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Listen to a sample of some of our most popular transformational calls and find out how we’re proving that you can live Beyond The Ordinary!

Channel with Saryon

SaryonS11Saryon White is a channel and intuitive consultant. His unique and extensive spiritual training has allowed for him to combine empathic and intuitive gifts with his ability to channel messages from guides, angels, and messengers.
He has worked in this spiritual dimension for over 20 years while simultaneously supporting and exploring the awakening of humanity. His main goal and dominant message from his channeling sessions is choose peace now!

Saryon’s ability to consciously tap into the collective wisdom of ascended masters provides us with a blueprint for living a life that is truly beyond the ordinary.

Share in our journey as Saryon leads us through an intimate process of activating the divinity within us. It’s time to tap into your own ability to channel the wisdom that is innate within you and which the masters are ready to share with you personally.

Learn more and join Saryon for his breakthrough 5-Week course to enhance your own opening and embrace your abilities to channel your guides. In this course, you will also have the opportunity to communicate and channel in a supportive, positive environment. Click here to learn more about Saryon’s course.

Transcend with Meg Benedicte

MegBenedicteS8Meg Benedicte discovered early on that she had a unique gift for understanding subtle energies. Over the years, she has become a notable pioneer in Quantum Healing and Ascension Activations, first through her own transformation and eventually working with clients around the world.

Through her extensive study, Meg discovered that she was deeply passionate about healing others and sharing with them the power of Quantum Healing. Blessed with a natural psychic ability, she was driven to find healing to human ill health and common dysfunction and found that healing by diving into the deeper levels of the consciousness.

Listen and shift, be present with us and feel your star gate activating as you step with confidence and full understanding of the sovereign creator that you truly are!

Interested in learning more about Meg Benedicte? You can participate in her Quantum Access Online Course exclusive to Beyond The Ordinary members to uncover ways she can help you transcend your human illness, shift your life force energy, and let go of behavioral patterns that deter your from mastering your greatest potential.

When you sign up for Meg’s course you will automatically receive downloadable training workbooks, exercises, video coaching with Meg and recorded MP3 Ascension Activations you can use to transform your life. Her course is broken down into 5 modules and will unlock and unblock your divine potential now! Click here to learn more about Meg’s course.

Heal with Maureen Moss

MaureenMossS11Maureen Moss is a celebrated author and keynote speaker who is committed to being a catalyst for human evolution. Lead by a deep love for humanity, she shares her unrivaled insight into the human reality, and with wisdom and compassion, she directs the human spirit to the Light. As the former CEO of The World Puja Network, an internet radio network, she had the ability to reach the minds and hearts of millions of people from across the world. With her guides and angels always leading her in her own truth, Maureen joins Beyond the Ordinary Show to spread her love and assist in all of our growth, healing, and change.

The truth in this call with Maureen illuminated in a manner that could not be missed. And the love that Maureen shared is unbendable as she shared tools and guidance that will allow you to once and for all shed the illusion of any doubt, fear, anger, regret, feelings of abandonment or being not enough. You will heal.

To learn more from Maureen, her special Beyond The Ordinary program is designed for further healing and to create a healthy, aligned, more triumphant version of you. This version in its untouched form is already within you. Her course, “Sustaining 5th Dimensional Consciousness: Coming Closer to the Future You,” is a 10-Part Series that includes audio downloads of meditations and guidance to help you release fear, anxiety, or judgment and embrace yourself with true love. Click here to learn more about Maureen’s course

Live Beyond with John Burgos

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 3.15.53 PMJohn Burgos is the founder and host of the Beyond The Ordinary Show. He is a psychic and intuitive who has committed his life to improving and enriching the lives of others. He established the Beyond The Ordinary Show to unite and offer a platform for the the next generation of transformation.

John has emerged as a leader in the spiritual field and finds his greatest pleasure when he’s working within the esoteric and spiritual realm, whether as a host on the show, in conversation with fellow intuitives, or simply being present with his family at home. He believes that by radically shifting the conversation and opening the eyes, hearts and minds of the general public a global change can take place. John’s goal in all he does is to promote more love, compassion, and empathy in the world.

If you haven’t participated on one of John’s Answers from Beyond calls, waste no time and listen now! He’s gentle with us, while still nudging us to find our own truth.

Become acquainted with what I’m privileged to experience on a daily basis. John is love and wisdom personified.

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