Raquel Spencer: Embodying the Cosmic Elements Water and Fire (S11)


Over 13 Hours of High Frequency Activations

Enhancing Your Cosmic Connection to the Divine


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This series helps to upshift the frequency signature of the elements within your body. The interconnectedness to ‘All That Is’ amplifies and increases our natural gifts, talents and interactions with higher levels of consciousness.



Embodying the Cosmic Elements


Embodying the Cosmic Elements


We are infinitely connected to the cosmos. As we evolve and expand our consciousness, our ability to navigate higher streams of Light consciousness becomes more fine-tuned.


This series helps to upshift the frequency signature of the elements within your body. The interconnectedness to ‘All That Is’ amplifies and increases our natural gifts, talents and interactions with higher levels of consciousness.


These elements are a part of us, they influence our body chemistries, our energetic systems and our intuitive nature. Step beyond the 3D experience into the higher levels of the cosmic elements and expand your Light, Wisdom and Light.

Item 1: Embodying the Cosmic Element – Water




This installment of embodying the 5 cosmic elements is focused on deep emotional clearing and physical rejuvenation through the water element, so you can clear the unwanted emotions, patterns and reactions in your life.

*** Item One includes and audio and PDF for each of the thirteen days!


You will:

  • Master the essence of what water represents in your life: emotion, intuition, intelligence, flexibility, softness and the ability to go with the flow
  • Upgrade the physical water in your body to the highest level of crystalline form you can embody at this time (remember your body is 70% water)
  • Remember the knowledge from past lives and the ancient island civilizations of
    Lemuria, Atlantis, Mu and the role the cosmic element water plays in connecting you to all that is
  • Get introduced to the cities of Light within the planetary waters that connect you with the star system you’re most aligned with
  • Experience Light language as it unlocks the akashic records held within your own DNA, allowing a deep healing
  • Tap into the ancient wisdom of the dolphins, whales, sea turtles, and more

Item 2: Embodying the Cosmic Element – Fire




This installation of the 5 cosmic elements will open the gateway and pathways within your mind and body to release deeply held patterns of aggression, jealousy, duality and more.

*** Item Two includes and audio and PDF for each of the thirteen days!


You will:

  • Move back to your conception within your mother’s womb, clearing held distorted energies remaining from your mother’s state of being and experience
  • Clear the energy held within your matrix around ‘original sin’ and the role mass consciousness plays in patterning your subconscious thoughts and behaviors around pleasure
  • Clear held guilt, shame and feelings of being self-conscious around your body or sexual desires, as well as trauma around physical or sexual abuse
  • Release and repair distorted energetic patterns associated with your natural creativity and joy through the purifying energy of Cosmic Fire
  • Activate the spark or movement of Kundalini energy within your systems with a natural, non-forced and Divine Feminine approach
  • Open and enhance your ability to experience pleasure without judgment or inhibitions, setting yourself free to experience a life of gratitude, joy, bliss, and happiness

What Others Are Saying About Raquel

“Loved, Loved, Loved this series. Deep clearings, tears, laughter, the profound downloads. Jealousy and insecurity where being highlighted the last few days, I was wondering what it was going to take to get this out. Then comes, Zip Zap Zoom, Raquel to the rescue. Thanks everyone for being with me on this journey. Blessings, Love and Light.” 

Roberta L.


“What a powerful series! During day 4 transmission and Raquel alerting us to the rising of emotions was more like a flood of emotion!! I was going along just fine listening and loving day four and all of a sudden one word turned into a powerful cry that lasted 5 minutes. As quickly as it started it came to an end and my body feels totally different. Lighter and it feels like I’m floating as I walk! And getting clear messages from spirit to sleep more and sit in nature.(this work continues well beyond the transmissions.)”

Susan S.


“I am so loving this series, !!… Day 3 I saw a beautiful electric blue lotus floating on the water and then a Budda, giving me a sense of peace as i’m gently rocked by a ripple effect of the water, followed by loads of loads of beautiful multi coloured bubbles like the children play with, linking together, forming a vesica pisces then merging, growing, multiplying like cells of creation, with a feeling of fun and joy,  Then day 4 again I feel the gentle sway of the water, then a sense of the seat beneath me bubbling, as something is happening in my base, the words that came to me was the “fountain of youth” a rejuvination as I feel the water bubbling then creating like a swirling pool in my base at which point I feel the presence of the water dragon, representing the divine feminine and feeling strongly the sense of healing and nurturing , feeling very peaceful and calm. Towards the end the energy flowed up towards my heart and broke up into many fractals of light and then dissipated throughout my being. So beautiful … So Grateful Raquel It just gets better and better. THANK YOU”  

Eleanor H.


“On this 13 day journey i have shared less than i usually do, and the reason for this is that i have been in a state of gratitude and peace. Remembering all the happy memories throughout my life. Cosmic fire has been a true gift for me….in the past 13 day transmissions i usually have a very hard time as i am releasing alot of grief and sorrow from my past. After cosmic fire i have realized how far i have come, and what an amazing place i am in my life right now, i have worked so hard for so long and i am so proud of myself!!!!it is now time to have fun, play, and laugh..i am at peace!!!! Thankyou so much raquel your work has played such an important part in me getting to this place today…you are such a bright light!!! I want to thank each and everyone of you for holding so much light and love on this 13 day journey..i send you all lots of hugs filled with love and gratitude!!!!!!” 

Kristen S.


“Wow this is a powerful series !! For the most part I have listened at least twice to each transmission and no matter what time of day I listen it knocks me out ! I get in so so deep that when I come round I am disorientated to where I am… The only thing I do remember is a few days ago we were connecting with Gaia and I could feel such a strong pull in my legs that it felt like very strong magnets pulling me down or into Gaia…. Think I will have to re listen again to see if I get a more conscious experience. You are a mighty powerhouse Raquel. Thank you I trust that I am working at a deep level.”

E. Hughes

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