Saryon: Working Within Your Angelic Blueprint (S11)

Several years ago, the Arcturian Angels revealed a cosmic teaching about how some galactic civilizations, like the Arcturians, evolved spiritually through becoming integrated with their Angelic Counterparts.

This was a key to their ascension!

Now we are poised to enter that same evolutionary spiral of ascension, and Our Angels have come to deliver a prophetic teaching about this element of the planetary shift.

Are you ready to accelerate your intuition to the next level?

This course is about becoming seamlessly integrated with the Angelic Presence and the role the angels are playing with the process of Higher Self Integration.

This course will bring you closer to the Angelic Presence than ever before and help you attune to a more intuitive way of being.

The tools offered by the Angels for tapping into your Angelic Blueprint are profound and give you a window into the leading edge of humanity’s collective awakening process. This series unfolded as a well-orchestrated plan from the higher dimensions and I was blessed to be the channel for it.

This course includes Audio, Video, and Written content, beginning with an hour and a half video presentation on Angels and the New Peace Consciousness.


12 Week Course – work at your own pace

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Activate Your Intuition to a Whole New Level, Enter a Process of Higherself Integration with the Angels,

Open Your Channel to the Angelic Presence, Improve Your Ability to Discern Divine Guidance


What you get:

  • 12 Classes with Audio and Written Channeled Messages
  • A one and a half hour Video Presentation from Saryon
  • 4 Bonus Recordings of Q and A from the original course
  • 2 Live Bonus Calls on Nov 20th and Dec 20th, with Live Q and A


Working Within Your Angelic Blueprint


Working Within Your Angelic Blueprint

Class One:

The Angel Assembly and the Invisible Landscape – The angels describe the invisible landscape that is all around us and how their realm is blending with ours through emerging dream bubbles where groups of human beings are starting to collectively dream together.

Saryon describes how to deepen your relationship with your angelic guides.

Class Two:

Saryon’s angels address the audience and talk about how angels work with people to bring them guidance, and how to navigate life’s potentials with angelic assistance.

Saryon talks about his experiences with surrendering to angelic guidance and how angels interact with our intuition.

This class is filled with intuition training.

Class Three:

This class includes a channeled written message from Daniel, Saryon’s main angelic guide, who speaks through him on occasion during the live classes.

The angels invite everyone to connect with an Angelic Forum that is unfolding on the inner planes where there is an ongoing exploration of the process of Angelic Integration and Higherself Integration.

The angels also talk about the purpose of the kind of human interactions they orchestrate for us to support our evolution.

Saryon also talked about connecting with and channeling the higher self, and the role of the angels in that process.

Class Four:

In this class we received a connection with an energy called the Child of Peace. This new form of global peace consciousness was brought forth by the Angels of Peace, and we begin to talk about your unique angelic blueprint.

We also connect with the support that is being offered for us to open our hearts and become more empathic.

Class Five:

In this class the angels speak to us about our Angelic Vehicle, what it is and how we can step inside it and begin to flow with more intuition and synchronicity.

We learn how this relates to the overall process of Angelic Integration globally and how the angels are supporting us to become models for others.

Saryon channels the angelic presence as they help us to align with our higherselves and the intentions the angels hold for the awakening of humanity.

Class Six:

This class includes an exploration about why bad things happen to good people.

We also explore global synchronization through the angelic presence and your angelic purpose.

Archangel Michael speaks to the group and connects each participant with the book of their angelic purpose.

Class Seven:

Saryon shares a new insights about the connection the angels have to the Earth and how to access both the New Earth energies and the angels in a deeper way through aligning with the way in which these two things are married together.

More information is shared about the nature of collective dreams and our deepening connection with the Invisible Landscape of the Angels.

Class Eight:

In this class the angels talk to us about awakening through the heart.

They speak about the gifts that the Masters made available to us and our potential to integrate with them, awakening into the presence of a whole human being.

Saryon talks about flowing with an emerging current of guidance that is starting to flow through us. The angels share more with us about the awakening of humanity and how we are becoming conscious of the Internet as a living, telepathic web that we can access within ourselves.

Class Nine:

In this class the angels begin to describe a whole new layer of reality that is emerging, how to begin accessing it in our consciousness, as well as how this relates to Angelic Integration.

There is also a message about the Holy Spirit and the evolutionary pressures we are experiencing to help catalyze an evolutionary leap.

The messages also speak to us about our ability to channel the “We” consciousness of the new collective of humanity’s emerging Christ Consciousness.

Class Ten:

In this class the Angels talk about their beginnings and the evolution through us. They also talk about our Guardian Angels and the practice of seeing the angel in everyone.

This leads to a message about accepting the Embrace of the heavens as the angels seek to gather us into the fold of the Christ Presence and the emerging new reality of our integration with them.

The calls become increasingly activating as we go deeper in opening ourselves to the blessings of the angels.

Class Eleven:

This class holds an incredibly activating and healing call with the Masters and Angels as the angels speak to us about allowing more of their love in, and help us to deepen our understanding of love.

Saryon talks about your potential to channel the angelic presence and we are guided through a process of exchanging old forms of self created protection with the safety of the Angelic Presence

Class Twelve:

The course completes with messages about Christ Integration, a message from the Masters, a message from the Archangels, and an exploration of how our training with them is continuing beyond this course.

BONUS: Angel Forum Calls

These recordings were taken from the Q and A / Discussion calls with the original participants of the Angel Course.

We called this the Angel Forum, and there is a lot of great information in these calls about the topics of angels, the higherself, channeling, psychic development and the path of our highest potential.

What Others Are Saying About Saryon

“I love working with Saryon. He is an example to all of us who are serious about our training in our path and our ascension. I have learned more (and at a more reasonable price) from the courses I took over a few months in the school of manifestation than from any of the teachers I have worked with in the twenty years that came before.”

Megan, Canada


“I’m really enjoying this course! I am feeling more connected to the Angelic realms than I ever have, and I had an experience yesterday of feeling one with my Higher Self, and am able to surrender to my Higher Self. This was very exciting for me. (It happened as I woke up, it was quite spontaneous).”
Suzanne, Australia


“I feel as though Saryon handed me new binoculars to see things from an angel’s eye view as I took in what he channeled in his class. I experience my world completely differently. I am in awe that this shift landed so fully from the resonance of a single day! This experience was priceless!!!”
Dixie, U.S.


“A magnificently grounded, spiritual guide bringing clarity and truth along with his humbleness, thank you.”
Audra, U.S.


“Wow! What a precious message from the angels! I can’t wait to hear the recording, but for now I have gone through this amazingly graceful message three times – and don’t want to go past it until I have soaked in as much of this Treasure Trove of beautiful gifts as possible.
I am so grateful – deeply touched and moved. So much resonance and expansion here on the inner nudges I have been carrying and receiving and it feels like someone is turning on the water tap, that’s been so long wished for!
I love the visions being given to us here, the angelic forum! ; as we continue to be served into colorful challenging human interactions, lets keep asking for those angelic contact lenses – and deeper contact! – and bring through those higher potential outcomes that we all long to experience! Thank you so very much, dear Saryon and Angels” 

Clare, Vanuatu

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