Terrie Christine: The Secret Power of You

After years of mastering intuition and energy work and having helped thousands of people the world over, I am going to synthesize for you how lasting transformations occur, so that you too can begin taking the first steps towards creating the life you dream of.

Now more than ever it’s important to start taking care of you. The quote “The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm” says it perfectly. When you need to do something for yourself, YOU are the ONLY one who knows what YOU need. And as simple as it may sound, it can be incredibly difficult to both identify what it is you need and then to do it for yourself.

Sometimes change can feel as though it is impossible. You tell yourself that you tried in the past and no matter what you have done, it just didn’t work. But, it is important to look at the situation with more scrutiny. What were you focusing on? Are you the type of person who gets into their comfort zone and, before you know it, 5 years have passed and you’re still struggling with the same, still disappointed in how it turned out and still complaining about it?

The majority of people that come to me seeking help do so because they are tired of feeling like they’re swimming upstream, they are tired of struggling, they are tired of feeling empty, lonely and dull. When they lay their heads down to sleep at night, they are tired not only from the day’s chores, but from the weight of being out of alignment with the core of who they are.

You are the result of your programmed patterns. Your decisions are based on the direction and guidance of what others told you and taught you when you were a child, which as you grow into adulthood become BLOCKS.

A block is a false belief usually created before the age of seven, usually between you and a caregiver such as Mom or Dad. This doesn’t mean that Mom or Dad were physically or emotionally abusive towards you.
It simply means that in that time and space, you the child took in words or emotions from someone close to you and turned them into a “false” belief.

The false beliefs you formed wait dormant in your subconscious mind until you are triggered. Many people don’t understand what is causing these triggers and why these triggers seem to confront us in a continual and repetitive pattern. These triggers are only signs showing you that something is linking to your false beliefs, and not being able to move past them will create an invisible barrier that prevents you from living your desired life.

This program will erase the limiting beliefs and patterns resulting from the experiences you have had around you.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to start off the month with a clean slate, without the problems of the past few weeks weighing you down?

One of the things I would like you to discover is that you no longer have to live month in and month out feeling frustrated, stuck, confused, lost or helpless.

Over the years I’ve established and refined energetic processes that can easily and quickly ignite profound changes in anyone’s energy. No skill and essentially no effort, except to be present, is necessary.

Package A: Abundance


Package B: Abundance and Love


Package A: Abundance

Over Five Hours of Energy Clearings


This package is designed to help you clear the blocks in the way of abundance in every way, from health, wealth, security, creation, know-how and more.


Module 1: Energy Clearing ~ Eliminating Doubt

This module will clear your limiting beliefs centered around doubt.

Doubt when you were young; where you are; about moving forward; decisions and much more. Doubt can be over-whelming and turn into your “story”. When you have doubt from a theme that keeps reoccurring, this creates limiting beliefs that keep you from even trying. This can turn into the fears that keep you from creating that which you desire. By eliminating the doubt that appears stuck in your head will generate feelings of excitement when stepping into infinite possibilities.


Duration 1 Hour 20 Minutes

Module 2: Energy Clearing: Clearing The Path

This module will help you shift profoundly to open infinite probabilities.

As you were experiencing life growing up making decisions and choices, you were placed in challenging situations that created perceptions that are embedded in your energy body. Now these vibrations sit as road blocks on your path. By allowing your energy to shift from the old and into the YOU will clear away any sense of feeling stuck.


Duration: 1 Hour 20 Minutes

Module 3: Energy Clearing ~ Fresh Ideas and Opportunities

This module will open the doors to all your fresh ideas and unlimited opportunities.

Your existing limiting beliefs are caging you in. It can create feelings of being lost, disconnected from making decisions or even missing opportunities right before your eyes. When your subconscious blocks are released to clear the space for endless opportunities, your life will appear to be full of ease and grace.


Duration: 1 Hour 20 Minutes

Module 4: Energy Clearing ~ Attracting Abundance

This module will unlock the hidden barriers to bringing forth richness into your life.

When your desires are on attracting abundance and you are focused on negative thoughts you will only be attracting more of those negative thoughts. Look at your thoughts as the “driver” to creating that which you desire. Open up to supersize your potential and receive boundless abundance.


Duration: 1 Hour 20 Minutes

Bonus 1: ThetaStream

A guided meditation with theta sound that takes you to the deeper levels of the mind.

Theta state is generally experienced in deep meditation or in our sleep state. In this state of mind, you will shift any stagnant energy and bring you to a more balanced state to permit each chakra to function as it was created allowing peace, love and abundance to flow into your life.







