Tracy L Clark

Tracy is the Founder of The TLC Community of Extraordinary Living and Creator of The Body Regeneration Method. Tracy serves on a Global level as a Facilitator, Soul Specialist, Teacher, International Speaker, and Humanitarian.

Tracy was born into this world sick, riddled with sickness, illness, and trauma. She was born with her legs and hips detached, a deep concave chest, stomach valve closed shut and an extremely damaged nervous system that caused excruciating pain throughout the first part of her life. Tracy also suffered from bronchitis, croup and eventually allergies so severe that she lived on a mask to help her breathe at times. When she was three years old her father abruptly moved his girlfriend into their family home and asked her mother, her and her sister to leave in the middle of the night. Suddenly uprooted for their home, carrying garbage bags with their clothes, they traveled all night on a bus waking up in a shelter the next morning. At the tender age of five, Tracy was kidnapped and hit by a car head-on.

These terrifying and confusing events acted as the catalyst that began opening Tracy to her gifts as an empath in a very unique way. These unimaginable events were just a few of the unfoldings that helped Tracy begin to understand what was truly happening to her. Throughout her life, she relentlessly experienced trauma, bullying, and abuse. Tracy always felt like a complete outcast, never feeling like she fit in. People referred to her as the “WEIRD ONE” because she could in no part relate to the world around her. Being an outcast was further exacerbated by her severely damaged nervous system which caused her eyes, head, and arms to shake at all times. This damage to her nervous system caused people to stare, make hurtful comments and constantly ask if she was having a seizure.

There was nothing in Tracy’s life that was effortless. As a huge people pleaser, she strived to make things look effortless to avoid stirring up any more trouble and escape being seen. As Tracy got older she sold her first business at the age of twenty-one to a large publicly-traded company which gave people the misguided impression that ‘she had it all’. and was living what many perceived as the “perfect life”. The reality was, Tracy was dying inside. The life that she was living was empty, unfulfilling and causing great harm to her body, overall health, and wellbeing. Seventeen years ago, after three near-death experiences, Tracy made the difficult decision to leave a marriage that no longer served her. She had no idea what life would look like on the other side of this life-altering change but what she did know that she needed to start living a different life. She knew that if she did not make a change she would have no life left to live and she would end up leaving her two children behind. It was this crucial decision that started Tracy on a journey of self-discovery, transformation and a realization of her gifts.

After leaving her marriage with her two young children, she was told that her body was shutting down again. This diagnosis led Tracy to dig deep, face her fears and realize it was time to make the difficult choices, to go against all that she had been taught. Tracy quickly learned that all the sickness, disease and suffering that she was experiencing was linked to all areas of her life. She began to learn the secrets that allowed her to transform her body, yielding unimaginable results that left others speechless. When Tracy started her journey she had no faith in anything. She truly believed that no human could experience this much pain and suffering so, therefore, there is no such thing as God, Universe or Divine. This belief prompted Tracy to start down the path of understanding the science that was being presented on how to heal the body, then an exploration of spirituality and finally ministry. Eventually, Tracy realized there was no separation, to achieve real change its imperative to drop all the barriers and learn to connect directly to the Divine. Without judgment, you can truly transform! She discovered the body worked like a computer in many ways and it hears EVERYTHING you say and do!!!

Tracy had done the “impossible”. Her life, once full of suffering, pain, and illness transformed into a life full of joy, happiness, and wellness.

Tracy has been where most people are- in lack, fear, sickness, illness, and disease. What she realized is that you need to understand that the energetic body takes the lead over the physical body. When she started to uncover this she discovered the key to not only her miraculous healing but all those she touches! Tracy has helped many people transcend their difficult valleys and reconnect to their power and their faith. Tracy knows this journey can be hard and frustrating and that some days truly suck when we are creating change! Tracy knows first hand what this journey was like and experienced those days when she wanted to give up. Tracy felt alone, never really having a community to lean on or friends who understood her! Tracy embarked on her journey alone.

Experiencing the lack of support and community during her journey it became Tracy’s mission to create a space in which she was able to help others on their journey. Tracy created the TLC community to provide people with have a place to go when they needed help, support, love and to meet people just like themselves.

Tracy has dedicated her life to the TLC Community of Extraordinary Living and the Body Regeneration Method to help change as many lives as possible! When Tracy discovered how to talk to the body, how to command it to move and how powerful the language is with certain subtle movements she launched these secrets to the world. She has taught hundreds and hundreds of students how to harness their own gifts using simple and easy tools. How to follow their own intuition and use the physiology of the body to unlock their own secrets within and how to help a stranger on the street without them even knowing what just happened!

What sets Tracy apart is that she doesn’t just talk about what is not working in your life, she creates real substantial change in your life with you. Tracy walks the walk; she does not teach anything she does not practice in her own world. What makes Tracy different from many others is that she was her own test subject. She repaired herself long before she went out into the world to help others! Tracy has the unique ability to see the body like a computer and to remove corrupt files, old programming and blockages that keep us sick, stuck, stagnant and living unfulfilled lives. Tracy approaches the body functionally, understanding that sickness, disease, and suffering are not separate from, but directly linked to, all areas of one’s life. Tracy sees how everything is integrated and connected. She believes everything is connected and there is no separation.

Upcoming Broadcasts

  • July 16 at 5pm PT / 6pm MT / 7pm CT / 8pm ET