Beyond the Ordinary Replays

We invite you to tune into replays of this week’s Beyond The Ordinary Show broadcasts featuring some of the most interesting discussions about human connection, love, transformation, and metaphysical topics with today’s experts on these illuminating topics.

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Date : 12/29/2020

Speaker : Zoe Davenport

Topic : Activating Your New Earth Mission Codes!

Date : 12/21/2020

Speaker : Caitlyn Picerno

Topic : What's Keeping You from Loving Your Life Right Now?

Date : 12/16/2020

Speaker : Jill Renee Feeler

Topic : Energy Update for the Planet

Date : 12/15/2020

Speaker : Raven Many Voices

Topic : Encore - Roar Like a Dragon - Stand in Your Power with Your Dragon Guardians

Date : 12/14/2020

Speaker : Debbie Johnson

Topic : Angels and the Higher Consciousness - Q&A

Date : 12/07/2020

Speaker : Kourtney Levens

Topic : Angelic Help Moving into the Higher Dimension - Q&A

Date : 12/04/2020

Speaker : Denise Mange

Topic : Encore - Access Higher Frequencies, Realms and 2020 Vision Through Animals

Date : 11/30/2020

Speaker : Solara Rose

Topic : Encore - Liquid Nirvana: Living the Miraculous

Date : 11/24/2020

Speaker : Stewart Pearce

Topic : Encore - The Angelic Sorcery of Human Mastery