Sidra Jafri: Energetic Makeover (Season 9 Package)


Transform outdated core programming and beliefs to enhance different aspects of their life, Now! It is YOUR TIME to receive the higher frequencies of love, light and Awakening, allowing you to truly rise above the limitations of being human to birth into the new, enlightened you.

Track 1: Energetic Cleansing

Energetic Cleansing is a powerful, yet gently guided activation that will help you release all the energetic blocks such as trauma, anger, rejection, shame and fear, as the gentle beat of your heart so that you can experience new ways of being, with peace and love.

Track 2: Opening Energetically To Joy

Opening Energetically To Joy is a deeply penetrating meditation to help you release your past wounds and experience limitless joy by healing your inner child.

Track 3: Energetic Heart Opening

Energetic Heart Opening will take you on a journey that will use the powerful wisdom in your heart to release all the emotional baggage, embrace forgiveness and allow you to feel joy and love radiating into your most inner being.

Track 4: Building Personal Power

Building Personal Power will take you deeper into your soul’s essence and wisdom so that you can hear and receive the inspiration, healing and the determination to take charge of your life so that you can stand in your own personal power by following your own inner wisdom.

Track 5: Manifesting Desires

Manifesting Desires will take you on an interactive journey that will clear all past hurts and disappointments that may be interfering with your ability to manifest your desires. With a new reality created in your mind, you will be able to manifest your desired intention so that you can allow great experiences in your life.

Track 6: Activating Your Potential

Activating Your Potential is a another powerful activation that will build upon the previous tracks and get you in touch with the wisdom of your highest self to release any self doubt that might be stopping you. It will activate your inner
knowing to guide you towards every decision that will lead you to live your highest potential.

Track 7: Living In Higher Consciousness

Living in Higher Consciousness is a beautiful and serene guided meditation that will clear your emotional body and infuse it with the light of wisdom and awareness. It will help you align yourself with your highest destiny while spreading your light in the lives of others.