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Empath – Divine Dictionary

Empath / Empathy / Sensitive Person
Noun | Em- path

An empath feels other people’s thoughts, feelings, and/or physical symptoms. This can apply to objects, places, animals, and more, but we will approach it from the perspective of other people. The application is the same for all empathic experiences.

As an empath, you can learn how to honor your energy field so that you are not taking people’s’ energy into your body for you to process for them. That is an old model of assistance that is no longer valuable for anyone. Humanity is evolved enough to handle its own lessons. Just as children grow by dealing with their own issues at the appropriate time, so does humanity as a whole.

Through self-love, awareness, and by establishing healthy ways of relating to others you are able to receive information that is valuable to you, does not overwhelm you, and flows through you with.

If your empathic experiences are overwhelming you, causing you to feel depleted or off-balance, then life is calling you to more empowerment. Start with awareness and check in with yourself. Ask, am I leaking my energy for others’ benefit? A little bit of awareness will set you on the course to strengthen your boundaries, clear yourself within from fear and disharmony, and interact with more empowerment.