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Release and Restoration: Creating Balance in Your Self and In Your Relationships


Release and Restoration


Release and Restoration

Item 1: Restoration: Learning to Nourish the Soul

In today’s fast paced world most of us rarely take time to restore ourselves, let alone have a daily practice to do so. Although we know we would benefit from a practice, most of us don’t make the time because we believe we’re just too busy, or we decide other things are a higher priority; But really nothing could be further from the truth. In order to maintain emotional, mental, and physical well being we must engage in restorative practices every single day.


The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective share their perspective on simple, everyday restorative practices that you can easily engage in. While some of these practices seem like common sense, we still aren’t doing them which is why I asked my guides for a Galactic Light Code and Language of Light Activation to assist us in shifting out of our patterns of resistance and into resonance with these nourishing exercises.


What is a Galactic Light Code?


They are energetic symbols that convey the frequencies of light, sound, sacred geometry, and cosmic information. They contain within their coding The Language of Light, which is a universal language understood by all life. These symbols bypass the traditional language centers of the brain and are read and interpreted by you, The Divine Being of Light having a physical experience.


Even if you do nothing else but look at the Galactic Light Code we’ve included, you will begin to open to more self care and awareness. As you align with these new frequencies, you will find that you are more inclined to create daily practices that will nurture and nourish your soul helping to restore you to your divine state.


4 Mp3’s / 1 Galactic Light Code / 1 PDF Worksheet / Duration: 1 hour

Item 2: The Love of Your Life...Is YOU!

A solid foundation for all relationships, be they romantic or otherwise, begins with Self love. Your reality is a reflection of your vibrational state, and as such, others will reflect back to you your own beliefs about your Self. This is why we keep drawing in different people but continue to play out the same patterns until we release our old programs. The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective share their perspectives on releasing the past and preconceived notions of the nature of relationships, giving to and receiving from Self, identifying and understanding your external reality as a reflection of your inner thoughts, feelings and emotions, connecting with others by learning to connect with Self and Source, and more.


2 Mp3’s / Duration: 1 hour and 38 minutes

Item 3: Healing Relationships: The Miracle of Reflection

Relationships help us to grow in ways we sometimes can’t imagine, and the process can often be uncomfortable and painful.


The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective share their perspective on using the Law of Reflection to create more balanced relationships with romantic partners, loved ones, strangers, and Self.
By observing and acknowledging our part in the creation of these relationships we allow ourselves greater freedom, health and vitality and the ability to create miraculous change in our lives.


2 Mp3’s / Duration: 1 hour and 59 minutes

Item 4: The Practice: Accessing The Divine

When we open to more Divine Light Energy all things become easier.


Our bodies become healthier, our minds clearer and our hearts open, deepening our connection to all.


Sounds great in theory, right? So how do you bridge the gap between theory and the practical application of it in your life?


The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective and Wendy Kennedy share with you their perspectives on fears and beliefs that keep you from connecting and accessing Divine Light Energy, learning to connect to and hear messages from the Divine within, identifying disconnection in order to begin operating from a deeper space of connection, utilizing both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in balance, and more.


Practical exercises to assist in recognizing engrained patterns, accessing more Divine Light Energy, and applying theory to everyday life are included.


3 Mp3’s / Duration: 3 Hours and 48 minutes

Item 5: Integration of The Divine Masculine

While many at this time of awakening have been focused on the Divine Feminine, it is vital that we do not forget its counterpart, the Divine Masculine.


The acceptance and integration of both within each of us is required to shift consciousness.
The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective share their opinion on the utilization of both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine in creation, understanding Divine Masculine vs lower vibrational masculine energy, balancing and integrating the masculine and feminine in both sexes, releasing genders from their archetypal roles, and much more.


2 Mp3’s / Duration: 1 Hour and 38 Minutes

What Others Are Saying About Wendy

“Wendy, I just wanted to tell you again how wonderful the session that I had with you was and how much it inspired me in many ways. I am realigned every time I listen to it, and there is great peace in the energy you brought through for me from my vast friends and family in the cosmos. I am working with energy more intimately now and feel blessed to have had the experience with you the P’s. THANK YOU! You are an amazing channel!”



“Wendy Kennedy offers a fantastic opportunity to connect with the incredible intelligence and compassion of the Pleiadian Collective. My husband and I have witnessed Wendy’s channeling in a group setting on a couple of occasions and were so impressed with the information offered that we scheduled private readings.”



“In the nearly forty years that I have been consciously involved in the field of ‘metaphysics’ the Pleiadean Collective has provided me, to date, with the clearest paradigm for what is occuring on Earth at this time. A session with the group, in addition to providing a wealth of personal Akashic information, includes generation of an energetic field through which one is able to process and release issues which are ready to be cleared. Subjectively, the experience is rather like having really compassionate trans-temporal psychotherapist.”



“Communicating with the Pleiadians of the 9th Dimension has been singularly the most exquisite work I’ve ever done. Confidence comes from confirmation of one’s own intuitive sense. In Wendy’s channeling of the Pleiadians, an allowance of a personal independence naturally occurs. In fact, there is an urging of it that makes me feel always surrounded by their support but not reliant on it. This is huge because I’ve always felt that my ease could only come from going outside myself. Wendy is totally authentic and has none of the New Age echoing that is often too mawkish in this ever widening interest. She has simply changed my life. I now walk on this earth with a new freedom and gratitude for who I have always been. I have searched for decades for an opening like this, and I feel totally blessed that not only was I successful, but I didn’t have to compromise. Thank you, Wendy.”





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