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Understanding Karma and Dharma


Living your highest, truest potential is something that we speak about often on the show. We talk at length about activations, meditations and tools for you to use to accomplish your life’s purpose and overcome blockages of all kinds.

This cause and effect of life – this certain situation has happened and now I am living in this way – is a complex relationship between what Buddhism and Hinduism call ‘karma’ and ‘dharma’. Each concept stands alone in its own powerful and profound way, but they are intrinsically tied in ways that our ancient ancestors studied, deferred to, prayed about, and practiced to overcome and achieve.

Karma can be difficult to define in one singular way, but is more commonly known and artificially understood in western culture. Karma, put simply, is the Buddhist and Hindu manifestation of cosmic justice. It is the conglomeration of all your actions or deeds, both good and bad, in this life or past lives, that determine your future. In the aforementioned example, karma is the cause of the suffering or lack of suffering in our life. Most commonly we hear ‘karma’ being used as a threat or something that is out to get you or someone who wronged you, but karma works the other way as well.

Though dharma cannot be directly translated in western language and is a concept that varies depending on religious affiliation, we most often use it in close reference to the Buddhist and Hindu definitions. In sanskrit, dharma is your true purpose, or living a life that is in harmony with your cosmic order or universal truth. So when we speak about you living your dharma, we are referring to you living your truth, living your highest potential, and living in a way that is supported by the Divine in a manner that is in accordance to your soul’s desire.

It is when you behave, think, and speak in harmony with the universe and with love that your dharma is more fulfilled, because you are behaving in a way that is within cosmic order. Alternatively, you have the potential to break your karmic cycle and stop the flow of discord in your life by forgiving, loving, and being compassionate. If you feel like you are constantly battling upstream against life, do not fall victim to the struggle, but instead change course. When you are in line with your dharma, life flow, your spirit is awakened and your soul is free.


Want to bring more harmony into your present and future? A karmic cleanse is a way for you to break your karmic cycle and it all starts with your actions, thoughts, words.

Here are simple ways to perform karmic cleanse in your life:


Many of our speaker shave made difficult like choices in the fearless pursuit of their dharma. Check out our upcoming events to be a witness of dharma in action and be inspired to answer your call in life.