and programs for human development. She is on a lifelong mission to help individuals and organizations embrace and live with a higher level of authenticity. Her journey to learn all about authenticity was beyond the ordinary. From traumatic pain and a ‘God promise’ in her youth, through deep personal revelations, multiple surgeries, a multi-decade project and angels that seemed to walk in and out of her life, she has gained the awareness, acceptance and management of the dynamic energies that live within her. Her works helps others to do the same.

She spent 30 years researching human nature from personal, professional and spiritual perspectives, and learned what makes people and organizations ‘authentic’. This knowledge is now her signature program, the Authentic Voice System (AVS), that includes multiple tools to help people increase their self-awareness, gain self-acceptance and learn self-management techniques. She uses these tools as a consultant, trainer, speaker and coach to help individuals and organizations find, live and share their authentic voice.

Upcoming Broadcasts

  • November 2nd at 5pm PT / 6pm MT / 7pm CT / 8pm ET