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Raquel Spencer

Raquel Spencer is an internationally acclaimed Multi-Dimensional Energy and Cellular Light Specialist, Author, Facilitator and Intuitive. Raquel has been described as a Multi-Dimensional Computer, Energetic Electrician and Master Healer of Cellular Light. Working within the Quantum Fields and Pure Potential of Light and Sound, she specializes in activating the dormant mind/body Light pathways and multi-dimensional cellular codes of Light that assist with remembering your Divine Essence. Simply stated, Raquel’s work prepares the physical and energetic bodies for the upcoming shift by accessing her ancient skills from lifetimes as a Hathor, Tibetan Monk, Atlantean Healer, knowledge from the Original Etheric Crystal Skulls and many cosmic/universal expressions. A graduate of California State University, Sacramento with a B.S. in Business, Raquel worked for Fortune 100 companies for more than twenty years. Her life shifted profoundly after an unexplained 5-week coma, during which she underwent a Soul Braid (integrating multiple aspects of her Divine Essence) and a rewiring of her physical and energetic systems. The coma marked the beginning of her own personal awakening and preparation to fulfill her ancient agreement to help prepare humanity for the “Shift in Consciousness.” Raquel helps us navigate through and understand our own multi dimensional worlds of wisdom and power. Through a series of potent and ethereal symbols, codes, sounds and energetic upshifts, her energy activations re-open the pathways and spaces within our bio-electrical bodies, allowing us to return to our natural original blueprint, facilitating a deeper connection with our Higher Self. Considered one of the ‘Next Generation’s Transformational Visionaries and Leaders’, Raquel’s mission is to assist humanity to expand our perceptions, embody our own unique soul essence and awaken to the truth that we are ALL Multi-Dimensional Masters of Light.

Upcoming Broadcasts

  • June 6th at 5pm PT / 6pm MT / 7pm CT / 8pm ET