Package B: Abundance and Love

Over Nine Hours of Energy Clearings


This package includes Package A and B plus all the bonuses.


It is designed to help you clear the blocks on the two main components in your life. One being Abundance and the other being Love.


Module 5: Weight/Wait No More

This module will assist you in releasing the heavy dense energy keeping you in limbo.

When you are telling yourself you are waiting for something, it has the same type of energy as in “weighting”. Many often experience a weight gain while they are waiting to find a new job or while waiting for their perfect mate to appear. Both weight/wait keep you stagnant and from not being able to move forward. When you let go of these blocks and flip the switch into moving forward, you will find the encounters around you to be light, free and flowing.


Duration: 1 Hour 20 Minutes

Module 6: Stepping Into the New You

This module will clear all the blocks centered around stepping into anything that is you, new to you, for you, to be you and about you.

Life is grand when YOU are living it simply being you. Your limiting beliefs hold you back from experiencing life full out. Wouldn’t it be nice to finally live life where your heart sings. Everything you want and desire is simply a matter of allowing love, trust and gratitude to flow through every breath you take. Cut the cords to the past and be exactly who you are.


Duration: 1 Hour 20 Minutes

Module 7: Perfect Love

This module will magnify your perfect love energy.

Love is pure energy exploding within your physical body. Throughout your life span, you may experience moments that love may feel like pain; that you have to hide your love while you wait for that perfect one; that you loved once and will never love again. Once this tool for perfect love enables the old limiting beliefs to vanish, you become expansive to give and receive unrestricted love.


Duration: 1 Hour 20 Minutes

Bonus 2: MagStream

This 5 phase visualization technique will transform you to a more peaceful and loving state in only 15 minutes.

By connecting with your inner knowing of love you will establish a path to a more loving you so you can find that the life of love and abundance you’ve been yearning for was always within.

Bonus 3: How to Eliminate Frustration, Hurt and Pain to Feel Happiness Again

Relationships, disappointments and financial stress can go from being uncomfortable to being unbearable. The result of just “dealing with it” can cause that frustration, hurt and pain to be so intense you feel like you spiral into an endless hole. And worse, the longer you “deal with it” the further you move from your core self into a place of confusion, not knowing who you are or what you want in your life.

Learn 5 simply techniques to help shift you into a more powerful YOU.







About Terrie Christine

Psychic Medium and Intuitive Life Coach


Terrie Christine is an internationally known Intuitive Life Coach, Psychic Medium, Speaker, Author and creator of The Secret Power of You Master Course and PowerStream, a LIVE monthly online group energy clearing.

After experiencing a spiritual epiphany, Terrie found herself on a journey building and supporting what she calls her “super powers”. She is Clairaudient (hearing), Clairvoyant (seeing) and Clairsentient (feeling).

Most people cannot connect to the blocks that hold them back from receiving love, happiness, peace or abundance. They live their lives being triggered by what another says or does. Simply put, she can connect to your energy and reveal when you accepted this block, at what age and by whom and then energetically shift this block out of your subconscious so you can bring in all that you deserve in your life

She has worked with clients all over the world and continues to be a source of emotional and spiritual healing in the self-empowerment community.





What Others Are Saying About Terrie


“Terrie Christine is highly insightful. She provided a thorough reading for me of my mom, who passed away when I was 6 years old. Terrie Christine provided answers to the many questions I had.”

Dr. Steve G. Jones, Author of over 20 books, Clinical Hypnotherapist


“Terrie Christine is a gifted and openhearted intuitive coach and I feel incredibly grateful to have her in my corner! Terrie is not only helping me clear my personal blocks, she is also teaching me how to connect with (and trust) my own intuition and guidance on a much deeper level. This is truly life-altering work, and it empowers me to serve the women in my community with even more clarity and confidence.”

Heather K. Jones – NYT Best Selling Author, Dietitian and founder of Smaller Size Bigger Life


“I started going to see Terrie Christine at the Bethesda Salt Cave in November 2015 with the simple intention of finding balance in my life and really just curiosity. After my second session with her, I quit smoking. I went into the second session with the overall intention of getting healthy and since that session I haven’t had the desire to smoke. Terrie’s sessions have been very healing in general and that I quit smoking has been a bonus. Thank you!”

Nancy Hall, Maryland


“Just an amazing healer and psychic clairvoyant. Probably the best. I had a clearing and feel so much better! Thank you so much.”



“I came out of my sessions: Grounded, Confident, and Successful. I will forever be grateful to this heart-centered woman!”

Madison Ford, San Francisco, CA

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