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The Divine Combination is the body of work that I am most excited about out of all of the teachings Archangel Gabriel and I have presented over the years!

It truly is a phenomenal system that is producing profound and lasting change in the lives of the people who use it.


Within the course we examine the essential elements of the Divine Combination, why they are important, and how they, when utilized together, open the doorway to enlightenment and activate the path of grace, ease and beingness.

Each class closely examines the importance of each aspect, and Gabriel himself leads a channeled meditation to allow each student to further experience the element in a deep and personal way for themselves.



People who have learned and used the Divine Combination in their lives report it has helped them move beyond blockages they have struggled with for years and has put all of the pieces of the puzzle together for them in some very magical ways.
This truly is the new, supported operating system for the enlightening human being, and anyone can learn how to use this system, regardless of their level of spiritual understanding, to start making immediate, profound, positive, and empowered lasting change in their life.

The Divine Combination


The Divine Combination

Class 1: Surrender and Faith

Introduction to the Divine Combination, What It Will Do For You, Overview of The Essential Elements, An Examination of the Elements of Surrender and Faith, and How to Surrender, Tips To Stay Surrendered.

PLUS: Channeled meditation with Archangel Gabriel to experience surrender and faith.

Class 2: Flow

What is the Flow, How to Flow, What It Will Do For You, Why It’s Important, The Role Gratitude Plays, Tips to Stay in the Flow.

PLUS: Channeled meditation with Archangel Gabriel to experience surrender with faith into the flow.

Class 3: Trust

The Important Role Trust Plays in the Divine Combination, What It Will Do For You, Tips To Stay In Trust.

PLUS: Channeled meditation with Archangel Gabriel to experience the element of trust, and how to use it to stay in surrender, faith and flow.

Class 4: Acceptance and Allowing

The Importance of Acceptance and Allowing, What Elements They Come From and Support, The Activation of Peace and Patience.

PLUS: Channeled meditation with Archangel Gabriel to experience Acceptance and Allowing.

Class 5: Using the Divine Combination as a Manifestation Tool

Exploration of the Essential Elements of Manifestation, How To Use the Divine Combination to Manifest, How the Divine Combination Helps You Step Into Your Role of Empowered Co-creator.

PLUS: Channeled meditation with Archangel Gabriel to experience co-creating with the universe.

Class 6: The Highest Application of the Divine Combination and The Activation of Grace and Ease

Explanation of the Highest Application of the Divine Combination, Joyful Service, Moving into Grace and Ease, Tips For Continued Success With The Divine Combination Moving Forward.

PLUS: Final channeled meditation with Archangel Gabriel to experience all of the elements utilized for the highest good of all.

(This is one of my favourite meditations! So high vibrating and heart-expanding!)

What Others Are Saying About Shelley

“The Divine Combination course has left me with a peace that only comes when you know, absolutely know, that all is well and is exactly as it should be. Shelley presents the material with love and simplicity.  No matter where you are on your journey, this course will give you a new perspective on your life and a sense of peace as you live it.”

Martha, Quebec, Canada


“Partnership with Spirit is a great course of study for both the beginning student as well as for the student with prior experience. You will love this class and be blown away by your connection to the loving realm of spirit. Do yourself a huge favor and take this course!”

Rita K. Alabama, USA.


“Taking the spiritual development courses with Shelley has helped me to fully discover my own inner light and create a more meaningful life.  The most life-changing course for me was the Divine Combination.  It helped me learn how to navigate the waters to bring me to my highest alignment.  

I began the course in a very dark place, knowing that something had to change but feeling paralyzed by fear and doubt and ultimately a lack of direction.  While taking the Divine Combination course I found myself learning how to set and achieve my desired path through the elements taught in the course.  Through the practice of these elements, I have changed my life in exceptional ways.  I am living the life that I have always wanted, free from fear and negativity.  I am pursuing dreams that I had abandoned in the name of practicality and self-doubt, and in pursuing those dreams, my life experience has become richer than I could ever have imagined.  My entire energy and state of being has been completely transformed and I have become fully open to receiving all of the love, support, and assistance the universe can give me.  

Learning how to partner with the universe, my angels, and my guides through the Divine Combination course has empowered me to create the most amazing moments in my life and has enabled me to see the endless possibilities that surround me.

My deepest gratitude to Shelley and Archangel Gabriel for helping me to realize and embrace the person I was always meant to be.” 

Carolyn, Ontario, Canada


“Uplifting. These channelings are always inspired and help me to absorb the next necessary perception. Thank you. ”

Layla, New Mexico, USA


“Partnership With Spirit had a great impact on me developing my abilities. Throughout the course I felt my abilities just blossom. This process kept me focused and very much aware of my individual method of communication. I had phenomenal results with etheric communication. Thank you, Shelley.”

Diana, Sudbury, Ontario


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