We are so grateful to have you as an essential part of the Beyond The Ordinary Show mission — to support the growth, evolution and empowerment in shaping a new, more soulfully connected generation. We THANK YOU in advance for all of your beautiful work sharing and promoting the Beyond The Ordinary Show as we collectively continue to expand our global community!

In gratitude & collaboration,

John Burgos + The BTO Team


  • Beyond The Ordinary Show was created & hosted by John Burgos
  • We have 100,771 email subscribers
  • Over the last year we received over 1,140,000 website visitors from over 150 countries throughout the world

Recent Success Story

Below is an example of a recent speaker who made one appearance on Season 10 of Beyond The Ordinary Show.

  • Total Sales: $119,540
  • Speaker Commission: $59,770 (this does not include other sales after airing on BTO)
  • Average price of the special offer: $130
  • Social reach: 42,500 people in 8 days
  • Email subscriber list increased by 40%

View Our Tips on How to be Successful on Beyond The Ordinary Show


There is an energetic component to your success on Beyond The Ordinary Show. Kindly provide us with the following materials at your earliest convenience. All materials can be sent to April@beyondtheordinaryshow.com

  • Your professional head shot (must be over 300KB).
  • A short bio of approximately 150 words
  • The subject of your call
  • List 3 to 6 highly compelling benefits (bullet points) the listeners will receive from the call. We will use these to promote your appearance.
  • A well defined special offer and images of your product including
    • The product
    • The value of the product
    • The price of the product
    • Descriptions for each product(s) items included
    • How the product will be fulfilled (download, registration form, etc.).
    • Any graphics you would like us to include on the sales page
  • An item that we can use as an opt-in bonus to give our audience a taste of your work and entice them to listen to your call on BTO. It could be a short audio or PDF.

We are really excited about the series and the reach that we will have to help others. Thank you for being a beacon of light and for your co-operation! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.