Paul Selig: The Purpose of Being

This is a premium package of Paul Selig’s most popular content which offers a curated overview of his teachings in a variety of formats.

You will also be enrolled in his upcoming online, live streamed class The Purpose of Being.

You’ll receive EXCLUSIVE recordings (audio & video) and typed-up transcriptions from 2 of his most recent workshops which are not available anywhere else – this is the only way to access these brand new teachings.

You’ll also receive Paul’s most popular full, recorded course called Manifestation & Divinity which was recorded in May-June, 2016.


This package would normally retail at $310, but Beyond the Ordinary participants can access this exclusive offer at 53%, for $147.


The Purpose of Being


The Purpose of Being

Item 1: Recorded Sessions: The Purpose of Being

Enrollment in Paul’s upcoming 4-part series called The Purpose of Being.

This includes full audio & video recordings that can be streamed or downloaded.

Each session includes a unique & original channeled lecture followed by  Q&A where prior attendees had the opportunity to ask questions directly to Paul and his Guides.

Sessions are 75 minutes each and took place on February 8, 15, 22 and March 1 at 8 pm ET.

Item 2: Austin Workshop - True Freedom

EXCLUSIVE video, audio & transcript never-before-released session.

Channeled lecture from a recent workshop in Austin, TX
(January 15, 2017).

This package is the only way to access this lecture.

Item 3: Toronto Channeled Lecture

EXCLUSIVE video & audio files onever-before-released.

Channeled lecture from a recent workshop in Toronto, ON
(November 29, 2016).

This package is the only way to access this lecture.

Item 4: Manifestation and Divinity Course

Full recordings of Paul’s 5-part course “Manifestation & Divinity”

These are five, 75-minute sessions which include a channeled lecture as well as recorded audience Q&A.

This includes video files, audio files and EXCLUSIVE typed up transcriptions of each lecture, which have never before been made available.

This is the only place where you can access this complete packaged course.

Links below to stream or download audio & video files.
Transcriptions are attached.

What Other Are Saying About Paul

“Paul Selig absolutely blew my mind the first time I saw him. When you ask him about someone, and he goes into being that person he will make the biggest of nonbelievers believe on the spot. Goosebumps included. I’ve had two sessions with him, and he nailed it 100%”

Sammy Hagar, Musician


“Paul combines energy work with a unique ability to tune into his client’s life path and relationships. I have never found anyone who works with such precise skill and compassion regarding both energetic clearing and rock solid psychic counseling. I constantly refer others to work with Paul and regularly invite him to facilitate healing circles with groups of friends and colleagues. His energy sessions are intensely palpable and radically transformative, providing immediate restoration for psyche and soma.”

Suzanne Richman, Director, Health Arts and Sciences Program, Goddard College


“In a world of would-be psychics making great claims for themselves with little evidence to back them up, Paul Selig is the real thing. I have seen him teach a crowded room full of people to see and read auras (something that has enriched my own practice as a Tarot reader) and I also have had private sessions with him, in which his guides not only sent me strong energy but also said things that were potent and uncomfortably true.”

Rachel Pollack, author of 78 Degrees of Wisdom: A Book of Tarot


“Absolutely outstanding! Paul Selig is a gift to mankind.”

Christine Warren, founding member, Kripalu Institute; transformational teacher, coach and consultant


“To witness Paul work, is to witness true wonder and magic. I wouldn’t believe it, unless I saw it, but Paul’s eyes even changed color when he worked! The energy in the room was palpable and I can honestly say that I left this workshop a different person…I’d even venture to say that the entire weekend made my personal Top 5 Life Experiences list. Real energy was moved and I can’t wait to attend Paul’s workshop next year.”

Samantha Feld Samuelson


“I have had the good fortune of knowing, and/or attending the workshops and lectures of some of our finest teachers in the field of human consciousness. Without question, Paul Selig’s Sedona Workshop was the best and most transformative I have ever attended. What we all witnessed and felt on the last day was nothing short of astounding. Paul devoted a lot of time and energy to giving personal readings that were accurate and helpful for the participants. After the workshop I feel the call to liberate myself from issues and patterns that no longer serve me and I can feel a major re wiring of my intuitive system which I access to be of service on missing and murder cases. Paul is the definition of what Caroline Myss said 25 years ago, that there is a new calling in our world to be mystics out of monasteries, and in Paul’s case, this comes to us in a humble, honest and compassionate package.”

Christopher Barbour, Psychic Detective

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