Shelley Young: Twin-Flames and Soul Connections – A Guide to Navigating Higher Vibrational Relationships

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As the world continues to shift and evolve so will our relationships, and more twin flame/soul connections will be drawn together. These relationships are activating, intense, uncomfortable, beautiful, moving, confusing, amazing, indescribable, and profoundly connected.
Up until now, the number of these relationships that have moved into full union have been few and far between, but I believe we are now in a space where not only will more people be meeting these deep connections, they will be able to shift out of the old 3D models into pioneering new and sustainable higher vibrational relationships.

This course is designed to help you understand the unique energetic challenges of these connections and to give you the information and wisdom to navigate them in the ways these relationships require and respond to.

Each class presents material to help you have a deeper understanding of each stage of the process and then features a guided meditation to see for yourself how that information applies to your own higher vibrational relationship.

Evolution of Twinflames and Soul Connections


Evolution of Twinflames and Soul Connections

Class 1: What Is A Twinflame?

In this class we cover:

How the evolution of theology leads to the evolution of relationships

When will I meet my twinflame?

Does everyone have one?

The permanence of the union

The difference between twinflames and soul mates

Soul connections/divine counterparts and the release of labels


Practical Exercise: Guided meditation to meet and acknowledge the existence of your twinflame/soul connection.

Class 2: What Happens When You Meet Your Twinflame?

In this class we cover:

The connection of twinflames

What happens before you meet

Is being spiritual necessary?

What must happen to activate the meeting?

How will meeting your twinflame feel?

The Pull


Energetic activation/shifting

Intensity, the meld, and third energy


The joy of reuniting aka the bubble love phase


Practical Exercise: Guided meditation to meet twin guides and be shown the depth of the energetic shift.

Class 3: Let the Activation, Healing, and Integrating Dance Begin

In this class we cover:

The creation of new unconditional love templates

The release of everything that is not love so more twinflame energy can be integrated

The healing of old themes

Releasing conditional love and control

Does separation have to occur?

Does runner/chaser have to happen?

How to make separation easier

What to do if you miss your twin

Honouring the unfoldment


Practical Exercise: Guided meditation for loving, supportive meeting with your twin.

Class 4: From Doubt to Acceptance

In this class we cover:

Following your heart

Honouring what you know and being the expert on you

To deny your twin is to deny yourself

The importance of a journal

Making our own healing and comfort a priority

Using your wisdom

The importance of acceptance, surrender, faith and trust


Practical Exercise: Guided meditation to experience the permanence of the union.

Class 5: Holding the Space

In this class we cover:

Settling down

Seeing signs

What holding the space means and how it benefits everyone

Anchoring the foundation of the relationship

What to do if your twin is acting out or behaving badly

Using your wisdom and mastery

Healing for your twin

Celebrating your successes

Honouring the unfoldment


Practical Exercise: Guided meditation to meet with healing guides and experience energetic clearing and guidance. Releasing fears/soul contracts and replacing with new intentions

Class 6: Union

In this class we cover:

Making progress

Being able to spend more time in each other’s presence

The deepening and the meld

Finding space within union

Allowing the unfoldment of your service and mission

Moving beyond the drama

How long does it take?

The difference of the unfoldment of 3D vs high vibrational relationships

Will we get married?

Entering a new phase of your journey together.


Practical Exercise: Guided meditation – feeling and celebrating your union with full acceptance and appreciation, and seeing its service and energetic support to the planet.

BONUS - Class 7: Frequently Asked Questions

In this bonus class we will look at the most commonly asked twinflame/soul connection questions and give easy to understand answers and practical advice to help you move beyond common obstacles and successfully navigate your own high vibrational relationship.








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About Shelley Young

Spiritual Advisor and Internationally recognized Channel of Archangel Gabriel


Shelley Young is the owner of Trinity Esoterics where she has worked as a hypnotherapist, teacher, writer, spiritual advisor, healer, trance channel/medium and internationally recognized channel of Archangel Gabriel for the past 13 years. She is based in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada and is dedicated to raising spiritual awareness in the most straightforward and simple ways possible, to help others discover and embrace their own innate wisdom. She is the author of Healing Balm For The Enlightening Soul, a compilation of inspirational messages from Archangel Gabriel, and also offers free daily channeled content that is designed to be practical spirituality people can easily understand and apply in their own lives.



What Others Are Saying About Shelley

“How incredibly blessed I feel to have taken these twinflame classes and beautifully guided meditations. So many of the questions and obstacles my twin and I had been struggling with were answered and now we don’t feel like we are crazy for the extreme and intense PULL we have together. I have been trying to research our unique and beautiful relationship for some time now and all the information I seem to find is vague and doesn’t really guide us in our union and explain the extreme highest and the terrible lows of a twinflame relationship until I took these classes. We now can navigate our own special and unique union and respect each other’s growth and process along the way. Thank you so much Shelley Young for your amazing way of touching our soul and helping guide us on our path to create our own beautiful connection.”

Kimberly from Ontario, Canada


“The Divine Combination course has left me with a peace that only comes when you know, absolutely know, that all is well and is exactly as it should be. Shelley presents the material with love and simplicity. No matter where you are on your journey, this course will give you a new perspective on your life and a sense of peace as you live it.”

Martha, Quebec, Canada


“Partnership with Spirit is a great course of study for both the beginning student as well as for the student with prior experience. You will love this class and be blown away by your connection to the loving realm of spirit. Do yourself a huge favor and take this course!”

Rita K. Alabama, USA.


“Taking the spiritual development courses with Shelley has helped me to fully discover my own inner light and create a more meaningful life. The most life-changing course for me was the Divine Combination. It helped me learn how to navigate the waters to bring me to my highest alignment. I began the course in a very dark place, knowing that something had to change but feeling paralyzed by fear and doubt and ultimately a lack of direction. While taking the Divine Combination course I found myself learning how to set and achieve my desired path through the elements taught in the course. Through the practice of these elements, I have changed my life in exceptional ways. I am living the life that I have always wanted, free from fear and negativity. I am pursuing dreams that I had abandoned in the name of practicality and self-doubt, and in pursuing those dreams, my life experience has become richer than I could ever have imagined. My entire energy and state of being has been completely transformed and I have become fully open to receiving all of the love, support, and assistance the universe can give me. Learning how to partner with the universe, my angels, and my guides through the Divine Combination course has empowered me to create the most amazing moments in my life and has enabled me to see the endless possibilities that surround me. My deepest gratitude to Shelley and Archangel Gabriel for helping me to realize and embrace the person I was always meant to be.”

Carolyn, Ontario, Canada


“Uplifting. These channelings are always inspired and help me to absorb the next necessary perception. Thank you.”

Layla, New Mexico, USA


“Partnership With Spirit had a great impact on me developing my abilities. Throughout the course I felt my abilities just blossom. This process kept me focused and very much aware of my individual method of communication. I had phenomenal results with etheric communication. Thank you, Shelley.”

Diana, Sudbury, Ontario

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