Sarah Lynn Kennedy: Uplift Package

This special offer is designed to help you step even more fully into the divinely orchestrated life that awaits you. For the next three months, you will be supported and uplifted as you immerse yourself in the energies of fulfillment, purpose, and divine destiny during monthly Sarahdise Presents live teleclasses. To expand your journey even further, you will receive personal attention to the issues that matter most to you during a private phone session with Sarah Lynn. In addition, you’ll have inspiration at your finger tips with alchemical teachings and tools on the mind, money, and personal empowerment in The Alchemy of Divine Flow Audio Class.





Uplift Package


Uplift Package

Item1: One Hour Personal Uplift Session with Sarah Lynn

A private session with Sarah Lynn is all about YOU!

You will spend an hour in conversation together, delving into what matters most to you right now, and opening high vibrating energies that provide clarity, ease, healing and transformation.

No matter what arises, you will be loved, accepted and allowed to be exactly who you are in every moment.

Often during private session, heavenly beings will come forward to offer their assistance. As a divine channel, Sarah Lynn acts as an interpreter for their messages, and as a facilitator for their healing energies.

Angels, Ascended Masters, loved ones in spirit, deities, animals, nature, crystals, and the Love & Compassion Collective are some of the beings who regularly assist in healing sessions.

Your session will last one hour and takes place on a private conference call line. It will be recorded for you to listen to again and again. Session recordings serve great benefit by serving you more deeply each time you listen to it.

Sarah Lynn holds Bachelor of Science in Metaphysics; is a Reiki Master, an Ordained Metaphysical Minister and a Meditation and Metaphysical Mind Treatment practitioner; is certified in angel therapy, spiritual mediumship and Tong Ren; has trained in Quantum Touch ™ and ThetaHealing ™; and is a Life Transformed Certified Coach ™. She uses a combination of her skills, talents, training and intuition to help you create a bridge from where you are in your life to where you want to be. Every session is completely unique and customized to your individual situation.

Item 2: New Year, Authentic You Group Call

Sarahdise Presents:
New Year, Authentic You

January 26th, 2017
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm MT

  • Create 2017 with authenticity as the foundation for your joyfully inspired life


All calls will be recorded and purchasers will receive the recordings.

Item 3: Reading the Blueprint of Your Greatest Life’s Purpose Group Call

Sarahdise Presents:
Reading the Blueprint of Your Greatest Life’s Purpose

February 23rd, 2017
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm MT

  • Learn to tap into your higher consciousness to live out your soul’s purpose on Earth


All calls will be recorded and purchasers will receive the recordings.

Item 4: The Harmony of the Heart Group Call

Sarahdise Presents:
The Harmony of the Heart

March 23rd, 2017
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm MT

  • Strike a chord with the maestro of Universal Intention for the fulfillment of your heart’s desire


All calls will be recorded and purchasers will receive the recordings.

Item 5: The Alchemy of Divine Flow - Audio Recording Package

4 powerful downloads to help you quickly connect with the Alchemist within and transform your life experiences

Track 1: The Alchemist Within (11 mins)
Track 2Energy As Money (34 mins)
Track 3: Mind Love (3 mins)
Track 4: You As Creator (10 mins)

What Others Are Saying About Sarah Lynn

“Sarah Lynn is a master of love and ALL energies! She has enlightened me with her vast knowledge of crystal bowls, gemstones, Reiki and personal readings. Her ability to guide you to the answers that you seek with absolute love and compassion is truly remarkable. The greatest gift I’ve received from working with Sarah Lynn has been the awakening of my own energy through her willingness and patience to guide me along my personal path. Sarah Lynn is a blessing and shining light to everyone she comes in contact with.”
Jason Panas, Sherwood Park, AB


“Sarah Lynn is a powerhouse of love. During our time together she was so present, patient, soft and loving.
I felt completely safe and loved. I experienced huge energy shifts and an awakening of my feathers on my wings. It felt magical and it was so exciting. I was embraced by my divine being in total love. I felt very peaceful and amazing after our session!!! I can’t wait until my next session!”

Rosanna LP, Certified Life Transformed Coach, LMT, IET Master Teacher Practitioner


“Sarah Lynn is a coach’s coach…she knows how to get straight to the heart of the issue/problem/pattern with powerful questions and then she turns on a bright light with the truth. Her gift of strength through love and enlightening wisdom can take you with ease and grace into a new set of possibilities and I am so grateful for the new doorways she had opened. Working with Sarah Lynn is a miraculous experience. “

Melissa Bradley, Founder of Love Your Magical Life, Maui


“Actually I’ve decided that there really are no words to describe the magnitude of your genius ways in being able to lift and heal others.”

Jan Marteniuk, Saskatchewan


“Thank you Sarah Lynn for my session yesterday. It was refreshing…you walked me through something that I had no idea existed in regards to the body. The release from the agreed upon human experience as a body was something new to me, the way you described it and took me through it. I felt freedom and permission to be so much more energy, and am finding myself able to be with all energies that people bring here, including the ‘undesirable’ ones, to be with them fully…it’s bringing in an ongoing expansion for me. Wow. Your solidity is amazing. – thank you again.”

Angela Meyer, Pukalani, HI


“I just finished listening and receiving your deep, empowering, love-filled activation. I felt you being sourced by your God being. what a gift to us all. Saradise is beyond paradise!!! You caught the wave baby and we and we all got swim with you. Deepest mahalos!!! So much wisdom!!”

Jane Winter – An Evening In Sarahdise, Kauai

30 – Day Guarantee: Our Commitment to Our Community


If this program doesn’t resonate for you, we invite you to contact us within 30-days of your original purchase for a refund so that you may continue your search to find the program that supports you to elevate your soul consciousness. Please note, refunds are not available after you engage in a scheduled 1:1 session.


Materials, techniques and information shared on BEYOND THE ORDINARY are provided for informational purposes only and must not be construed as personal medical advice. Before making any changes, participants should consult their healthcare providers or seek medical advice.