Tiger Singleton: Conscious Life Design ~ 6 Week Training Course

The Conscious Life Design 6 Week Training Course, is an opportunity to align your perception of self, others, and life, to reflect the truth of your inherent connection with all that is. The primary difficulty of being human is not that we don’t get what we think we want, the difficulty is in our misunderstanding of what we see; not realizing, that reality is simply reflecting the one who is observing.

In this 6 week course, it will become profoundly clear that ALL OF LIFE is in support of your heart’s deepest sincerity, and where you are now in your life, is exactly where you need to be, in order to see beyond the self-imposed limitations that seem to keep you at a distance from Joy, Peace, Freedom and overall wellness of Spirit, Mind, Body.

This Course includes:

9 Hours of Video,
42 Pages of PDF Course Material,
Complete Audio Download Version
Additional Bonus Meditation Downloads, and LifeWork Assignments.

Conscious Life Design


Conscious Life Design

Week 1: Intro to Conscious Life Design

Get clear about the nature of your connection with all that is, and begin allowing for the dropping away of the unconscious limitation that ties you to lack, scarcity, and fear.

Week 2: Allow the Fulfillment of Desire

Understand the profound difference between egocentric wanting, and divinely inspired desire. Here you will get in touch with what it is you truly desire to experience in this life.

Week 3: Emotional Guidance & Intelligence

We are already setup with everything we need, all guidance and intelligence is already contained within what we are. This week we will uncover the ways we can tap into this, and feel confidence in our connection with All that is.

Week 4: Effortless Life... Get Out of the Way

The way of effortless living, is to let life move on your behalf while you simply allow yourself to enjoy the present moment at hand. This permission has already been given, and this week will make that abundantly clear.

Week 5: Deep Connection in All Relationships

All Relationships are a reflection of the One Relationship you have with you most sincere self. If we desire deeply profound connections with others, we must be willing to connect deeply with the sincerity of our own being.

Week 6: Trusting in the Miracle You Already Are

TRUST. This is what blooms the truth within your entire being. This is what allows the insight and wisdom to move from your mind and into your Heart, and allow for the embodiment of the miracle you already are.









About Tiger Singleton

Intuitive Satsang Facilitator, Author and Internal Wellness Coach


Tiger Singleton, also known as Tigmonk, is an intuitive satsang facilitator who shares insight, wisdom and spiritual teachings from the space of an open heart. Tiger is also an author, internal wellness coach, and he holds multi-day retreats all around the world.

Tiger’s unique gift is to guide a sincere student into the heart and uncover their inherent worth, beauty, and conscious ability to create a joyful life. In this space of self-discovery, one sees clearly the imagined prison we’ve imposed on ourselves, and are presented with the opportunity to very simply lay it down and walk away.

Satsang, is a Sanskrit word that means “a meeting with truth.” It is an opportunity to investigate the nature self and life, while connecting deeply to source of all that is. In Satsang with Tiger, through sincerity, grace and unconditional love, he connects to the collective heart energy of the group and shares a message that resonates with the authenticity of our human experience.

The most common response Tiger hears from attendees after satsang is, “it was like you were talking directly to me.” This is because at the core of our humanness, we are all experiencing the same challenges, we are all on the same path, which is a journey of discovering the love within our most sincere nature.

The difference in Tiger’s sharing as noted by many attendees and students, is that Tiger doesn’t position himself as an authority on any subject or as a teacher. He carries a depth of humility that knows his offering is like that of a bird’s song. He simply moves in the way that life moves through him, and if people find value, this is their own doing. Tiger simply shares for the pure enjoyment of sharing what he loves; what he gets in return, is the freedom to be himself.


What Others Are Saying About Tiger



“Sitting in satsang with Tiger is an amazing way to be taken by the hand and shown the Truth in a non-dogmatic, compassionate, sincere and down to earth way. Tiger’s use of words, the softness he radiates and the wisdom he shares gently peels off every layer of bullshit that has become our identification in today’s world and leaves you with a space that allows for total and utter freedom.”

Patrick Meijer – Ibiza


“I have been invited to remember the wholeness that I already am, and bloom into authenticity; to look at truth through self-inquiry, to find oneness and Love in it all. Tiger guides the journey of Truth in an explosion of playful humanness. My gratitude abounds.”

Susan. Oregon USA


“Satsang with Tiger is a rare opportunity to open and surrender into the sincerity of our ever present true nature. Through the grace of satsang I opened into receiving and embodying divine love, love that is beyond ideas of personal identity, love that is always and all ways present. Satsang feels like the ultimate homecoming where I can rest in the divinity of all things.”

Libby Kinsela – Australia


“Tiger is for me playfully a master space creator/allower. It is the way he speaks that allows this to happen, the words only being the construction that holds the space. In a paradoxical way they allow the space to be seen/felt. And this space is deepening for me more and more which means greater allowance for basically everything: myself, others, situations and circumstances and the peace, ease and joy that comes with that. My most precious experience from this retreat was when that Emptiness revealed itself to ‘me’ for a split second. Beyond words. Everything dissolved, nothing unreal left. Gratitude from the bottom of my heart for this man and his willingness to be a way shower for us all.”

Sonja – Sweden


“Tigmonk’s Conscious Life Design Course is Pure Gold. It is so simple, gentle and effective at shattering fear and stripping away limitations. The contemplative meditation downloads Tiger facilitates have expanded my awareness even more than I could have thought possible, and I have discovered within an even greater sense of Joy and ability to Be in the Present Moment.”

Anita McIntyre (Australia)

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