Beyond the Ordinary Replays

We invite you to tune into replays of this week’s Beyond The Ordinary Show broadcasts featuring some of the most interesting discussions about human connection, love, transformation, and metaphysical topics with today’s experts on these illuminating topics.

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Date : 07/09/2020

Speaker : Steffie Funk

Topic : Encore - The Medicine Wheel: A sacred map to awaken and activate your divine purpose in chaotic times

Date : 07/08/2020

Speaker : Solara Rose

Topic : Aurora: Ultimate Manifesting in Oneness

Date : 07/07/2020

Speaker : Zoe Davenport

Topic : Playing in the Quantum Realm and Bringing it back to Earth

Date : 07/01/2020

Speaker : Xi Earthstar

Topic : Mastery in the Eclipse Gateway

Date : 06/30/2020

Speaker : Raven Many Voices

Topic : Primal Self - Unleash Your Wild Side

Date : 06/26/2020

Speaker : Sara Landon

Topic : Encore - You are the Council Here On Earth

Date : 06/25/2020

Speaker : Asil Toksal

Topic : Awakening in a Time of Transition

Date : 06/24/2020

Speaker : Marilyn Alauria

Topic : Finding Peace Through Tarot

Date : 06/23/2020

Speaker : Stewart Pearce

Topic : Radiant Transformation

Date : 06/18/2020

Speaker : Micheila Sheldan

Topic : Vibrational Alignment: The Realm of All Possibility

Date : 06/17/2020

Speaker : Veronica Entwistle

Topic : Infinite Conscious Evolution: Soul Freedom Beyond Life and Death

Date : 06/16/2020

Speaker : Dee Wallace

Topic : Breaking Down the Creation Process

Date : 06/10/2020

Speaker : Marilyn Alauria

Topic : Finding Peace Through Tarot

Date : 06/09/2020

Speaker : Jill Renee Feeler

Topic : Energy Update and Forecast for Bringers of Light