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Sarah Lynn Kennedy

Sarah Lynn Kennedy is a spiritual powerhouse with an open and expansive connection to source energy.

Her willingness to dive deeply into the heart of any matter, and her finely tuned ability to see past words and appearances is benefited by her razor-sharp focus; crystal clear, multi-dimensional vision; and highly refined intuition, resulting in an elevated potential for rapid and expansive transformation for her clients and workshop participants. As a messenger for spirit, she channels wisdom and guidance with clarity and compassion. Being in Sarah Lynn’s presence is an open invitation to return to one’s true divine nature.
Sarah Lynn’s embodiment of love and allowance for everything that arises is apparent in her warmth, grace and her innately overflowing joy. Her light-hearted humor and gentle playfulness allows people to feel safe in sharing their deepest emotions and to lightly step into the loving space she holds in divinity.

Upcoming Broadcasts

  • November 7th at 5pm PT / 6pm MT / 7pm CT / 8pm ET