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We believe that with the the right tools at your disposal, the time to work on them – and a loving, helping hand along the way – you’ll have the power to shift your reality and engage with life in a powerful and meaningful manner. Learn to achieve a higher state of awareness, re-pattern limiting beliefs, cure procrastination, and clear blocked energy. These kinds of breakthroughs will help you transcend into the new vibration of energy that is now within your reach. This is what Beyond The Ordinary Show is all about and that is why we created this special package for you.

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“I am honored to be able to deliver to you the future of transformation, presented by the most fascinating transformational speakers and teachers in the world.”

– John Burgos, Intuitive, Channel, & Host of Beyond The Ordinary Show

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When you purchase the Season 12 Expansive Library you will instantly receive some of the best meditations, activations and tools from Beyond The Ordinary Show PLUS four bonus calls.


Imprint Your Crystals and Jewelry to Align With Your Heart’s Intentions With House of Alaia Jewelry

More than ever, there is a greater need to connect with special people, places and things that reconnect us back to what ignites our hearts and motivates the expression of our love. The founders of House of Alaia have tapped into a wellspring of inspiration to bring us back to this sacred home.


Collective Healing Activation With Emmanuel Dagher, Humanitariatan, Healer and Teacher Transformation Specialist

It is time to begin experiencing true healing on a deep, tangible level, each and every day of your life! Align your energy systems with your highest vision for your life.


Past Life Regression
With Denise Linn, Healer, Writer and Teacher

Release patterns that no longer serve serve you. Access and re-experience your past lives!

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Did you know that committing to your conscious awareness for as little as 4 minutes a day has the power to create harmony and a deep resonance with the life you most wish to create?

Get direct access to the processes, meditations and activations from this season’s calls to assist your personal and spiritual growth.


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– Namasté, Lorenza Remus

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– Love and Joy, Petra

“I love listening when I’m driving in the car, or out on a walk. Just taking the opportunity to express my gratitude for your service to the world.”

– Namaste, Shelley